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  1. It means nothing. I root for every contestant that I can connect with.
  2. I think Corey and Gihanna's fans are the most active. Majority of those people who voted for Cam aren't here. I guess these type of people only remain active during the seasons.
  3. In that was case Cam would've won by a landslide. I mean in the KO night 02 poll there were almost 80 votes. There were three major groups of people. 1. Cam's fans 2. Savanna's fans 3. Zania's fans Cam had 23 votes, Savanna had 13, and Zania had 11. Now, imagine if there were less than 50 votes. Things could've been much different. I truly believe that many of the people that voted for Cam during the season donot vote in these polls. If they were he would've won by a landslide. Same is the case with KO night 1. Pia and Corey were separated by just one vote. The results could've been different if less people had voted.
  4. I always knew you liked Sundance, Craig, and Jake Haldenvang but wasn't sure whether you stan them or not. Thanks.
  5. Found this on YouTube. This is the reverb and slower version of How Great You Are.
  6. Close but chose Chris. I loved their Blinds equally. Prefer Gyth's battle but like Chris' KO more. For the lives I prefer Gyth's PO performance but I prefer Chris on every other performance(OG is an exception).
  7. Just out of curiosity, is there any male contestant that you STAN besides Adam and Matt?
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