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  1. I actually really like the song choices for Wendy Moten so far. It's not what a lot of people expected if you watched her pre show covers. But she's still excelling.
  2. Bit surprised Samara is winning the poll. I think Brittany's tone is far more distinct. I guess it's not for everyone? Or they just prefer Samara's range? Which she didn't really showcase as much in this battle. Not surprised the other 2 are close though. Very even battles.
  3. In the battle discussion thread seemed like most people preffered David to Chavron. But it was hard for me to distinguish them except for when Chavron went into his lower register, I also thought he had a bit more power. Otherwise, they both had the same range, similar tones, and brought the same energy. Chavron>David
  4. 1. Katie and Bella (winner) Both of them showed more vocally than they did during their blinds, especially Katie. Close, I love both their tones. But I prefer Bella. Her high notes were awesome. 2. Jeremy and Jershika (winner) Another close battle. Jeremy's high notes are impressive, but I prefer Jershika. She more dynamic vocals. She hit notes just as high, while giving us those beautiful low notes and providing runs that were intricate and blended with the song. 3. GNT (winner) and Kinsey Individually, Kinsey was the best singer here. But GNT have something special with how good they're harmonizing is. Probably the best I've heard since I've watched this show. They won imo. 4. Chavron(winner) and David They both sounded decent, Chavron was much better here. But it was hard to distinguish their voices except for when Chavron went into his lower register, and for that I pick him. 5. Samuel (winner) and KJ Samuel was the clear winner for me. Just like John said, his voice has more character and uniqueness. KJ is very good, but there's nothing that stands out about her voice, and I feel like her runs, while very impressive, felt out of place for me. 6. Peedy (winner) and Joy Reunion Neither was that impressive. One of the singers in the trio was probably the best of the lot, but the other 2 didn't do anything for me. Peedy's high note missed. But the rest of his performance was ok.. so him I guess?
  5. Oh, not available where I am I guess.
  6. Sorry I keep missing people.. 6. Also, her audition is not on the youtube channel?
  7. 1. Wendy Moten 2. Gymani 3. Bella Denapoli 4. Brittany Bree 5. Girl Named Tom 6. Holly Forbes 7. Jeremy Rosado 8. Jershika Maple 9. Samara Brown 10. Shadale Wendy moten with the most votes as expected. A bit surprised Gymani has more votes than Holly and GNT, and I thought those 2 would have more.
  8. Saw a lot of people comparing Jershika to Desz and I definitely hear it. Well, just listened to their performances back to back and I prefer Jershika's BA. Her high notes sound better and her lows are just as good.
  9. 5: Ryleigh Plank - Anyone - 7.5 I expected her to hit the high notes more cleanly. But it still sounded very good Jershika Maple - Can You Stand the Rain 7.5 That last "you" she belted out sounded a bit weird to me. But other than that, very good. Manny Keith - Break My Heart 6.5 Solid vocal. But doesn't stand out to me KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On 6.5 liked her Jazz flair and the little changes she made. I hate this song though, and I don't think it's a good choice for a singing competition. LiBianca - Good Days 7 Beautiful tone, very good agility and range. I also didn't understand what she was saying most of the performance. Not sure if it's the song or her style, but I hope that changes. Sophia Bromberg - Heather - 3 She sounded shaky the entire performance, and the whistle note was way. Underneath it all though she has a pretty tone and some range. Her issues can be fixed, we'll see if it will happen on the show. Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife - 7 Fun performance. Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name 8.5 Great performance. Loved her tone and her runs. Episode 6: Aaron Hines - Heartbreak Anniversary - 7 Not sure if 4 chair turn worthy. But cool tone. KCK3 - no tears left to cry - 4 Harmonies need work, and for the most part weren't that great individually either. Tommy Edwards - Drops of Jupiter - 6 Standard rocker performance on the show. Shadale - That's What I Like - 7.5 Great stage presence, and has some range and power to her voice. Tone doesn't particularly stand out to me though. Parker McKay - Slow Hands - 6.5 Cool tone and made a boring song interesting.
  10. Yeah, only audition that was 4 chair worthy in Arianas team was Bella imo.
  11. Who had the best blind audition of season 21? If your favourite is not on the list, don't vote and mention who it is so I can tally up that contestants votes. Peedy Chavis - 1 vote
  12. Only finding out now that all 4 of them made lives. Happy to hear that considering they were the 4 best of the night imo.
  13. I think Brittany bree was the only one with a flawless vocal out of everyone and a great song choice to showcase their voice. So her. Jershika and Libianca are close behind. I wish KJ picked a different song, there's only so many things you can do with that song. Even though she made it sound fresh.
