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  1. This guy is cracked, nice to see a fellow Filipino do so well. Add me
  2. oh that was someone from i think it was season 2 or 3 do not remember very well
  3. Yoooo chevel in a movie? Im intrigued
  4. Melanie Martinez. Easily one of my favorite contestants of all time and has the best post show career.
  5. Raine pretty easily, my favorite BA that season. Zae and Bradley weren’t too far behind though
  6. Havent seen s9 so no comment on that but Alisan for sure
  7. Terrence Cunningham is missing from here, though purely audition speaking I’d say Kirk takes it. Haven’t seen s16 tho
  8. GOAT LIKE damn you really did them like that lmao. I can low key see where ur coming from though
  9. Huh interesting, I did agree that he was better than Victor in what was shown but Blake said he was pitchy so that part must have been edited out/autotuned over which is probably why John ended up not saving him.
  10. Deion roasted IDF on insta live??? Damn wish I payed more attention to him I’d love to see that lmao. I only remember him because of his interesting comments about his boring battle round being one of the best of the show’s history.
  11. Huh yea I thought Corey’s blind was fine but nothing special, wasn’t anywhere near my top 5. I’m shocked he was the second favorite KO tho, I didn’t think anything else that night came remotely close to Already Gone, that remained my fave KO of the season despite how stacked Night 2 was. I remember first KO night being pretty sleep besides Already Gone and Night 2 being insanely stacked. Yea I remember Cam being the heavy favorite KO of Night 2 though his was behind a couple others like Rachel, Savanna, Zae, etc for me.
  12. Is that unpopular here? I mean I know I thought Savanna was a lot better and only became a Corey fan after KOs but I thought most people here wanted him to win that.
  13. Yea the final overall was filled with a lot of the weaker contestants from this season which made me pretty disinterested in it. I liked Rachel too but the season was an obvious Cam win.
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