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  1. Can y'all please share a video of Wendy in which she showed her vocals because I haven't seen much power and range from her.
  2. Kat Perkins for me. Like Kat R as well. No comments on Kat H.
  3. For sure. He's my Favorite vocal coach on YouTube(Tara Simon is right up there as well). I've learned a lot from his videos. And fun fact is that he's 55+
  4. Haven't listened to all but man that Trevin guy sounds super duper amazing.
  5. 1. Kyndal 2. Corey HMs to everyone(minus Marybeth and Kat).
  6. That was atually one of the few times when I agreed with an IDF Poll.
  7. That G#5 that Bryan did separated the two for me.
  8. 1. Todd - I Can Only Imagine/Long Way Home 2. Cam - Stand Up 3. Jim - WALHFMF 4. Rachel Mac - I Hope You Dance/The Chain 5. Ricky - A Woman Like Her
  9. 1. Jordan 2. Billy 3. Chris 4. Chevel 5. Addison HMs to everyone else.
  10. Amanda! I really like Trevin but he was off-Key in some parts.
  11. Jordan vs Regina. HMs to everyone else.
  12. I enjoyed Todd's audition the most so I chose him.
  13. I would like to disagree. Todd literally carried that night.
  14. John, but I really loved Cami, Sid, Carter, Julia, and Jim's as well.
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