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  1. Happy 18th Birthday to the queen herself! Now that Gihanna is 18, she can: 1. Get a tattoo 2. Donate blood 3. Buy fireworks 4. Buy spray paint 5. Sign contracts 6. Sue someone or get sued 7. Buy live animals 8. Work at any job 9. Make my own medical decisions 10. Serve on a jury 11. Change her name 12. Vote 13. Run for state office 14. Get a bank loan 15. Buy a lottery ticket 16. Get married without parental consent 17. Skydive without parental consent
  2. I honestly don't understand why there's so many. Like, what enjoyment do these people gain out of making disgusting comments about minors? And I mean, even if there was enjoyment, it makes everyone uncomfortable, and it's literally illegal.
  3. Oh I didn't see that comment. Would you mind telling me what it was? (If you don't want Gih to see you can tell me in Private Message)
  4. Yeah most of the people on the live seem to have really good natural voices that just need a bit of training to become The Voice-worthy It's nice how everyone was hyping everyone up too (and how no one said anything mean about that dude's voice)
  5. It's hard to explain without sounding rude. Dude comes on to sing and is.. not the best. He then sings a second song and is... not better. I wonder whether or not he was trolling. I mean, it was quiet, every note was out of tune, and it sounded like he was trying to make other people laugh.
  6. Ok I've decided I have to say something even if I do rob a top 4 spot. First off, I've been loving all the covers so far. Traitor is my favorite, but it's nice to see how popular "Favorite Crime" got. Gihanna is gawjus. Sam, your art is amazing as always. Loved pretty much everyone on the Live it was great. Does anyone know what happened with that dude who sung Driver's License and Without Me? I mean, that was... a performance.
  7. Well, whenever Gihanna posts a cover, I shove it into all of my friend's faces and send them a barrage of messages until they watch it. (Nah jk I just try and share her covers with friends, and if they don't watch it, I leave them alone) Also, when Gihanna posts her own music, I will be using my 3 devices in order to repeat the song and get it as many views as possible, so that it can hopefully be seen by more people.
  8. Imma just use Inspect Edit to change the name of whoever is 1st place, and then we can just pretend like Gihanna won lmao. Honestly speaking though, I had a feeling that Gihanna wouldn't be in first. Cam has delivered on pretty much every song (I did find his trio a little boring but that's just me), while Gihanna's and Rachel's trio suffered from "Producers Being Dumb S20 E23". Furthermore, Gihanna's battle wasn't the best. To me, some of Gihanna's performances were the best of the season, but some of her performances were screwed over by poor song selection. I'd still put her as #1 tho, because #queen
  9. Ok why do Shane's eyelashes look so professional?
  10. I am sitting at my house imagining Keegan singing "CHURCH HOUSE GIN HOUSE" and Jake Hoot singing "𝓐𝓵𝔀𝓪𝔂𝓼 𝓑𝓮 𝓜𝔂 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂"
  11. This is very much a stretch Lay Me Down Feeling Good Its So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday The 1st letter of his first song, the 2nd of his most popular pre-lives, and the 3rd and 4th of his most popular live song
  12. I loved Jorden Smith's version of Carribean King!!! You know, he's so underrated. Whenever I try to talk to people about him, all I get is comments about "Somebody to Love". Like, he never did that? I mean, I've tried looking up "Jorden Smith Somebody To Love" and I get stuff from Jordan Smith. Poor Jorden, forced to live under Jordan's shadow
  13. Well, since I'm pretty sure we already have the guesses, so I'm just gonna make a joke Corey: Dancing on My Own - Robyn - This is where the Robin enters the scene. It is dancing on it's own, waiting for a friend, when Corey comes in and steals it away. The robin is stuck "in the corner" of the house, "watching" Corey "kiss him". The robin tries it's best to stay in denial, thinking "I'm not the girl you're taking home", but it's not working, as the Robin is trapped in the house. Dreams - Fleetwood Mac - The bird is clawing for freedom. Corey is getting tired, telling the bird "now here you go again you say you want your freedom". He's trying his best to make the bird scared of leaving by telling it stories about how thunder will strike it when it leaves, but the bird still wants to leave. Corey eventually lets the bird go, saying "Well who am I to keep you down". Already Gone - Kelly Clarkson - Corey is very upset over the bird's departure, so the bird sings about how he wants Corey to know that it doesn't matter. He tells Corey " I want you to move on because I'm already gone." Corey replies by telling the bird "I love you enough to let you go". Bruises - Lewis Capaldi - Corey questions why the bird wanted to leave him. He thinks "It must be something in the water". Lose You to Love Me - Selena Gomez - Eventually, Corey realizes that his obsession over the bird was stopping him from loving himself, and he finally learns to get over it, and accept the truth. He feels more at ease, and he thinks about how he can spend his time. He thinks about going to the Arcade next. Why did I do this?
  14. Went against someone in the Knockouts who had an opposite gender to them? Ryleigh (f) vs Corey (m) Chloe (f) vs Carter (m) Alex (m) vs Hello Sunday (f) Rod (m) vs Maelyn (f)
  15. The 2nd Clue is Connor. "By the end of his high school career, which included three undefeated seasons as a team" - USTA He also got 3 chairs
  16. If you don't know me my answer by now... you will never ever ever know me it.
  17. I swear, I better not have to use this picture again
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