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  1. Definitely the most consistent contestant during Season 9. I really enjoyed her performance of People Get Ready because it gave us some much needed vulnerability from her. In terms of losing to Lee, I can see why it happened. Lee was more likable, plus he had Kristy predicting his win, so it was bound to happen! I actually think Crystal is probably the most happy just being a regular musician. It never really seemed like fame was her goal anyway... @Crisis Definitely, David Cook.
  2. I do have to admit, that out of the Top 6, she seemed to have the least “synergy” with the group, from what the show showed us (which may be for all we know). I connected with her for some performances and didn’t for others, but was always impressed by her vocal ability.
  3. Ok, that makes sense! Sounds fun!
  4. I literally just discovered this, have no idea what’s going on, but I’m intrigued! Can anyone give a brief summary? (if possible)
  5. So far, standouts for Team Rita/ @Zoey are Davina Michelle and Madilyn Paige.
  6. I just finished watching Team Rita, and am almost finished with Team Stevie.
  7. Ok, thank you. Hopefully, he saves some of them.
  8. Who are you guys looking forward to from Season 1 (aka, an attempt to keep this thread alive )? Edit: I added birthday emojis next to contestants whose birthday is today!
  9. I am too! Let’s just hope it’s not completely ruined...
  10. This was so amazing to listen to! I could really feel the connection that Archie had with the song. So beautiful, will definitely listen again 10 more times. Is it just me, or does he look tanned in some parts of this?
  11. I just found out that it’s also Crystal Bowersox’s birthday!
  12. @Crisis My official guess is still Crystal Bowersox.
  13. Oh, thank you for mentioning these, as I loved them too! Her and Phillip both sounded great together! Though I will admit Phillip looked a bit awkward without his guitar!
  14. Looking forward to it! I’m glad our shows/reveals didn’t clash at the same time!
  15. To start off, it is time for some Idol birthday shout-outs! Happy Birthday Jessica Sanchez and Sonika Vaid! Elise Testone- My fourth favorite S11 finalist (which is really good considering how talented the group was ). I think I’m Your Baby Tonight is one of the most underrated performances in Idol history! I love listening to it! I was disappointed to see that Elise was the bottom girl instead of “I-flunked-an-oversang-song Magrane.” The run at the end of Vienna was spectacular, and I think that’s when I really started to look forward to Elise. I like Whole Lotta Love enough, but it just doesn’t do it for me like it obviously does for you (yes, I was shocked when you said it was your all-time favorite performance )! The yelling and weird arrangement just doesn’t appeal to me. I was pleasantly surprised to see her outlast Colton, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to outlast the five other remaining contestants. Overall, Elise was a contestant I enjoyed for the most part. I originally thought that this clue was difficult, but then I really looked into it and found that it wasn’t that hard (unless I’m wrong ). Tamyra Gray wouldn’t fit because she was in constant competition with Kelly, and LaToya London wouldn’t fit because she was in constant competition with Fantasia. My guess for this clue is Crystal Bowersox. In a season as lackluster as Season 9, Crystal was considered the greatest (even though Katie will always be my favorite ), but she fell short because she lost to Lee, which was a huge mistake in my opinion (sorry @Elliott)...
  16. Season 1 Show ANNOUNCEMENT The long awaited Season 1 show will begin on Wednesday, August 5, at 8pm EST. Details: All ten Season 1 finalists will perform for your votes. The Survey Heart and Google Forms poll will open after the show, while PM voting will open at the start of the show. (Please view main post for voting details.) Your votes will decide the four Season 1 finalists that will automatically advance to the next round (Top 76). If your favorite isn't one of the top four vote-getters, don't worry, they still have the chance to be one of the judges' wildcard picks. @JC @anonymouskid_35 @thevoiceisthetop @IAN27TAY @Crisis @kenboy123 @randomgirl
  17. @JC Thanks for giving us so much time to vote! I’m behind on performances!
  18. YES! More Kris Allen! Do you know if these will be re-posted to YouTube?
  19. Oh also, I almost forgot! Happy belated birthday @miss denise!
  20. I have finished my comments for Season 1, so once I get comments from one more judge, I’ll announce the date and time of the Season 1 show. I would recommend reading over the voting methods before the show.
  21. I also remember him singing The World I Know, so I considered him, but I don’t really consider Cook’s talent to be out of this world. I felt that his strengths were his artistry and his personality. @Crisis I’m still sticking to LaToya London.
  22. I loved that performance from Aydan!!!! So excited for Madilyn Paige!
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