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  1. And all 3 of the missing names are eliminated in battles. Samara might actually be John’s last artist because she fits the Taping 8 female description from what we know
  2. Yeah, I’m expecting her to be higher up in some of the later rounds (being TB will definitely help)
  3. It definitely makes sense that most finalists are in the first two weeks Some seasons also had either longer or more audition episodes as well. Tuesday episodes are often 1 hour but in some seasons they were 2 hours long (S7-11)
  4. It seems like it could be really good. I feel like Paris definitely stepped it up from his audition
  5. Tamara should not have been on the list. It’s not in my Top 3 of that season. I’d probably agree with Cassadee and Bryan not deserving to be here. I like Bryan’s audition but I wouldn’t put it in my Top 20 of all time. I mean, Alisan, Christina and Jordan is a T3 that I can’t really argue with, as well as Tessanne and Matthew earning high positions. Maelyn at 20 is an odd placement though. Especially when Tamara is above her.
  6. Was it due to the backlash of Malik’s Knockout? That’s all I remember from that. I don’t really remember the other montages performances (though they stopped montaging auditions)
  7. I can’t really argue with this one. GNT gave one of the best auditions (but I’m guessing people wanted Wendy). Honestly, those two were very close for me. One was the best vocal of the week while the other was the most captivating.
  8. Let’s just say that I have an easy way to remember their birthday
  9. Oh wow, I didn’t know that. But I do know she’s 3 or 4 years older than her.
  10. Was Bekah born in 2000? Because in that scenario, she was born the same month as one of BK’s all time favorites
  11. Now I’m wondering who the controversial Battle and Knockout winners will be
  12. This could be Somebody to Love with TMH all over again (except Joshua survives). When I saw that he was singing Somebody to Love, I thought it was the Queen song, which made a lot of sense for him, but I got very disappointed when it was the OneRepublic song.
  13. I mainly disagreed with your grade towards Peedy. I would have given him at least a B+ and put him in my Top 8. Other than that, I agree with the Bottom 6 (and the rankings within them, such as Vaughn’s placement). The class of 5-12 was a similar grouping, though I would change the order (Ex: Paris wouldn’t be #5 and Joshua wouldn’t be #12) Many artists didn’t get a placement that far off for me though, and good job not giving Hailey an A+ (the main criticism I had for Charlie). Her audition deserved an A- at best. (I’m one of those people that acknowledges that it was a good performance, but I’m not a huge fan of her tone) And the four auditions I would give an A were the four that got them. Clearly the best 4 of the week, and IDF knows it. And for someone that doesn’t know Samuel’s song, you were able to appreciate it well. Let’s just say that that audition really showcased his artistry.
  14. I know. Their reactions to losing Vaughn and Chavon will be entertaining
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