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  1. I don’t know if anyone remembers Loren Allred’s knockout but Anna and Ainae’s battle reminded me of that
  2. Unpopular opinion: Anna and Ainae were amazing and one of the best battles of the season
  3. Under Bradley vs Rachel ”This blond Harry Potter is the best!!!!”
  4. That short clip sounded great to me, was it really that bad?
  5. The song choice for Gihanna and Halley was pretty crappy. They shouldn’t have been paired together in the first place.
  6. Battles start in 15 minutes. Be prepared for the snowflakes to fall
  7. “I’m really disappointed for Dane & Stephanie but proud for Mary bed birth.”
  8. Season 14 - Jaclyn Lovey after being annihilated by Kyla, also the entirety of Alicia’s playoff team Season 15 - Adam destroying DeAndre’s hopes and dreams Season 16 - Jej, Mari, Oliv, Celia, Shawn, and LB getting outnumbered by Blake’s army of snowflake killers Season 17 - Myracle Mendelyev, and of course Marina, one of the most undeserved eliminations ever Season 18 - Toneisha/Thunderstorm losing to Todd Tiljghghgfman Season 19 - Almost everyone who lost in the knockouts Season 20 - Lindsay. I know it hasn’t happened yet
  9. Ryleigh’s BA “This girl locked down the gay vote. She certainly is not that great of a singer, but will get votes for her gayness. Too bad. Contest should be about talent.”
  10. I see this man commenting everywhere on every video commenting that same thing. He has 600+ comments on the voice channel and he’s been doing it for at least a year
  11. Nick’s pairings were all out of whack this season
  12. I don’t know if anyone knew this but Brennen Henson and Brennan Lassiter from S17 are married and expecting a child. Time really flies.
  13. Speaking of She Used To Be Mine, Mercedes Dias’s audition is also very underrated
  14. Why does no one ever talk about Jackie Verna and Stephanie Skipper’s battle?
  15. Anyone else get Presley Tennant vibes from Lindsay’s audition?
  16. So I’m confused is her name Rio Lana or Rio Doyle? I’m seeing both in the spoilers
  17. I really wish Gean and Halley were battle partners Halley’s battle song just doesn’t seem like it will do her justice and l wanted to see her sing something like regina spektor
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