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  1. While Katie wouldn't be my first choice for replacement, I don't really see an issue with Brittany going home before lives. We have many powerhouses this season and most are better than her. It's better to have diversity, imo.
  2. Jonathan Mouton - I Can See Clearly Now - 7.5 Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way - 9 Katie Rae - Hold On To Me - 7 Raquel Trinidad - Valerie - 7 Gymani - Pillowtalk - 7 Kinsey Rose - Strawberry Wine - 4 Joshua Vacanti - Falling - 9 Sabrina Dias - Photograph - 6 Hailey Green - God's Country - 6 LiBianca - everything i wanted - 7.5 Holly Forbes - Superstar - 8 Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman - 10
  3. 12. Kinsey Rose - the song suits her but it's just average, not memorable, i'd say some parts were messy too 11. Sabrina Dias - i felt the multiple instruments took away from the artistry we saw in her battle, vocal was decent but again not memorable 10. Jonathan Mouten - wrong song, still adore his tone but truly he is someone we see every season 9. Hailey Green - some off moments, nice start and interesting throughout but didn't go as big/powerful i'd have liked 8. Katie Rae - i finally liked her performance, still not huge on her but this was good, her tone didn't bother me as much and worked with this song, i just don't think this was very interesting 7. Raquel Trinidad - i really expected more from her, inventive runs but too many of them, showed less energy than usual, also lacked the artistic approach i expected from her, love her tone tho 6. Gymani - her audition really grew on me but i feel like she didn't do vocally as good or stylistically as interesting here, nice moments towards the end 5. Libianca - this grew on me since the leak but i still think some choices were bizzare, still the tone and vocals are there 4. Holly Forbes - the song showed off her tone and vocals, it was stunning but lacked a moment for me 3. Joshua Vacanti - yes, finally! this is the joshua i expected, he showed up (unlike raquel rip), great changes and in the right amount, amazing delivery 2. Wendy Moten - ngl, this was an epic vocal, maybe a tad much for me but epic 1. GNT - wow. absolutely gorgeous, nothing else to add
  4. Found it interesting these two were the only ones with a lower average than my score
  5. Maybe a set up going into the lives? They might let Bella and Holly fairly battle it out on PO's to see who emerges out as Ari's frontrunner. We'll see tomorrow but Holly doesn't strike me as much of a contender as she did preseason.
  6. This is what we have left for next week, they won't montage the only Team Kelly pairing left. I'd assume Bella and Peedy are off the hook. Shadale was apparently really good but with this many powerhouses singers left for one episode, I'd actually call Shadale vs Samara as the montage. The other options are Lana vs Carson or J&S vs Manny but I think those are less likely.
  7. I get that, but I'd argue more current pop contestants like Bella benefit from going through a few weeks of lives.
  8. Do you think there are any contestants that benefit from going past the knockouts?
  9. Team Blake LiBianca vs Jonathan Mouten Wendy Moten vs Lana Scott Hailey Green vs Carson Peters Peedy Chavis vs Berritt Haynes Team Ariana JIm & Sasha vs Katie Rae Raquel Trinidad vs Ryleigh Plank David Vogel vs Manny Keith Bella DeNapoli vs Katherine Ann Mohler Team John Jershika Maple vs BrittanyBree (stolen by Ariana) Joshua Vacanti vs Shadale Samara Brown vs Paris Winningham Samuel Harness vs Sabrina Dias (stolen by Kelly) Team Kelly Jeremy Rosado vs The Cunningham Sisters (stolen by John) Girl Named Tom vs Hailey Mia Holly Forbes vs Kinsey Rose (stolen by Blake) Gymani vs Xavier Cornell
  10. I'll give Libianca the edge, even though I'm unsure of some choices. I wouldn't say Hailey is undeserving of a steal but I'm not calling it a robbery.
  11. I think both arrangements could've been better. Don't get me wrong, Hailey gave a lot of power but still didn't feel sufficient to me to really sell the performance. Libianca had interesting but also some unnecessary moments. I'm sure there'll be someone with a less impressive knockout that went through and I definitely wouldn't be mad if both made lives but I wouldn't call either of the robbed if they hadn't
  12. I've been impressed by them already and want to see what they do next - Samuel, Bella, GNT, Jershika, Gymani I've recognized potential and hopeful they can blow me away finally - Raquel, Peedy, Holly, Joshua, Hailey Mia, Ryleigh
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