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  1. S20- Cam Anthony “Stand Up” S19- Carter Rubin “Rainbow Connection”/Desz “Don’t Let Go” S18- Thunderstorm Artis “Summertime” S17- Katie Kadan “Always Remember Us This Way”/Rose Short “God’s Country” S16- Maelyn Jarmon “The Scientist” S15- Kennedy Holmes “The Greatest Love of All” S14- Kyla Jade “One Night Only” S13- Chloe Kohanski “Total Eclipse of the Heart” S12- Chris Blue “Rhythm Nation” S11- Sundance Head “Love Can Build a Bridge” S10- Alisan Porter “Stone Cold” S9- Jordan Smith “Somebody to Love” S8- Kimberly Nichole “House of the Rising Sun” S7- Matt McAndrew “Wasted Love” S6- Josh Kaufman “Stay With Me” S5- Tessanne Chin “I Have Nothing”/Matthew Schuler “Hallelujah” I limited it to performances in the Lives, but there were a couple I was torn on
  2. Davon and John’s prelives were both much better than their lives. John started off doing lesser-known jazz songs and then went to more popular songs. I consider Misty to be one of the best blind auditions of the season, and that is where he peaked. His performances gradually went downhill from there. All By Myself was good, not at the level of his audition but definitely better than his lives, Fly Me to the Moon and Fix You were decent but not great (though I prefer the latter) and Halo was just bad for him. (I’d say Misty > Summer Soft > All By Myself > Fix You > Fly Me to the Moon > Halo). As for Davon, his audition, knockout and playoff were all one of my favorites of those respective rounds. He thrived in the jazz-soul lane but then Jennifer made him a diva. Love on Top and I Have Nothing are hard for even females to sing and he did not thrive with either song choice. He also struggled with Hurt. He went from a potential finalist pre-T12 to needing the Instant Save to make Semifinals. They honestly both had similar trajectories on the show but with different formats. John would have gotten eliminated in Semis (though he’d probably make IS) if it weren’t for Team Quotas
  3. Season 8 had so many battle steals go far (also because Pharrell kept letting go of strong members of his team since he was winning with Sawyer) Some steals have definitely been treated like fodder (Jaclyn Lovey, Lauren Diaz) and some have become team frontrunners (Addison Agen, Gwen’s two steals in S12)
  4. If I had the choice between a save and steal in battles, I would jump ship, knowing that coaches sacrifice their Battle saves in Knockouts. Battle steals at least have a fresh start on a new team, and some battle steals have done well (not to mention that some also get stolen back by their original coach anyway)
  5. One of the problems is that sometimes, one member is clearly better than the other(s), which has definitely happened with the last 2 trios (and the last duo to an extent) And the division is often based on equity more than efficiency, which causes them to struggle
  6. Yeah, I also voted for Desz in the IS (I clearly expected her to make finale somehow and she was my clear favorite out of the contestants that didn’t get a semifinals PV)
  7. I thought she was going to make the finale until that song choice, and it’s definitely an infamous song choice Gwen got screwed of a finale spot that year because she had 2 contestants with a shot and neither made it
  8. The 2 Demons Knockouts were bad, and Braiden Sunshine’s Radioactive is one of the worst performances of S9. I know that Will sang Demons in the T12 and did pretty well with it
  9. Avery Wilson- Yeah 3x (He could have easily made it far in the Lives but that song choice prevented him from going there. Looking at his body of work, he definitely had finale potential) Judith Hill- #thatpower (Another finale contender eliminated because of a terrible song choice) Pete Mroz- Speechless (It felt like this was a dare) Shawn Sounds- That’s What I Like (This song destroyed his chances of making the finale after two great Live performances in a row) Daniel Passino- Uptown Funk (This song is already monotonous, but this rendition also had no funk)
  10. Shane Q- Caribbean Queen (nobody would do well on this song) Todd Michael Hall- Somebody to Love (Why give an 80s rocker One Republic?) Dave Moisan- Like I Can (Sam Smith for an indie guy...?) Will add more later but these are the first to come to mind
  11. I’m going to try to give at least one per season (and IS performances are disqualified because so many are bad) Some seasons are obviously harder to find the worst performances than others S20- Andrew Marshall “Put Your Records On” S19- Tanner Gomes “Lovin on You” S18- Levi vs Anders “Counting Stars”, Tate Brusa “The Scientist” S17- Shane Q “Caribbean Queen” S16- Celia Babini “A Thousand Years”, Selkii “Torn”, Carter Lloyd Horne “Take Me to Church” S15- Ayanna Jahnee “No Tears Left to Cry” S14- Christiana Danielle “Umbrella”, Miya Bass “Castle on the Hill” S13- Jeremiah Miller “Sorry”, Esera Tuaolo “How Do I Live” S12- Mark Isaiah “Sign of the Times” S11- Dave Moisan “Like I Can”, Courtney Harrell “If I Could Turn Back Time” S10- Nick Hagelin “Your Body is a Wonderland” S9- Braiden Sunshine “Radioactive” S7- Ryan Sill “Ordinary World” S5- Nic Hawk “Blurred Lines” S2- Erin Martin “Walk Like an Egyptian”
  12. The season seems like it will still have lots of really good talent like the last few seasons, but I’m not liking the format I also don’t know what the judges will be like. Though I feel like they will make at least one finalist obvious
  13. I’m not sure how they wouldn’t be able to identify the song Rocket Man, considering it just had a movie about it and it’s one of Elton John’s most known songs. I’m hoping this is accurate because I would love to hear a good Rocket Man cover on the show.
  14. Agreed. It’s definitely in my T3 of the season
  15. There were some wasted chair turns during the middle of auditions last year (like the Locomotion guy)
  16. Yeah, I always noticed the trend that Episode 3 would often have great audition closers that would get eliminated around playoffs. Thunderstorm was the first artist to make finale, though some didn’t make the voting rounds
  17. Episode 3 closers often give one of my favorite auditions of the season (though there have been some duds in the past).
  18. Agreed. His audition was my #2 of that season but he never came close to that
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