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  1. I also have to mention this one. Tarralyn at 0:37 was really... something
  2. sounds like she had a couple bottles of wine herself...
  3. I'd have to give it to this one. DOMO did great, but poor Cody looked so awkward up there how he won is beyond me. CeeLo's song choices and pairings were always so strange
  4. What were the worst songs chosen for contestants by coaches, producers, or theirselves?
  5. Is Sasha at the hotel in his story? I’m not sure what it looks like also it seems like Clifford is out
  6. What happened at 2:20 I've been laughing at this for 10 minutes
  7. Not Sasha coming up on my TikTok fyp I swear I don’t even follow him I didn’t even know he had TikTok
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