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  1. Honestly, with John he can at least make Top 11 or so. I dont think he would have anybody else like him.
  2. So with them + Tommy Edwards, we have 34 confirmed names then + 4 people whose name we dont know (Leave the Door Open dude, AA woman on Team Legend, rocker on Team Blake and the SZA girl). That makes 38, so we have 10 people we know nothing about. (The bearded country guy can STILL be hidden here lol)
  3. Does anybody have the number of people that have been confirmed over the last few days? Its hard to keep track.
  4. Also, since there was a high five, I suppose they can hug the contestants again? Probably not on battles anymore if precautions are being taken due to COVID cases raising again in LA, but they must have already done it on the blinds.
  5. We already got a taste of the height difference with that high five.
  6. Dexter Roberts sang it on S16´s semifinals. (Kinda countryfied it a little bit). And yeah, this song has been around for a while and is quite known, and I like Samuel´s take on it. It´d be a very left field choice, since it´s not really his style, but he makes it his own. The coaches would have 0 idea of what lane he might be in if he sang it in his blind for example.
  7. The vaccination process could definitely affect the fact that they still haven´t sold out the tapings. I really haven´t heard of anyone getting tickets, but who knows.
  8. I have to mention Keith Paluso, but more in terms of volume and proyection than pitch. His voice was larger than life on the taped rounds, and come the playoffs, it sounded like a whisper. Sound editing probably favored him in early rounds, and on playoffs it was a part of his decline, alongside confidence, of course.
  9. There was a lot of footage of Shane playing on live venues, so he did have experience prior to coming to the show. But there were 3 problems with him on the show from what I saw: 1. Nerves just ended him. He didnt have confidence on that stage to project more. (He flubbed his first lyric on his playoff song), and overall in the lives he didnt seem or sounded as secure as he was in his blind. He looked lost throughout. 2. He relied too much on runs. Run after run after run. He needed to pull more tricks up his sleeve. 3. He didnt seem to understand the meaning of what he sang. I just didnt believe him since his performances didnt sound sincere.
  10. I´m not a fan, and we all know what happened later, but specifically talking about playoffs, young Reagan Strange stayed on pitch for a longer time than quite a few of the other contestants.
  11. Alright, this is from what I remember: S5: Matthew Schuler - Cosmic Love S6: Josh Kaufman - Stay with Me S7: Matt McAndrew - The Blower´s Daughter S8: Sawyer Fredericks - Man of Constant Sorrow S9: Jordan Smith - Somebody to Love S10: Laith Al Saadi - White Room S11: Ali Caldwell - Did I Ever Love You S12: Chris Blue - Rhythm Nation S13: Chloe MK - Total Eclipse of the Heart (Noah Mac´s River comes a close second) S14: Kyla Jade - One Night Only (DR and Jackie´s Sign of the Times comes a close second) S15: Michael Lee - Whipping Post S16: Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World S17: Ricky Duran - Let it Be S18: Thunderstorm Artis - Blackbird S19: Sid Kingsley - Make it Rain S20: Cam Anthony - It´s So Hard To Say Goodbye to Yesterday
  12. If my memory serves me right, Dave Fenley also seemed to imply that she wasn´t sick in a response to a comment on his feed wishing Reagan a healthy recovery. I don´t remember if other contestants other than him or Mackenzie said something about it, but it was implied that they also weren´t having it. The whole thing always smelled fishy to me, but the truth be told, we don´t have any 100% accurate info of what happened behind the scenes that night, so I´ll mantain my stance: The situation was terribly handled by producers and Adam just made it worse. We don´t know if Reagan or her parents had anything to do with it.
  13. The voice's newest post (about the Olympics) is probably the first one that had John in it and doesnt have any "fire John Legend " comments.
  14. Chavon's IG story posted on the day Team Ariana flew in still makes me think he's with her. So if Ariana really has Wyatt, David, Samuel AND Chavon, then she has my favorite team so far. Hell, maybe even add Justin into that if he is in, since she is the only coach he follows.
  15. Also cant believe I'm saying this, but Chavon would have been perfect for Nick lol.
  16. By the way props to his wife for giving us some evidence.
  17. I see that Chavon's wife needs to give him a little lesson on social media then.
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