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  1. My predictions Night 1 Jordan vs Ethan Corey vs Ryleigh. Leak Zania vs Rio Dana vs Keegan Gean vs Victor Pete vs Andrew Night 2 Rachel vs Zae. Leak Kenzie vs Avery Pia vs Ciana Cam vs Connor Raine vs Jose. Montage Ghianna vs Anna Four way knockout
  2. Christina Grimmie (I legit cried when I found out she got 3rd) Matt McAndrew Riley Elmore (I like Jazz) Noah Mac (Still can’t believe Red won by 1% with less then a minute to spare) Tyke James (I know you all are confused but I actually liked his beachy vibe) Thunderstorm Artis John Holiday (I knew he wouldn’t of won but I wish he placed higher)
  3. I had more contestants than this Instagram voted these to the lives
  4. Is it possible you could delete some of my posts?
  5. Basically I had 48 contestants Instagram voted on In the live shows this is what one of the teams look like
  6. Guys for those who say “ I don't get the point of these. 6 seemingly random contestants that includes very few females. Why?” I had a lot more people and I asked people on Instagram to vote and these are the contestants who made the live shows originally I had Cedrice Tamara Reagan Toneisha Joanna Worth the wait And a few more but they all got voted out before lives from Instagram
  7. Team Kelly Kenzie Corey Zae Team Nick Dana Jose Team John Victor Zania Team Blake Cam Jordan/Pete
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