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  1. Yea I can’t see him getting through the minivan fave Kenzie but I absolutely can see him getting the IS. He’s the favorite for the bloodbath win rn, but it wouldn’t be that hard for Jordan, Gihanna, or Dana to upset him if he slips up. Hope he has a strong IS like he did yesterday.
  2. Gonna be honest she’s my predicted winner of the show this season now especially since she got PV on Team Nick as expected.
  3. I haven't seen every season of the show (this was the first I've watched since s15 and I skipped a couple of the older ones) but this is easily the strongest cast out of every season I've seen. I agree and really wish we had more time with this incredible cast and that this show had the format of the older seasons that gave us a lot of time with these people, especially this particular top 9. Even though there's only 2 weeks, the last few weeks of the show have been some of the best episodes I've ever seen of the Voice. This season is like the polar opposite of S14 that had such a weak line
  4. S20 for sure. S20 has mostly strong artists who deliver good performances with only 2 meh competitors(John's team). Even with that, John's team aren't flops and haven't delivered bad performances yet. Its very rare to see a season without a single flop in the semis. S13 was just Chloe, Addison, and Noah: the rest were pretty forgettable. However, Chloe/Addison/Noah are fair bit stronger than all of S20's people right now: I don't see anything from S20 ever beating stuff like Total Eclipse of the Heart (Chloe), River (Noah), or Addison's original song in the finale. I'm sure the top 2 whi
  5. Yea I would have been pretty pissed if Corey lost to Ryleigh, he's just that special and one of my favorites since people like Hunter Plake or Noah Mac.
  6. Oh ok, that logic works for Ryleigh but I thought the Anna rob wasn't her losing to Jordan since I thought he was better that night, it was her not getting the WC over Pete. But as I thought about it more she woulda just ended up being Corey fodder anyway so I guess it's not that much of a rob even though she was pretty stellar to me.
  7. Wow really I remember being pretty bored by it when I watched it live and only really being impressed by Victor's knockout from that night of Team Legend. If this many people are replying saying they love it Ill have to rewatch it.
  8. Disagree, don’t think Pia had any standout performance that put her on the level of the other 8. Everyone else going through had at least one standout performance.
  9. Based purely on who I think is the best and not who I think has the best shot to win I gotta go. Edit: Overall a pretty good top 9, not many seasons exist where I think 7 out of the top 9 are at worst good and at best excellent. Excellent! 1. Corey: 3 pretty good performances back to back prove he has what it takes to get into the finale. 2. Rachel: My preferred winner of the show and has had an amazing run so far after the blinds. 3. Dana: What can I say? She hasn’t missed yet and don’t think she ever will. Great! 4. Jordan: Incredible performance last nigh
  10. LMAOOO FELT THAT SO MUCH even tho i was not trying to solve a work crisis, Corey losing would have been an emotional crisis
  11. Kelly, Blake, and Nick each have a pretty strong finalist in Kenzie, Cam, and Rachel. Kenzie has the best shot to win and Kelly has 2 other super strong contenders, Gihanna and Corey, so she has the strongest team imo. However, there’s a good chancel Rachel upsets Kenzie so I’d go Kelly>Nick>Blake>>>>>>>>John. The top 3 teams left are all pretty strong though.
  12. Loved his IS and performance last night, was hard rooting for him to move on and am so happy that he did!
  13. But even if she did she woulda lost to Corey anyway
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