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  1. Season 13: Blinds - Brooke Simpson “Stone Cold” Battles - Brooke Simpson vs Sophia Bollman “You’re A Big Girl Now” Knockouts - Emily Luther “Glitter In The Air” Season 14: Blinds - Sharane Calister “Make It Rain” Battles - Jackie Verna vs Stephanie Skipper “These Dreams” Knockouts - Sharane Calister “All I Could Do Was Cry” Season 15: Blinds - Katrina Cain “Rhiannon” Battles - Kymberli Joye vs OneUp “Mercy” Knockouts - Natasia Greycloud “Tennessee Whisky” Season 16: Blinds - Rizzi Myers “Breathin” Battles - Lisa Ramey vs Betsy Ade “The Joke” Cross Battles - Maelyn Jarmon “Mad World” Season 17: Blinds - Steve Knill “Up To The Mountain” Battles - Katie Kadan vs Destiny Rayne “Tiny Dancer” Knockouts - Rose Short “Big White Room” Season 18: Blinds - Allegra Miles “Use Somebody” Battles - Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams “How Will I Know” Knockouts - Toneisha Harris “Diamonds”
  2. S13 - Sophia Bollman, Kristi Hoopes, Stephan Marcellus, Katrina Rose S14 - Sharane Calister, Alexa Capelli, Stephanie Skipper, Genesis Diaz S15 - Katrina Cain, Delaney Silvernell, Natasia GreyCloud, Natalie Brady, Fousheé S16 - Alena D’Amico, Ciera Dumas, Cecily Hennigan, Oliv Blu, Beth Griffith-Manley S17 - Ricky Braddy, Steve Knill, Destiny Rayne, Elise Azkoul, Caroline Reilly
  3. It was definitely a real account, he posted the same thing on his Instagram
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_LoRAhlaGP/?igshid=bnbytedc4wer Turns out TMH is singing OneRepublic’s Somebody To Love after all...
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