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  1. They would re implement the instant elimination from S2 just so he could dump her
  2. This. And they don’t even get half of the backlash and criticism the females get. Honestly, as long as she’s low on the Shi’Ann Jones scale, I won’t complain.
  3. Does Stone Age sounds good to you lmao ? Just kidding, in recent history my favorites were mainly KO steals so it was a tall order for them to go really far. I was worried for Rose and McKenzie but it ended up well (robbed tho)
  4. Every performance including Gwen or/and Alicia was Waterfalls, More than words, Dream on One Love was awesome, my least favorite parts were Blake’s and it wasn’t even bad so I always loved Xtina’s parts but not the performances as a whole cause you know, they can’t hold a candle to her vocally. The worst was that dumpster fire we got yesterday lmao, props to Kelly’s back for carrying so many grown ass men lol (just kidding John was good too)
  5. From what I remember, the whole set was epic ! I hope some day Kelly invites her to her show and they can duet, that was such a missed opportunity, they could've blessed our ears
  6. Wasn’t that her finale song ? She would’ve killed that for sure !
  7. Omg I would die !! After that she’ll have to sing "Bring me to life" to give me my soul back
  8. Also Blake chose WTW over Taryn so we can assume he prefers Danielle over Cassade
  9. "I’ve never been more honored to work with, first of all a human being, then an artist ..." Blake after Kyla’s Semifinals performance We can all agree that Miley’s were definitely Janice and Ali, Gwen’s are Rose and Carter, I think she really loved Myracle but no one had figured it out early on since she got so little air time. Xtina’s would be Alisan, Jacquie and definitely Kimberly Nicole, she was pissed as hell when she landed in the bottom 2 and eventually got eliminated.
  10. Very unpopular opinion : Cami and James’ version of Wicked Game was better than Chloe and Noah’s. I know a lot of people hated the arrangement but I actually liked it and vocally I thought it was more interesting. Moushumi’s is still the best tho, Cali didn’t bring anything new to the table (Marina should’ve won that KO imo) Can’t wait to experience the confused reactions
  11. Not Ryleigh stealing the show and making sure she gets as much air time as possible, Minivan gonna die Even her speaking voice is cute
  12. Blake loved artists that he said brought something new to country music (even tho they were more soulful than indie) but maybe he’d want to go that route with her and let her twist some country songs, you never know
  13. Damn that one gif of her is more entertaining than John’s 5 seasons
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