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  1. Normally I would be scared but she's versatile, as long as they don't give her a generic pop song I think she'll be fine. Yes, even with a country song.
  2. Team Kelly : 1. Kenzie 2. Corey 3. Gihanna 4. Savanna (If she wins the 4 way) 5. Zae Team Nick : 1. Dana 2. Rachel 3. Andrew 4. Devan (if he wins the 4 way) 5. Jose Team Legend : 1a. Victor 1b. Zania 3. Ryleigh 4. Carolina (if she wins the 4 way) 5. Pia Team Blake : 1. Pete 2. Cam 3. Anna Grace 4. Jordan 5. Emma (if she wins the 4 way)
  3. Whether you're TCO or DOA, enjoy yourself and take the opportunity for what it is. Give your all and leave (maybe) on a high note. But if you're a favorite of mine : MOVE your ass and blow the roof, I need you to stick around a couple more weeks lmaoo
  4. I agree, Cami Clunes' run was mediocre. On the other hand Cami Clune's run was fantastic
  5. That was the messiest thing I've ever heard on The Voice, until Carribean Queen happened.
  6. It’s sad cause she sounded really good in rehearsals
  7. My unpopular opinion : Casme’s KO wasn’t that bad, I mean c’mon we’ve heard waaaay worse than that
  8. I would say that Jeremiah annihilated himself by some out of body experience lmaoo that was something
  9. Carolina could possibly get to sing for the WC, I can see a world where Kelly saves Savanna and throws Corey into the WC (even though it’s 5% likely) and you never know with Nick. Emma seems DOA if she wins the 4-way.
  10. I agree, Emma #2 at the very least and Devan #3 at the very best
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