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  1. Hard question, but I think I've probably listened to Halle Tomlinson's New York State of Mind a million times. She was criminally underrated. I also really enjoy listening to Megan Lee and Johnny Bliss's battle as well as Clara Hong's audition (also criminally underrated).
  2. Love both of their voices. Both of them deserved to go way farther than they did and I'm still mad EllieMae got double montaged/short-clipped.
  3. Poor Ricky. I'm 100% sure he was meant to be fodder for Zach in the KOs and that Blake fully would've sent him packing a la Tayler Green to Micah Iverson had Zach not completely flopped to a point where there couldn't even be an argument made for saving him.
  4. Super late reply but I 100% agree that Missy deserved better. The fact that she as a 1-chair fodder contestant not only kept up with, but also outshined at times, Anatalia on a song 100% suited for Anatalia was insane.
  5. Also they sounded AMAZING. It's ridiculous that one of the best battles of the season got montaged over performances like Keliah vs. Joshua... Wyatt sounded really good, but HOLY freak HOLLY. Kelly pretending like it was a difficult decision when Holly did THAT is so funny to me.
  6. Still waiting on Carolina or Xavier to post their rehearsal or an illegal recording a la Alena Damico.... (I'd also love to hear Sophia and Jim and Sasha's battle! It sounded super messy, but the arrangement sounded fun and Sophia has a surprisingly impressive soulful voice that she's shown in the few clips we've seen of that performance)
  7. LMAO my "predictions" were more like a manifestation of what I want to happen apart from my prediction that Shadale will be bussed so
  8. BATTLE RANKINGS: 1. Xavier Cornell vs. Carolina Alonso - Telepatia - 10 (yes I put a montage as #1 and what about it?) 2. Katie Rae vs. Bella DeNapoli - Enough is Enough - 10 (flawless, perfect, such an interesting song choice) 3. Peedy Chavis vs. The Joy Reunion - Joy to the World - 9 (both of them shined really equally) 4. Sabrina Dias vs. Jack Rogan - Cardigan - 9 (both really stepped up and surprised me) 5. David Vogel vs. Chavon Rogers - Sugar We're Goin Down - 9 (another amazing song choice) 6. Wendy Moten vs. Manny Keith - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - 9 (wendy was perfect as expected, manny rly stepped up too) 7. Parker McKay vs The Cunningham Sisters - It's My Party - 9 (another surprise, parker killed it!) 8. Jonathan Mouton vs Paris Winningham - Here and Now - 8.5 (super soulful and solid) 9. Raquel Trinidad vs. Hailey Mia - Carwash - 8 (disliked at first, but they both had really good moments) 10. BrittanyBree vs. Samara Brown - Something He Can Feel - 7.5 (didnt love the song choice, but brittany and samara are both so good) 11. Hailey Green vs. Lana Scott - Girl - 7.5 (voices didn't blend well, but they both sounded good individually) 12. Girl Named Tom vs. Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road - 7.5 (some rough spots, but lots of great harmonies) 13. Jeremy Rosado vs. Jershika Maple - Hold On - 7 (hated the song, but they sounded good) 14. Holly Forbes vs. Wyatt Michael - Sunny - 7 (holly>>>>>) 15. Gymani vs. Aaron Hines - Working - 7 (horrible song choice) 16. KCK3 vs Ryleigh Plank - Come on Over - 6.5 (didn't stand out, but ryleigh really improved) 17. Katherine Anne Mohler vs. Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma - 6 (boring) 18. Libianca vs. Tommy Edwards - Save Your Tears - 6 (weird song choice, they both sounded pretty meh) 19. Jim and Sasha vs. Sophia Bromberg - Sign, Sealed, Delivered - 4.5 (sounded rly messy) 20. Samuel Harness vs. KJ Jennings - I Know What You Did Last Summer - 4 (samuel was great, but i didn't enjoy KJ at all) 21. Carson Peters vs. Clint Sherman - Don't Let Our Love Start Slipping Away - 3.5 (boring) 22. Shadale vs. Janora Brown - One Last Time - 3 (sounded messy, song was prob too big for janora) 23. Berritt Haynes vs. Kaitlyn Velez - Yellow - 2 (also sounded messy, terrible pairing) 24. Joshua Vacanti vs. Keilah Grace - good 4 u - 1.5 (horrible)
  9. My battle predictions were WAY off, but KOs should be easier to predict since there's less people... right? I think I saw GNT and Holly paired up in the trailer, so if they got paired, I'm assuming the coaches have a save this season (unless Kelly is just insane), but I'm going to predict as if they only get one steal and no saves. Night 1: K- HOLLY FORBES vs. Girl Named Tom (Stolen by Blake) J- SAMARA BROWN vs. Sabrina Dias B- CARSON PETERS vs. Berritt Haynes A- RAQUEL TRINIDAD vs. Manny Keith J- BRITTANYBREE vs. Shadale (predicting Shadale gets bussed) B- WENDY MOTEN vs. Jonathan Mouton (Stolen by John) Night 2: A- BELLA DENAPOLI vs. Katherine Anne Mohler B- LANA SCOTT vs. LiBianca K- KINSEY ROSE vs. Jeremy Rosado (Stolen by Ariana) Night 3: A- KATIE RAE vs. Jim and Sasha J- SAMUEL HARNESS vs. Joshua Vacanti A- RYLEIGH PLANK vs. David Vogel K- THE CUNNINGHAM SISTERS vs. Hailey Mia K (montage)- GYMANI vs. Xavier Cornell B- PEEDY CHAVIS vs. Hailey Green J- PARIS WINNINGHAM vs. Jershika Maple (Stolen by Kelly)
  10. I liked Paris a bit more, really beautiful battle but felt a bit short?
  11. Sophia posted a short voice memo of her battle and she sounded super soulful and good! Hope we get to hear more of what we missed in that battle.
  12. Sad about the fact that Carolina and Parker won’t be in the KOs. So scared for more of my favorites to inevitably get sent packing
  13. Yeah the odds of one of them getting a triple montage seems really high, although I theoretically don’t know if one of them will pull a Belle Jewel and make it to the lives.
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