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  1. If Alisan was able to defeat Adam, I think Adele has a fair shot at winning. Team Blake would help of course but I don't think she would've picked him lmaoo
  2. Hailey, even though I loved Lana's approach Katherine hands down
  3. It actually happens all the time with the accessories lmao : Earrings : Dana Monique (BA)/Brittany Bree (Battle)/Someone else, ChloΓ© Hogan (KO)/Ryleigh Modig (KO), Marina Chello (KO)/Pia Renee (KO) Shoes : Myracle Holloway (KO)/Tayler Green (KO), SandyRedd (PO)/Kelsie Watts (KO) And a lot more I can't remember right now
  4. Y'all did my girl Katherine dirty ... but that's an iconic top 3 for sure, you can't always win LiBianca deserved a better placement, actually I'd switch 4-6 and 7-10 in a heartbeat but I guess that's unpopular lol
  5. 1. Manny but David and Hailey are solid options. Carolina was good too. 2. Sabrina for the diversity, but Xavier was interesting
  6. Wendy Gymani LiBianca Brittany Shadale Holly Jershika Lana Bella Hailey Ryleigh Raquel
  7. It's so weird, the song is old but somehow it feels so fresh and new lmao I don't remember if anyone did it before on the show
  8. If the order is accurate I assume Katherine/Vaughn and LiBianca/Tommy, but we saw all of them in the rehearsal room so I'm a bit confused.
  9. Lmao this is so random, like why ? By the way, none.
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