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  1. I wouldn't say this is forgotten, but people never seem to appreciate Stephanie's talent!
  2. Happy 31st birthday to Phillip!
  3. I think they'll take her contestants pretty far, but in the end they care about Ariana and not the contestants
  4. Oh god not these videos again Something about these videos is just hilarious to me
  5. Judging by the comments, some Arianators might be becoming Kelly stans too lol
  6. Vaughn's blind is at 200k views now, how does that compare to the views of previous seasons' first sneak peaks?
  7. Legends 1. Jordan Smith 2. Alisan Porter 3. Maelyn Amazing 4. Tessanne Chin 5. Chris Blue 6. Camera Anthony 7. Chloe Kohanski Good 8. Jauf Joshman 9. Cassadde Pork 10. Carter Rubin 11. Sawyer Fredricks 12. Javier Colon They're Ok, Would’ve Preferred Different Winner 13. Sudanese Head 14. Brynn Cartelli 15. Danielle Bradbery 16. Chevrolet Shepherd Whatever 17. Todd Tilghman 18. Jermaine Paul Didn’t Like 19. Jake Foot 20. Craig Wayne Bored
  8. you are the IDF Psychic so I’m not surprised you got that right
  9. why are they having her sing this again?? lol
  10. Add me please! also I'm obsessed with her accent omg
  11. K: Holly A: Ryleigh or Bella J: Jack B: Peedy A: KCK3 or David J: Paris K: Jeremy B: Hailey G K: Gymani also wouldn't be surprised if we saw Vaughn, Katherine, Bianca, Carson, or any of the groups
  12. Season 16 only had 2 battle montages iirc. I hope there will be less than 6 this season
  13. House Of The Rising Sun too. Hannah Huston, Kimberly Nichole, Amy Whitcomb (robbed), Jacquie vs Briana, Pip, all amazing!!
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