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  1. Also, lol at @jus.vshndropping the bomb about the Victor/Deion IG live and then disappearing lol
  2. Hence why I said the "without question" part kills it, given that he is indeed questioning the coaches´decisions. Y"all are dragging him for the whole post, I don´t have a problem with the other parts except the one I just mentioned.
  3. Add the "without question" part. That´s the clunker for me.
  4. I mean, if he thinks he did enough to warrant a save (which in my opinion he did based on what I saw), that´s totally fine. Confidence in a performer is one of the most important things to have. The same with the "cemented battle in Voice history", for a lot of people it could be, for others don´t , that´s fine. The only part that I wouldn´t say works on his favor is the "without question", like it was demanding that he got a save. Yeah, that´s not it, man. But this is nowhere near Marisa, I thought it was worse lol.
  5. There´s always the chance, but Nick and Kelsea´s faces when he started singing makes me think otherwise. We´ll never know. I´ve changed my mind on that battle. I´m leaning more towards him right now over Victor. He brought it based on what I saw.
  6. The without question kills it. If he wanted to throw his point across, he could have said "I thought my performance deserved a steal/save" and that´s it.
  7. Do we got our Marisa of the season? Deion out of all people? lol
  8. The YT comment section of the official video for the song is a variation of the same comment : "Finally real country music is back etc"
  9. He has probably the second best song choice out of Team Blake for the KOs. But they haven´t been presenting him in the best light, so there´s that.
  10. I´m 100% sure that he´s the Team Kelly PV, even with that song. We´ll see about later though.
  11. Ironically the two finalists that got no extra help from TPTB ended up being the Top 2, mainly because they didn´t need any.
  12. At least Kenzie´s old enough to drink, I´ll give him that lol.
  13. Plot twist: They cut out Kenzie´s name if Blake mentioned, and leave the "you are the winner of the season" in Cam´s comment segment.
  14. Was she though? Counting out the multiple times they announced her safe last or close to last, she got excellent song choices throughout her run.
  15. Note: Blake called Kenzie the winner of the season in the KOs. If he wanted his people to back up Cam, that was either a dumb move or he didn´t care. Wonder if they´ll keep that in.
  16. He started to get more traction after his KO I believe. He pretty much became the only option though after everyone on Team Blake but him underdelivered in the playoffs (mainly because of song choices).
  17. Yeah, that´s true. I don´t really see it either. Either way let´s see what he brings. Perhaps we could be wrong.
  18. I think we might have a more clear image both after the KOs and after seeing their playoff songs. That´s how quickly I knew Jim wasn´t gonna get PV lol.
  19. I mean, Jim had a moment in the KO to many people and yet Ian, who had the weakest KO of Team Blake, got the PV in the playoffs thanks to his song choice. It was only after he got a better song that he could beat him. The playoff song choice is very important as well, albeit I´m not denying the importance of the KO round, especially for the winners you mentioned. Someone who nailed the KOs can easily get bussed with a bad song choice in the playoffs. TPTB is that weird. I expect Cam´s to be a moment, not sure what to make about Kenzie´s right now. It would be great if they were in
  20. Speaking of something sounding off on that battle, at 0:23 they seriously messed up with the instruments on the editing lol.
  21. I´m betting one of the steals for Ep 1(Either Rachel/Zae or Corey/Ryleigh) to be the leak that week. For Ep 2, no clue. It was a non steal on S18, but this season has been a bit unpredictable in terms of placing, maybe Pia/Ciana since apparently Pia had a breakout moment and cried (Like Jim last season).
  22. His runners up though: Cicky Duran, Cadam Wakefield, Cauren Duski, Cemily Ann Roberts, Ceghan Linsay...
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