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  1. this performance wasn't terrible, but the way Tarralyn randomly started screaming at 0:38 was always hilarious to me
  2. NBC Delays ‘American Song Contest’, Slots ‘AGT: Extreme’ – Deadline
  3. many europeans are strongly against the idea of this show
  4. I have to mention Meagan McNeal, Season 13’s forgotten powerhouse.
  5. I actually really liked Andrew Jannakos. I didn’t mind Carter or Andrew Sevener either
  6. 44. Jarred Matthew (Team Adam) I remembered nothing about this guy until watching his audition recently, but there was a lot about it I enjoyed. I think the arrangement of the song was a bit messy though. That high note came out of nowhere. it was impressive but it felt out of place and I think it lacked breath support because it kinda fell off at the end. I LOVE his vibrato though. I don’t know if his vibrato is naturally slow like that or if it’s just a stylistic choice, but I really enjoyed it. He has a powerful voice and his growls are cool. His runs are smooth and well placed as well. He was shortclipped in the battles and lost to Tyke James singing “She’s Always A Woman” but I think he performed well there, though the song was more in Tyke’s lane. Overall he was an interesting and unique(ish) artist but there are a few things vocally I think he should work on. 43. Caeland Garner (Team Blake) Caeland Garner’s blind audition was very interesting. I actually enjoyed it lot. He sang “Dancing In The Moonlight”, a classic rock song, but he put a folksy country twist on it and I loved it. In his audition (which I believe was cut about 20 seconds short) he showcased lots a vocal range, power, and impressive runs. This has to my favorite rendition of this song. I love his covers on his YouTube channel as well, especially his cover of Seven Bridges Road. It’s a shame that he was used as fodder against Kirk Jay in the battles and montaged off. I really would’ve liked to hear more from him. Kirk and Caeland are VERY different kinds of country (idek if Caeland is considered a country singer) but David Nail’s Let It Rain was definitely more in favor of Kirk. The main reason I have Caeland Garner placed so was because the lack of exposure he had on the show. #42 and #41 will be posted later today.
  7. I’m struggling to come up with clues for the next set, so I’m gonna switch it up and use photos and gifs as the next clues instead. I’ll use normal clues for the next set, but making clues for this season’s battle and KO eliminees is difficult since this season is 3 years old.
  8. 48. Josh Davis (Team Kelly) I hate putting anyone in last place because no one in this season was really bad. Josh was just a bit lacklustre and generic and ended up being forgotten by everyone (which may be partly because he shares a name with popular season 8 constant Joshua Davis). Josh is a strong vocalist with great range. But his blind audition had its fair share of issues. I always found the way he pronounced “goodbyes” a bit strange, but I guess that’s not that big of a deal. That high note on “cry” was well placed but it sounded very autotuned, though it did get JHud’s attention to turn. That risky falsetto part towards the end started great but he must’ve ran out of breath because it didn’t end well. He lost to Claire DeJean in a montaged battle. Overall he is a skilled vocalist with a good amount of range but I think nerves impacted the quality of his BA. Hint: This contestant lost to someone named Brian in the battles… or did they? This hint was a bit of a trick. A Season 8 constant with the same name faced Brian Johnson in the battles. - 47. Rachel Messer (Team Blake) Rachel Messer’s blind audition of “I Want To Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart” was very interesting. Her yodelling skills are great and she is obviously VERY talented to be able to do that. I find it hard for me to enjoy that kind of music which is really the main reason I have her so low, the other reason being she lost her battle with Katrina which was shortclipped. I would’ve loved to hear that full battle because it was very beautiful! We didn’t hear much of Rachel there but it showcased her pretty tone. Hint: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” would have been a very fitting song choice in the battles for this contestant. Take Me Home, Country Roads is a song about West Virginia, where Rachel is from (thank you Wikipedia). She’s also a country singer who went home in the battles. - 46. Matt Johnson (Team Jennifer) First of all, I have to give this guy some recognition for auditioning for this show EVERY SEASON since Season 1, until S15 when he barely made it onto team JHUD, closing Season 15’s blinds singing “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross. Matt has great energy and is very vocally skilled. Now I’m not usually one to gripe about over-singing, but contrary to what the song title says I do think was doing a little too… much during his audition. I think Never Too Much is one of those songs that I’d just rather here sung like the original. The vibe the original song gives off is unmatched. On the good side, Matt’s tone is great. He has that kind of warm tone where you can hear him smiling while he sings, if that makes sense. He went up against Franc West in the battles singing “Too Close” which definitely catered more towards Franc. It really didn’t fit Matt’s voice at all. I think Matt had more inside him that he never got to showcase on the show. Hint: This contestant is not to be confused with the escape artist from the latest season of AGT. Matt Johnson is also the name of an escape artist who made the quarterfinals on Season 16 of America’s Got Talent. - 45. Lela (Team Jennifer) Lela’s blind audition was a cool blend of Latin and American pop music, singing in both English and Spanish. I also remember her blind getting quite a lot of views on YouTube. It was good, but vocally it wasn’t anything special. Lela got unlucky in the battles and had to face a front-runner, Kennedy Holmes, and on top of that, they were montaged. In the short clip we saw of them Lela had great energy and stage presence. Overall, Lela had an unlucky run on the show and thats why she’s so low on this ranking list. Hint: This contestant had one name, one aired performance, and a one-sided battle Lela’s blind was her only performance that was shown in full and was used as fodder against Kennedy.
  9. good guesses! I’ll reveal the first 4 rankings in a couple hours
  10. FIRST SET OF CLUES - This contestant is not to be confused with the escape artist from the latest season of AGT - This contestant lost to someone named Brian in the battles… or did they? - This contestant had one name, one aired performance, and a one-sided battle - “Take Me Home, Country Roads” would have been a very fitting song choice for this contestant in the battles
  11. I decided to do a contestants ranking list instead of my Season 21 Redux (I had that thread deleted, making a redux is way harder than it seems) Anyways, this will be similar BK’s ranking lists but the clues probably won’t be as good since this season ended over 3 years ago (wow, time really flies ) I’ll have the first set of clues (four contestants per set) posted later today! contestants ranking: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45. Lela 46. Matt Johnson 47. Rachel Messer 48. Josh Davis I’m planning on ranking other seasons after this is finished. Let me know what seasons you want me to rank next!
  12. Maelyn - Fields Of Gold Allegra & Michael - How Will I Know Ricky Braddy - So High Jej Vinson - Passionfruit Karli & Addison - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  13. Adam always had weird battle pairings, but this worked so well. They were so much more interesting than most of the people who made it to the lives in S15. It's a shame they were cut so early, because this was just beautiful.
  14. 1. Ricky 2. Rose 3. Everyone Else
  15. Season 13 was the best. These we so much fun to rewatch.
  16. It took a while but they’re just now starting to take down yt videos from S17
  17. I honestly find S14’s knockouts to be incredibly underrated. Aside from Brynn and Kyla’s; Tish, Sharane, Wilkes, Alexa, Johnny and Kelsea’s I find myself revisiting very often.
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