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  1. I know we know the majority of Kelly's team but it literally takes one person to change everything. If I remember correctly, the one of very few missing contestants that we didn't have from S19 was Carter and he completely changed everything, obviously. Before that, Gwen's team was seen as fodder and rubbish. Even Carter had many things going against him. No recent singing videos, about to hit puberty etc.
  2. I know you aren't serious about this but IDF truly never learns.
  3. All true but Ariana is the new coach. No way in hell they don't close the premiere with someone who chose her. I assume she got at least some three chair turns to choose from if no four chair turns. Luckily, they have more four chair turns this season than blinds episodes so they'll for sure have more than one in the premiere. If they include Gymani in the premiere she's more likely to open it and be the leak to set the underdog storyline with Ariana and then at last someone chooses her in the pimp spot.
  4. It isn't irrelevant. I agree that Wendy is in a completely different league than those two. However, seeing great, experienced vocalists give supbar performances due to song choice is something we see every season multiple times. You said she must've made it work since it got her four chairs and a block and I was just pointing out that some average performances earned that before and it doesn't mean anything. Of course, I'm hoping to see Wendy kill in September, the song choice just gives me a pause just like it does to you.
  5. Blocks can be random, just remember Nelson from S18. Also, he wasn't great but got 4 chairs and a block, hopefully Wendy delivers though
  6. I loved her instant save songs! Top 17 and Top 9 weren't bad, just wrong for the setting.
  7. I'd say HS were probably the best performers we got to see live in S17. Some like Katie, Rose and Ricky never felt out of place on that stage and had some presence but weren't performing. Others like Jake and Shane had very awkward moments up there. The only one that rivals them for this title would be Will. I think that's a major thing HS had going for them.
  8. 1. Katie - her best performance (tied with ARUTW), didn't like her very much but this was undeniably great! 2. Britton - loved the song choice, the rasp, the vocal choices, this not being live probably helped the performance and it wasn't a moment like Katie's but very enjoyable still Don't really care about the rest. Todd, JChosen, Sarah and Gyth were average, Tamara's was pretty flawed. Chris did too much imo. Don't care about Jason or Payton. The block took away focus from Kenzie, which might have not been a bad thing, tbh.
  9. If it's up to Blake, he is definitely bringing his four chair turns to the lives. If the teenage boy can deliver live, it's over for Wendy, she might get Blake's save or the second PV and advance to the semis but that's her ceiling. The boy actually doesn't need to deliver, just not crack all over the place to the vote.
  10. Rose, Joana and Jake. HM to Ricky Braddy but I felt little to no emotion there but vocally he was excellent.
  11. I knew some Chevel stans would disagree and I respect your opinion, she wasn't bad but this reply just makes me roll my eyes
  12. She really did. Best on Team Kelly that night, perhaps even from all teams.
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