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  1. New promo on Instagram featuring Guy https://www.instagram.com/tv/CRyNz3QMO18/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. So this is something I started doing in some of my Season 20 fan threads. The "Milestones, News, and Praise" section of the OP is meant to share articles and cool moments regarding Hailey. This article is from Season 19 (I think I shared it last week) and it includes words of encouragement for Hailey. As the date for Battles gets closer and closer, I want her to know that she already has people cheering her on from Season 19. She has so many fans that watched her not get a chair turn and will be delighted to see her return. Good luck in the Battles Hailey! (a more detailed post is coming tomorrow. )
  3. I couldn't find a group TikTok account, but I was able to find Macie's TikTok account, so I included that link.
  4. Yeah, I personally have doubts that Justin turned a chair, and this is not a knock on his talent, just based on what Iโ€™ve observed.
  5. This is the cover that sold me. She has a very cool voice with surprising depth to it (see her โ€œFallingโ€ cover.) I hope someone makes a fan thread for her (minus Vaughn, I think Iโ€™m all checked out for the season in terms of fan threads. ) Sheโ€™s perfect Ariana bait, and I hope thatโ€™s the team that she ended up on.
  6. Sasha was also seen in the hotel on IG stories. Hailey Mโ€™s latest post on Instagram appears to be in the hotel as well. But yes, itโ€™s still possible that the pictures are from blinds.
  7. (Finally) added information regarding Emma's upcoming single, "Lie." Cam said to pre-save it, but I can't find a pre-save link, so maybe it's coming later. Regardless, I'm super excited for it to release!
  8. Same. A source confirming her would be great!
  9. Ah ok, then I agree with you there! Ooh, Iโ€™ll have to check that one out next!
  10. As per @sydneysamโ€™s suggestion, I listened to their original song โ€œIn Another World.โ€ The song is quite simple, but their voices and harmonies brought so much life and personality to the song. I forgot who mentioned it, but youโ€™re right, it is a little hard to tell the difference between Caleb and Joshโ€™s voices when just listening to the audio.
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