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  1. I just found their list. It was on TOP 10 BEST CONTESTANTS OF ALL TIME 1. Chloe Kohanski 2. Maelyn Jarmon 3. Ali Caldwell 4. Janice Freeman 5. Brooke Simpson 6. Amy Vachal 7. Christina Grimmie 8. Alisan Porter 9. Danielle Bradbery 10. Addison Agen 11. Hannah Huston 12. Kimberly Nichole HM: Amber Carrington, Sasha Allen, Kaleigh Glanton, Andi & Alex, Ellie Lawrence, Lauren Duski
  2. Don't forget @echoap Btw antikid left IDF for good a long ago.
  3. I was shocked as well. Just by seeing their username I thought Maelyn would be their #1. But it was someone else.
  4. Yeah I'm sure about it. I'm not talking about QueenMae(Obviously she has Maelyn as her #1 fav) I'm talking about jarmon. Btw just checked it wasn't the winners thread. Maybe it was some other thread.
  5. Not sure about jarmon tho. On another thread(Rank the winners) they put Maelyn at #2.
  6. Matt not leading the male poll is a big shock.
  7. She has 1 as of right now. I think it's because about 20 people have voted here. She might've had more votes if there were more than 50 votes. P.S. jus like BK said many people here don't have her as their #1 favorite. Some prefer Lauren over her. Some prefer Addison. Some Rose.
  8. 1. Tessanne 2. Cam/Matt(voted for Cam because Matt would get more votes anyways).
  9. So you're saying I have to choose between Jordan and Sawyer. Not cool.
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