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  1. it is! And it seems like the video is via facetime.....imma say he's in
  2. Day 1 of me manifesting KJ winning her battle (her getting a steal/save is accepted too but winning is preferable)
  3. imma do from the seasons I've seen (nit sure if I've participated in this thread already lol) S13: Emily Luther - Glitter in the Air (this performance is literally perfection, and yes, Chloe's Landslide and Total Eclipse of the Heart are in my top 3 and it was hard to decide) S14: Kyla Jade - You Don't Own Me (no explanation needed here) S15: Chevel Shepherd - Travellin Soldier (will literally never get tired of hearing this. The tone and the emotion is perfection. Chevel is perfection lol. Kymberli's Run to You and Sandyredd's River are veryyyy close behind tho) S16: Maelyn - Fields of Gold (very hard to pick out of all of Maelyn's performances but this is the one I rewatch the most and always end up in. The Scientist is a close second tbh) S17: Rose Short - God's Country (period. A queen singing her original in that voice stage, we love to see it!) S18: Zan Fiskum - Blowin in the Wind (indie folk perfection. Runs were flawless and it was arranged by herself purely???? insane. She has a recorded version in her album "Sleeping Problems" if you haven't checked it out yet. Toneisha's Diamonds and Thunderstorm's Summertime are close behind) S19: Desz - Don't Let Go (Love) (My jaw is still on the floor after the first time I herd this performance. Desz was leagues ahead of everyone else that season sorry not sorry. Although many other performances were phenomenal. Cami's Skinny Love and Chloรฉ's My Future are close behind. Also John Holliday deserves a mention here for his "Misty" performance. that was insane.) S20: Cam Anthony - Stand Up (had the hardest time choosing between this and Feeling Good but I gave it to Stand Up because it was live! All of Cam's performances could be justified here tbh lol. Gihanna's Reflection and Pia's What the World Needs Now are really close behind.) In short, yes. Cam + the females pretty much rule until minivan comes in Edit: Just realized I had participated in this thread before lol and my opinions are pretty much still the same/very very similar
  4. Imagine a Gihanna x Ainae battle to something like Good Days. Literally heaven ;(
  5. INSANITY Y'ALL.....If you haven't checked this out you betta https://www.instagram.com/tv/CRpvCXynACa/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link ^ Dana covering "The Best" My grandmother always told me that I had the spunk & fire like @tinaturner She says that I embody anything I sing while making it my own She says that I am one of a kind. But, I believe that she's the one that's a rare #diamond
  6. Definitely, and part of the reason why so many other fan threads are very active is because of what you said. The amount of EPs and digitally accesible content really varies from artist to artist, and it makes sense that those artists with the most singles, lives, EPs, covers, etc, have more active fan bases. Powerhouses being generally more active in the live scene limits the "X artist is releasing a new song x day!" kind of posts in the fan threads. While announcing shows are a way to keep a fan thread moving (especially for powerhouses) many times they aren't recorded or it's impossible for the fan thread members to attend, so the IDF support in that sense is limited to "i'm glad she has a show" or "she's gonna slay!" rather than actual support and comments on the performance, as many of y'all do when EPs and singles are released. I still think there should be more movement in the powerhouses' fan threads, and I'm sure many agree, but based on previous experiences it's tougher to keep these fan threads moving due to the few content in comparison to other active fan threads, such as Gihanna, Corey, Cam, etc. As a side note, I'm sure the queens are slaying their live shows and I'm sure many of them have more content in the works that we'll be able to share on IDF
  7. Day 1 of me manifesting Gymani winning her battle as she should also Day 1 of me manifesting Kelly NOT pairing her with Jershika and both of them moving on
  8. Honestly, my take is that the most enthusiastic and consistent fan thread posters don't usually go for stanning powerhouses. Which is why their fan threads are quite overshadowed compared to others. I'm one who support wise, choose to go for more direct support and discussion towards the artist (e.g. Instagram), and don't post much in fan threads (I'm improving this season joining more though!) since I like that direct contact with the artist. (I've stayed in contact with Pia, Dana, Chloรฉ (less belty powerhouse but still does it in her own way) , and to a lesser extent Tamara ever since their seasons (all powerhouses from when I started to get more enthusiastic abt the voice)) I don't know if other powerhouse fans do the same, but I find it to be the best way I can support them post show, rather than posting in their fan threads (which still shows a lot of support, don't get me wrong) Edit: What @QueenCami said could also be the case for some, but tbh I'm struggling to name some powerhouses with huge support in the show that drastically changed their style, making their IDF fans lose interest. I'm leaning more towards maybe some of them just not having enough content to keep fans engaged, which tbh happens with many many artists post show, not just powerhouses. sorry for the brief tangent in the discussion lol
  9. If she's clever (and knows we're pretty much dying to know whether she's on or not) she could've posted this throwback pic easily in her story. I don't think this matches the hotel but I could be wrong.
  10. This thread screams Tayler Green lol. Also Lauren Frihauf and Michael Sanchez for sure. Savanna Woods is a duh but it wasn't the judges fault so I won't count it in this thread.
  11. Raine Stern and Andrew Marshall - Adore You Claire DeJean - There's Nothing Holding Me Back (many more but these are the first two that came to mind, and I'm still pissed at these )
  12. I enjoyed Corey in S20, but probably not as much as the rest of IDF (him competing every single round against my favorites did not help lol: Savanna, Ryleigh and Gihanna). I thought his pre live performances were great, but lives came and he was shaky iirc. I do remember thinking his POs performances were miles better than his semis, but I don't remember people (except maybe 1 or 2) saying Corey deserved to move on over Jordan. I think the general consensus here is that even though Jordan beat out many IDF favorites for the finale, based on the IS performances he was one of or the most deserving to move on (not saying it's my opinion, but I think that's what most of IDF thinks about it, so I wouldn't say Corey's fanbase was delusional in that moment lol, but that's just what I remember. I could be wrong lol).
  13. Yeah I personally wouldn't have trusted that. Tik toks can easily be filmed and then saved in drafts to post later. It's very common to do so, especially for larger accounts that want to have a larger reach and are finding the right time to post sumn. Not saying he's in, but an at home tik tok a few days after he was supposed to be at the hotel isn't really convincing as a debunking action for me.
  14. Kelly Not sure tbh because her team is stacked, so I'm sure many wouldn't be surprised if most manage to make it far, but I'm leaning towards Parker John Out of the confirmed names, I genuinely can't see Trey/Jack past pre taped rounds, so I guess none? If they prove me wrong I'd be interested tho. Ariana Ryleigh Blake Hailey
  15. Kelly Aaron, Gymani, and Holly (couldn't decide but if I had to pick one probably Gymani because of the likely iconic-ness of her audition) John Brittany (from the few names we know lol) Ariana Bella, but as much as I love her I'm expecting someone that screams frontrunner more to arise Blake This one is way too obvious, so I'll just leave this link just in case anyone still hasn't heard it https://youtu.be/sEsinV5he2g
  16. Honestly I just need a Savanna/Raine/Payge typa contestant to arise from the missing batch and I'll be at peace. Oh and if Lexi confirms she's on I'd be excited too. Love her tiktok covers
  17. Literally a serve. I just KNOW Miss Misty is boutta serve looks this season and Iโ€™m here for it
  18. Roderick by a little (in the battle). I actually preferred Joanna in blinds but Roderick in battles/knockouts. His โ€œRedboneโ€ performance is so underrated
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