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  1. Zan and Zach Day's duet covers of august and evermore by Taylor Swift are perfection.
  2. Definitely an A, all around amazing battles and the only one I didn't really enjoy was Peedy vs TJR
  3. Also I'm genuinely never going to understand why the montage battles aren't posted on youtube later. I saw a comment saying that the "best of the battles" compilation was the least they could do to show them full and issa fact
  4. Well we haven't seen the make-it-or-break-it round yet, that's gonna change some things for sure. I will say tho that last season's POs were very predictable after KOs, so I'm interested to see if this is gonna repeat itself or if we'll get something like Blake saving Paris or Kelly saving Brittany levels of unexpected lol
  5. ASTHEYSHOULD!!! genuinely not kidding when I say it’s one of the best battles we’ve seen on this show
  6. Imma be the delusional Bella stan that I am and say Bella would've taken it, but seeing these four iconic ladies go up against each other would've been a nightmare.
  7. PLS I'm so ready for a KJ IG live concert
  8. Brittany vs Samara Hailey vs Lana Katherine vs Vaughn Would've loved to see both of the montages full. Obsessed with telepatía and with Libianca, Montages suck
  9. Also I'm late but the telepatia battle sounded great, especially Carolina???? get it girl!
  10. Okayyyy Katherine!! Not the best song choice for these two (imagine a romantic ballad, a SERVE) but they did the best they could!
  11. I chose all the ones who lost their battle lol. I thought Bella was the clear winner (although Katie was still great), and the other two were a lot tighter for me.
  12. Regarding future episodes, I think this is how it might go Episode 2: B: Hailey Green vs Lana Scott - Lana SAVED A: Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol K: Xavier Cornell vs Carolina Alonso (montage) B: Libianca vs Tommy Edwards (montage) J: Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown - Samara SAVED Episode 3: K: Holly Forbes vs Wyatt Michael B: Carson Peters vs Clint Sherman A: Raquel Trinidad vs Hailey Mia - Hailey STOLEN J: Shadale vs Janora Brown K: The Cunningham Sisters vs Parker McKay (montage) J: Sabrina Dias vs Jack Rogan (montage) B: Wendy Moten vs Manny Keith - Manny STOLEN Episode 4: K: Gymani vs Aaron Hines A: Ryleigh Plank vs KCK3 A: Jim & Sasha vs Sophia Bromberg (montage) B: Berrit Haynes vs Kaitlyn Velez (montage) J: Paris Winningham vs Jonathan Mouton - Jonathan STOLEN
  13. Ryleigh Plank's audition is criminally underrated here
  14. Vaughn being a double leak and a battle eliminee seems...off tbh, but him being the premiere leak in itself was already off though so who knows lmao
  15. Blake could've had his steal, considering the order of the taping isn't specified in the OP
  16. Also I'm like in my 40th replay of Bella vs Katie and I still get chills and am equally as shook as I was the first time I saw it. The ladies made history tonight and we love to see it
  17. Hadn't seen this yet but my fav contestant this season and one of my favorite actresses????? More reason to stan
  18. Easy, Bella vs Katie My winner would be Bella blowing the ROOF off but Katie did great as well Bella vs Katie GNT vs Kinsey Jeremy vs Jershika Samuel vs KJ David vs Chavon Peedy vs TJR
  19. We've seen a lot of footage of Katherine vs Vaughn (in the pairings video and now in the preview, they were the pair that was featured the most) so now I'm leaning towards Xavier and Carolina being the montage. Also based on what Kelly said in the preview and Ari having her hand in the steal button, it wouldn't be too far off to assume that Samara was a Kelly, Ari steal and John save, ultimately picking John?
  20. This is looking to be the best battle premiere in recent seasons imho
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