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  1. I'll call the NBC tipline and let them know I spotted Kenzie at a superspreader party with everyone's favorite Voice alum M*rgan W*llen
  2. Gihanna's odds of beating Kenzie are about the same as Daniel Passino's were for beating Alisan Porter in the KOs in Season 10. I'm 100% team Gihanna though.
  3. I'm strongly biased due to my hate of (most) Maroon 5 songs, so I'll stay out of this conversation
  4. Totally random note but Alena D'amico illegally(?) recording and then publicly posting her battle that ended up getting montaged was such an interesting move. RAHDA also pointlessly recorded her KO, but not her battle. I'm still mad that RADHA and Foushee's battle has never resurfaced, because they're both two of my faves and I bet they killed that song.
  5. How does one give Jarred Matthew's shortclipped battle an F?? He sang like a single line and it didn't even sound bad Love the rankings, but did Rachel Mac and Keegan Ferrell really have better auditions than Gihanna, Denisha, and Anna .
  6. It's almost embarrassing how bad that performance was, especially after Jordan and Regina put that song to rest in S9. I wonder which other reuploads have a ton of dislikes. Claire Dejean racked up 6 dislikes with her KO, which is honestly generous given how much of a flop it was....
  7. Here's a few more: Janice Freeman demolished Karli Webster in the KOs (Karli's Blue Bayou performance was pleasant but definitely paled in comparison to Janice) Moushumi (probably) mopped the floor with Jonathan Hutcherson in the battles (It was montaged, but I'm sure honorary 4-chair turner Moushumi ate her fodder opponent Jonathan) Hannah Huston wrecked Malik Heard in the KOs Shalyah Fearing attacked Emily Keener with the force of 1000 lions in the KOs but got Pharelled I think IDF would say Lillie Passero destroyed Lauryn Judd in the battles (but I actually kin
  8. I was such a huge fan of team colored hair that season! I hate that ALL THREE flopped tremendously. I think Gwen 100% would have picked Ellie had she not given a terrible laryngitis performance, but alas, her sickness and Braiden's "glow-up(?)" enabled Braiden to have the run he miraculously had. Summer had an amazing tone, but definitely got bussed. Then Kota gave quite possibly the most hated KO in Voice history (worse than Jeremiah) and got sent packing. All three had so much potential, but their KOs were such a letdown.
  9. You know a performance was bad when the REUPLOAD has 30 likes and 16 dislikes... Like usually the only people who go out of their way to watch reuploads are dedicated fans, but apparently 16 people hated that performance so much they went to it solely to give it a dislike.
  10. I'm so glad JHud paired up her biggest fodder contestant against Noah instead of sacrificing Noah to Chris or Davon
  11. Daniel actually did OK against Alisan. I too would have cried on live TV if I got paired up against her Anyways, Reagan James destroyed Grant Ganzer in the KOs Courtney Harrell demolished Bindi Liebowitz in the KOs Keisha Renee crushed Kathrina Feigh in the KOs (Kathrina also got crushed by Chris Weaver in the battles, she was the ultimate fodder contestant ) Noah Mac ate Jeremiah Miller in the KOs
  12. I liked S19 pre-lives more than S20, but S20 is a lot stronger heading into the lives IMO
  13. Finally someone with taste I also agree that his KO didn't sound great, but I think it would be unfair for me to judge him based on a montage Still, his audition was really beautiful IMO and I also didn't hate his battle against Awari!
  14. IDF has taste, except Jose is lowkey so underrated but y'all aren't ready for that conversation. I love seeing Zania, Corey, and Savanna so high up though
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