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  1. Underrated(On IDF): -Victor Solomon - Glory -Jose - At this moment and You Say -Zae Romeo - Electric Love Overrated(On IDF): -Savanna's first two performances -Dana's battle
  2. @Idol Maniac Add Me. The dude is insanely talented. Beautiful tone as well.
  3. Love these three. These are WILKES, Rayshun, and Viktor Kiraly(I mentioned that because this channel is unavailable for some people).
  4. I think Kenzie has the best chance but he's not a "lock" for the win.
  5. I didn't read any stuff form the spoilers thread other than the OP.
  6. Same here. But I don't think me preferring Kenzie to Dana is shocking.
  7. Wait, was it Camm Vs Brandin??? I thought it was Mandi vs Brandin. Lol at my memory.
  8. We had a wrong spoiler back then for the battle.
  9. Guys does anyone remember, Cammwess vs Brandin Jay?
  10. Highly unpop: Crazy wasn't nearly as good as some people were saying. I can't believe some folks said it was one of the best performance of the night.
  11. Savanna deserves to win and she will. Her performance was phenomenal. I don't think the audience is that dumb to not reward a performance like that.
  12. I think it reached 5M and Brynn surpassed 6M. Also Krik Jay reached 8M views on his KO. I think that was the highest since Jordan. Also, Chris B had 7.7 or 7.8.
  13. Brooke had almost 10. Chloe had close to 7.5 and Addison had 6.4 or 6.5. Chloe's Landslide also reached 5.5M+ views.
  14. Agreed. 100% No wonder why it knocked down Adele's Hello from the top spot on iTunes. And also, no wonder why it's the only performance in the history of this show that received DROP THE MIC MOMENT.
  15. Maybe they'll post them in future. But lol I hope they don't post burning house(Sorry!). They should post Cowboy take me away or She's got you instead.
  16. That's indeed the best of the voice. My favorite performance ever. Period. #TeamUnicornForLife
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