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  1. I hope Avery Roberson won't end like Cody Wickline this season.
  2. Tbh I think 2 AA coaches in one season wouldn't hurt but Kelly or Blake might take the win again. Still all these coaches won so I don't know what can happen.
  3. I like her PO performance "Wild Horses". Some might say it was a screaming mess but for me she showed the emotion and the ache needed for that song. Her and Sarah Simmon's version are the best version on the show.
  4. Tbh I like her version but I like Ali Caldwell's version more on The Four it is a total slayage.
  5. Still, that's not in the same level of her BA for me.
  6. Wé McDonald S11. Same with SandyRedd insane BA but couldn't keep up with the level of their BAs.
  7. Make a poll and let's see the results. Tbh I like Adam's S1-13 but after that he should've took a rest.
  8. I checked her IG. Yes she sings Spanish songs but she also sings non-spanish songs she got a big range almost like Jacquie Lee and Jackie Foster. If she take on big songs she can be John's front-runner. I think her spanish BA song didn't do her any favors and she's on Taping 6 (second to the last) maybe that's why she only turned John and Kelly.
  9. More like premier closer to make some previews before commercial breaks while the show is airing.
  10. Cam Anthony - Lay Me Down - Pop Song. Nick blocked John. 3 Chair Turn.
  11. I think Kenzie will close the Premiere and Zae will close Episode 4.
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