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  1. I can see her being in the Instant Save for the Semis against a member of Team Blake, that member of Team Blake winning, and IDF flipping out. I know. Crazy prediction right? That's never happened before.
  2. Oh no. That doesn't end well for Minivan's reactions or Lana. When Katherine beat Vaughn, people came up with whatever excuse they could to say why Katherine shouldn't have won that battle (some comments brought up one note that wasn't the best), so if Minivan notices any points where Lana is sharp, they will milk it and use it as a way to say Carson should've won
  3. If two ratings are .5 apart, how do you decide which one to use for the overall rating?
  4. Can you really grade something if you've only heard 1/9th of it, though? Like, if the teacher could only read 1/9th of your test because you spilled something over the rest, she's not going to give you a mark based of the amount she can read. The part about Gymani is your opinion, and I don't believe I should critique others opinions, however, let's look at it like this. You liked the second half of Gymani's performance. Let's say she was montaged, and 10 seconds of the best part was shown. Does that mean Gymani's audition is a 10 in your eyes? No, because the rest lowers its mark for you. You don't know about a majority of a performance that would potentially drastically change your mark, so it's not fair to give it a mark. That's why we don't mark montages.
  5. Congrats to Girl Named Tom for 1 Million views on their battle!
  6. Not going to lie, I would like that, but not because of the vocals. When the leak isn't for me, I always end up enjoying the episode more than when the leak is the best performance. I'm fine with waiting.
  7. Might not be all that funny, but I thought this thread needed something
  8. 1. Brittany vs Samara 2. Hailey vs Lana 3. Katherine vs Vaughn LiBianca vs Tommy didn't sound good in the clip we saw, while Xavier vs Carolina definitely did
  9. Bella DeNapoli vs Katie Rae - No More Tears - 10 KJ Jennings vs Samuel Harness - I Know What You Did Last Summer - 8.75 Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road - 8.0 The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis - Joy to the World - 7.25 Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel - Sugar We're Goin Down - 7.0 Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple - Hold On - 9.25 Hailey Green vs Lana Scott - GIRL - 8.5 Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma - 7.5 Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown - Giving Him Something He Can Feel - 10
  10. My mother said "I didn't really like it that much" after Bella's audition However, after the battle she said "That Bella has a really good voice" Character Development
  11. Now, THAT was a good battle. The fact that Katie Rae looks like my math teacher made it all the more exciting
  12. Katie vs Bella by a mile And I liked Bella more, but Katie showed me something I didn't expect from her
  13. This is surprisingly even. Not going to lie though, I'm surprised at how little votes Serenity Arce is getting. Personally, she was my second favourite no chair turn. She also got 41% Turn Percentage on The Voice App, which is the second highest out of the no chairs, only behind Kayla Lilly with 44% Meanwhile, poor Bubba, but I suppose he was doomed ever since his mother named him "Bubba"
  14. Bella vs Katie seems most likely Though, Jeremy vs Jershika might surprise us
  15. I have a feeling Katie's battle is going to do MUCH better than her audition here
  16. Yep, this girl was definitely on The Voice this season.
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