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  1. PV: Carter CS: Payge WC: Ben Tbh I don't care who will get through because I don't like anyone from Team Gwen this season except Lain Roy who got eliminated in the battles with the worst thing happened getting montaged.
  2. PV: Bailey CS: John WC: Tamara I don't know but I felt John want to push Bailey so to get votes and for him to win but I can sense it will not work after PO. John is for sure the save given how he was picked over Cami. WC is Tamara because Chloe ain't gonna get it. Tbh I want Julia to make it but we all know what will happen.
  3. Wrong thread for you to post it. Im shocked you're the creator of the thread and posted something leading elsewhere.
  4. PV: Sid Kingsley or Jim Ranger???? CS: Worth the Wait WC:Jim Ranger or Sid Kingsley??? Tbh unpredictable because what if Sid pull an unexpected amazing performance then voted through. Jim for sure will be the PV if Sid not make an unexpected performance. WTW is the most sure coach save ever if not PV.
  5. I look at your post and got it.
  6. False, Kelly just don't want Blake to win. She said it before the start of the show in a promo.
  7. PV: Cami CS: DeSz WC: Tanner I think Kelly will push Cami to get the PV because she's known for 2 wins with Country artist and that for sure will make a bad image for her because some people will think she got country artist that are not so good because she only want to win. DeSz is handicapped because AA but guaranteed a coach's save. Finally she will leave the WC to any of the other 3 (assuming Ryan made it) because for sure they will win it. Ryan can get lesser votes if he's not singing an opera. So Tanner has a higher chance. Madeline is good but I don't k
  8. Ok. I'm just asking but as I can see no difference at all.
  9. What's the difference though??
  10. Can someone summarize what is happening with Marissa's elimination. Thanks!
  11. There's a thread already like this.
  12. I agree with you, these are my thoughts also.
  13. Top 3 1. DeSz (Never gave an average performance since Auditions, finale material, has a shot of becoming the first AA-female Winner on the Voice) 2. Cami Clune (Queen, she ranked below DeSz because of her underwhelming battle, still my most favorite this season) 3. Jim Ranger (I just love how he shows his vulnerability on stage as well as his aggressiveness like in his BA) 4. Ryan Gallagher 5. Sid Kingsley 6. Julia Cooper 7. Madeline Consoer 8. Tamara Jade 9. Worth the Wait 10. John Holiday 11. Payge Turner 12. Taryn Pa
  14. I'm gonna ask this again. How will the live shows will be done? At home or at the studio?
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