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  1. Tamara Jade Kyndal Inskeep SandyRedd Carter Lloyd Horne
  2. They all had lyrics that said Lay Me Down
  3. Kennedy, Sandy and Kymberli were T3 auditions of the season.
  4. I can’t think of anything else they have in common
  5. All sang songs that mentioned the past or future in the title
  6. Nick turning for Michael Williams was questionable to many people, but he managed to improve a lot in battles and delivered in the 4 way Knockout and won as a huge underdog.
  7. A lot of these were already stated Adam saving Chris J in playoffs Kelly picking Micah over Tayler Nick keeping Rachel over Zae If it’s questionable decisions of contestants, I would say Jackie F going to Team Alicia after her Knockout. I thought she would be toast on that team, but she managed to get a PV
  8. We don’t usually get all of the names in the first batch from auditions, just some of them. I remember the spoiler about a 4 chair turn that sang Sexual Healing and then he appeared in the First Look video, and nobody recognized him. It turned out that it was someone who wasn’t on the contestant list, JChosen.
  9. Agreed. Her audition probably isn’t on the level of her Voice audition (that was something else), but it’s very good, and I will be surprised if she doesn’t make Live Shows
  10. Brooke’s audition looks really good. I’m very excited to see what happens with her.
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