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  1. I’m intrigued to see Raquel and Paris’s battles to see if they improve, since I wasn’t a huge fan of their auditions (and I actually preferred the auditions of both battle partners)
  2. 1. Season 21 (possibly my favorite season for Battles now. Many great ones after one week). Standouts: GNT vs Kinsey, Katie vs Bella, Brittany vs Samara, Jeremy vs Jershika 2. Season 18 (many solid battles as well). Standouts: Allegra vs Michael, Thunderstorm vs Cedrice, Joei vs TMH, Todd vs Jon, Roderick vs Joanna 3. Season 19 (some good battles here, but not as many as S18). Standouts: Marisa vs Ryan, John vs Julia, Cami vs James, Payge vs Lauren 4. Season 20 (the good battles weren’t as good as the best battles in other seasons). Standouts: Ryleigh vs Gean, Corey vs Savannah, Rachel vs Bradley
  3. I never thought I’d see someone write that in their own thread I didn’t know what was happening when I scrolled up
  4. I’m unsure of the answer at the moment, but I have a feeling she would at least make Semis. She would have a much higher shot at winning the UK version though, considering the talent level there.
  5. Considering there were at least 4 really good battles already this season, I’ll have to give it an A. This week had more great battles than several of the recent seasons had in the whole round.
  6. The saves wouldn’t make much of a difference, but the steals would Kelly’s team would look worse, and Ariana’s would look much better (keep in mind that this is before I saw half the battles).
  7. I haven’t either. But many shows are in their Blind Audition stage. This battle was definitely something special
  8. Yeah. I think it’s too early to predict a winner, considering we haven’t even seen all of the battles
  9. We don’t usually get this many great battles in a season. It’s similar to the Australian version (before the channel switch ruined it) where there were lots of good battles in seasons. This battle honestly had good competition for Best of the Week. Out of all of those battles, this one stands out the most to me
  10. All 3 Ariana artists that we haven’t seen in the Battles yet won their Knockouts. And we haven’t seen her KO steal yet either And we saw all of Blake’s Knockout winners already. We’re just waiting for his KO steal
  11. Wendy won that battle. I can’t see how I wouldn’t pick her after her audition and battle performances. She’s showed great vocals with these songs but I’m hoping she gets better choices later on. I mentioned how I would have picked Bella in her battle because of her high notes, and the same thing happened with Wendy in this battle. And yes, Manny deserved the steal. He showed improvement from the blinds and was even with Wendy for the majority of it.
  12. Yes. I still like it better than all the other battles this season, and we’ve already had a lot of good ones
  13. GNT’s battle was much better received on FB. There were a lot more positive comments there. I’m hoping Wendy sings more appealing songs going forward because these songs don’t seem to be working with the audience.
  14. I’m hoping that Samuel sings either a song by Daughtry or a song Daughtry has covered. His voice definitely reminds me of Daughtry
  15. Great leak. Wendy killed it as usual and Manny stepped it up from his Blind
  16. There it is, Wendy‘s battle has been leaked She again showed how great of a vocalist she is and I’m expecting her to go really far
  17. Girl Named Tom made another Best of the Week compilation for their Battle
  18. From what I remember she tried to support him after witnessing his own coach turn against him
  19. Thanks. I had to join considering I really liked some of his performances. And I was happy with his win
  20. I just realized another S17 contestant that Peedy reminds me of, Ricky Duran. Both have a lot of passion on stage, and are just fun to watch. Not to mention they are Team Blake guys that are more rock and not country. How many past contestants will Peedy get compared to this season?
  21. Peedy easily won against TJR. Peedy showed more than in his audition and TJR was very disappointing, as their audition was much better than this David clearly beat Chavon as well for me Samuel vs KJ was a close one, but I would probably pick Samuel because of his uniqueness. Though out of all the contestants that got eliminated, KJ was the only contestant that gave a performance worthy of a steal
  22. Same here, but also because my guess would be based more on my personal preferences
  23. I think it would be more fair to judge after all the performances air
  24. Jon Mero (audition leaked) Reid Umstattd (battle leaked) Myracle Holloway (audition leaked) Joseph Soul (battle leaked) None were premiere leaks though
  25. Realized that I never asked to be added, considering I was off IDF during his season. It’s good to see Carter and Gwen interacting through DMs, and it’s crazy to think about how he’s 16 now.
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