  14. Episode 3: Raquel Trinidad - I Wish - 7.5 Great song choice and stage presence, very good voice. The Joy Reunion - Boondocks - 7 Their harmonies were not GNT level, but great nonetheless. Individually, the guy with the guitar stands out much more than his partners (so far). Hailey Mia - you broke me first - 7. If the title didn't tell me she was 13. I never would have guessed. But this was very good for a singer of any age. Jeremy Rosado - Here Comes Goodbye - 8 Love this song, his range is awesome. But more importantly, his tone in his high range sounds pleasant. At the start, he'd finish a verse and it would sound really breathy at the end. Not sure if it's intentional. But even kelly said there were some questionable parts. I suppose we'll see if he makes it to lives. Carson Peters - Tulsa Time - 5.5 So, I really don't like this song for a singing competition. Vocally, he got better throughout the performance, the start sounded a bit weak? He doesn't sound like your typical country singer on the show though. I think he can do a lot better. Keliah Grace - Never Tear Us Apart - 6 Not the biggest fan of her tone when she hits the high notes, solid vocal though Samara Brown - Sweet Thing - 7.5 Her high notes are insane and stand out. But not the rest of the performance, even if it was good. Holly Forbes - Rocket Man - 8.5 Her tone is very pretty. But she also has some power that I didn't expect from her. She could probably do more, but I'm glad she chose not to for this performance. Can't wait to see what she does next. Episode 4: Bella Denapoli - Damaged - 8.5 Love her tone and how she changed up the song. Ive listened to her audition many times now, but if there's one part I didn't like, it was her spelling out the words, specifically heart. I think it's the way its emphasized in this version. In the original song, that part doesn't sound nearly as corny to me because it doesn't stand out as much due to its fast pace, so it's more easily glossed over. David Vogel - breathin - 7. This grew on me, I love his tone, but part of me wishes he did a different song. Just because he didn't quite soar like I wanted him to Janora Brown - Angel of Mine - 7 Her runs were pretty, and so is her tone. She sounded a bit weak on parts but I thought this was very good. The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone - 6.5 I actually think they sounded a bit better individually. Some parts when they were singing at the same time were messy. But that's fixable. They've definitely got potential.
  15. Holy crap she killed it. Never heard the song on the voice ( Don't think I've ever heard the song) so the song choice was refreshing. I didn't expect how smooth those low notes would be and also the runs she did in that register. Then her soaring high notes were perfect too. Pleasant surprise all around! Might be one of my favourites. Also, she seems like a cool person. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CUoG-HKJanZ/?utm_medium=copy_link
  16. Episode 1 - Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping - 8.5 Probably my favourite trio performance I've heard on the show, what keeps this from a 9 is when the guy starts singing without the harmony. He sounds very good, just nowhere near as captivating or beautiful as the rest of the performance Katie Rae - The Bones - 6.5 Her tone was a mixed bag. Only at some points did I like it. But vocally, good performance. Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel - 7.5 Not a perfect vocal, but I like the different colors of his voice that he showed in this performance, also, dude is entertaining to watch so that brings him up a bit Jonathan Mouton - Leave The Door Open - 7 Smooth. Very good voice. At some parts I wished there was a tiny bit more power. Katherine Ann Mohler - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - 6.5 I didn't really like the high note she did. Other than that, good performance and love the song choice. Jack Rogan - House of The Rising Sun - 6 Nothing wrong with his voice. But nothing that stands out, same with the arrangement. I do appreciate the different take though Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away - 6 Good performance, but doesn't stand out Vaughn Mugol - The A Team - 6 Good performance, I heard some iffy notes and his voice is a bit thin, not that it's the case. But it just sounds like he's trying to reach for the note if that makes sense. Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out - 9 Nothing to say that hasn't already been said, phenomenal performance. Episode 2: Lana Scott - hole in the bottle - 6 Good voice. But doesn't stand out Samuel Harness - Here Without You - 8 I did say in the unpopular opinion thread that I didn't like his tone, but I relistened to it and I'm not sure what I was talking about. I liked it for the most part, only during some moments I didnt. I also always appreciate a unique voice which I think he has. Still don't like the song choice though. Carolina Alonso - El Triste - 7 High notes sound a bit iffy, the rest was very good though. Chavon Rodgers - drivers' license - 5.5 Even with all the editing, there were a lot of iffy moments in this performance. The low breathy notes sound weak, some of his falsetto unpleasant. That being said, he sounded very good at points. But the weak vocal moments bring it down for me. Joshua Vacanti - Into the Unknown - 6 It's weird cause his range is pretty impressive, but it still sounds a bit karaoke to me, and I don't like his tone that much. Hailey Green - Home - 7 Not perfect, but I like her tone alot, I can see why some people wouldn't like how she sings, but for the most part,, it didn't bother me. Jim and Sasha - Leaving On A Jet Plane - 6 Good performance, nothing that stands out though Paris Winningham - Superstition - 7.5 Love the vocal acrobatics and the screams, but his tone doesn't really stand out Gymani - pov - 8.5 Perfect vocal and I like almost all the changes she made to the song. I will say, I'm not sure how much i like her voice for the song. But she still managed to put together a great performance.
  17. Last week of blinds, Felt like it went by so fast! Looking forward to all the performances, specifically _________ removed
  18. I think preffering any s16 audition over Maelyn's would be an unpopular opinion on here.
  19. No, but there have definitely been some that made me emotional back then. Chloe Kohanski - Landslide James Wolpert/Madi Davis - A case of you Matt McAndrew - Blowers daughter Hunter Plake - If you want me Are the first few that come to mind.
  20. I wouldn't say mediocre but i still didn't like his audition that much because of his song choice and not the biggest fan of his tone. But vocally he was fine.
  21. Bella Denapoli was my favourite, but Janora might be my 2nd favourite of the bunch.
  22. 1. Wendy Moten 2. Bella Denapoli 3. Girl Named Tom 4. Holly Forbes 5. Gymani HM to Samara Brown, Jeremy Rosado, Katherine Ann Mohler, Paris Winningham.
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