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  1. Yeah that season gave King Gyth's, King Dexter's and King Andrew's over the top stunning and other-worldly performances.
  2. Blake is the GOAT. That's all I have to say.
  3. I have a TONS of Snowflakes. I can't put all of them here. This list has 15 performances by my top 5 favorite snowflakes ever(3 by each). Chandelier - Jordan Smith Somebody To Love - Jordan Smith Who You Are - Jordan Smith Stronger - Tessanne Chin Redemption Song - Tessanne Chin I Have Nothing - Tessanne Chin I'm A Man Of Constant Sorrow - Sawyer Fredericks Simple Man - Sawyer Fredericks Collide - Sawyer Fredericks I Walk The Line - Craig Wayne Boyd The Old Rugged Cross - Craig Wayne Boyd Can't You See - Craig Wayne
  4. Yep. They said it wasn't his best vocal performance. But Gyth stans overreacted.
  5. The best country performance ever(FOR ME) by the best country singer that has ever been on this show.(FOR ME).
  6. Imagine if Kenzie sings this on the show. It will be game over for everyone else.
  7. Btw I saw some anti-Brennley comments too. Brennely was accused of screaming by many people. In her battle people said Lauren is just a pure country singer while brennley's voice isn't mature yet. It feels like she's screaming right in our face.
  8. I actually felt that performance. It still gives me chills. But again that's subjective. It's to this day my favorite BA ever. Btw it's studio is even better(His live version too that he did after the voice). But I think that's because those were the full versions while his voice one was just of 90 sec.
  9. Hunter too. A top four of Chris B/Lauren/Hunter/Brennely would've been Awesome.
  10. I think I should've used the word it's THE BEST BA FOR ME. I just love everything he sings. He could've sung the phone book and that still would've been the best performance of the night for me.
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