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  1. I can't recall a controversial moment about Delaney vs. Steve KO. Both are fodders either way imo.
  2. Right now I preferred Holly than Gymani in that snippet. But I'm sure both will kill it.
  3. As a Zae fan, I completely disagree with these. I think it's the best moment to show as a snippet. It made me suffer from LSS for days. That moment made Kelly turn then Blake as well.
  4. Ok, since he's at least been featured in the promo I want to be added to his fan list @sydneysam. I'm so excited for his song choices in the show coz we never had any info about him yet.
  5. I'm so glad no one mentioned Micah vs. Tayler.
  6. Funny thing is that the winners are the ones who receives the backlash whereas the coach is the one who made the decision.
  7. David Vogel Bella DeNapoli Raquel Trinidad Ryleigh Plank KCK3 Vaughn Mugol Sophia Bromberg Chavon Rodgers Katherine Ann Mohler Jim & Sasha Allen Kaitlyn Velez/Keilah Grace Among these other Team Ariana members who do you think is a fodder? I'm sure Ariana had a hard time pairing them.
  8. Here's my take on Hailey Mia, I never saw her yet singing in front of live audience (her covers are always singing alone iinm). Yes, her covers are good but I'm not sure yet on how she'll do. Given that she lose to Raquel (who has experience singing in front of the audience) I'm having a hint that Ariana considered technical issues here (otherwise why would Ariana drop someone who has a pleasant tone like her?) Kelly possibly stolen her because she can see Brynn through her. For her KO, "the sources" said she did well, given her song choice which is Arcade, not a minivan bait and not an impactful song choice imo. Unlike Brynn she did country song and made it sound like pop and it's well received. Also in KOs we can see a potential winner (given being consistent in past rounds) and if that's her song choice I wouldn't call her potential winner. At this point of time for me Hailey (overhyped) is neither a potential winner nor a lock in the Finale.
  9. I'm pretty sure Blake wanted Chloe so bad. Even J-Hud tried stealing her. Meaning they know the potential of her to be like by the audience.
  10. Based on the results and the comments I have read. Also, I'm checking the social media of Ari's post KO team. Try doing that and you'll see.
  11. Ariana is not as dumb as Miley when it comes to choices. Miley underestimated the potential of the artists that are similar to her because of the idea that country gets most votes. (Also the idea of being different) Unlike Ariana this season her PO team composed of 3 Pop singers and 1 duo and her steal is Pop adjacent iinm.
  12. My point is Maelyn is not the TCO until Jej flops. I'm pretty sure some people will also agree on this. I think TPTB will not care if Kelly wins three in a row as long as their TCO wins. Even Blake won three in a row. Cam being their TCO last season won considering he's on Team Blake.
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