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  1. Yes! Can´t believe I forgot about that one, what a fantastic battle.
  2. Wouldn´t be the first time. Does Cam follow Blake as well? I checked his follows and I don´t recall seeing Blake there.
  3. I think they were referring to the fact that Kenzie doesn´t follow anyone famous as far as I´m concerned, but he follows her, and he doesn´t strike me as someone who likes pop in their country lol, so...
  4. Jake Wells vs Natalie Brady " Closing Time" Domenic Haynes vs Trey Rose "I Need a Dollar" Cory Jackson vs Zach Bridges " Should Have Been a Cowboy" Marybeth Byrd vs Dan and Stephanie " Burning House" Laith Al Saadi vs Matt Tedder "Honky Tonk Women" Adam Wakefield vs Jared Harder " Can´t You See" Jesse Larson vs Taylor Alexander " Shameless" Sawyer Fredericks vs Noelle Bybee " Have You Ever Seen the Rain?" Reid Umstattd vs Davison " Love on The Brain" Brooke Simpson vs Sophia Bollman " You are a Big Girl Now" Adam Cunningham vs Natalie
  5. That may be a sign for it, and I wouldn´t be surprised if Kelly brought Maren. If she´s there, then she´s probably helping John.
  6. Harry Styles with John seems like an interesting combo, although it´s very doubtful.
  7. Yeah, Adam didn´t turn for her. In fact, people tend to highlight John as stingy in S17-S18, but Adam in S15 takes the cake. He prevented a good amount of four chair turns there, and ironically still ended up with the weakest team lol.
  8. She stole that night. Nobody had closed the T12 like that since Josh Kaufman´s "Stay with Me".
  9. Seems he has been singing this song for a while, which makes sense considering his apparent lack of nerves in his audition.
  10. All the steals AND the saves were KO fodder that season.
  11. If they are doing the only airing on Mondays thing like S18, its possible we only get 2 montaged battles just like it, as opposed to the 5 we got last season.
  12. All I´m 100 % sure is that Kelly´s steal will be gone after the first or second battle of the first taping.
  13. I think Blake saved his steal til the third taping on S18 (Cedrice). So if anybody´s left with a steal by then, it might be him.
  14. Agreed. Now that I remember, the Hoot barely used his guitar on the show as well.
  15. Thanks, he seems to be more comfortable without the guitar on stage either way.
  16. With him being on Team Kelly, I'd say he will very much be a threat and go far, but I'm not naming him the winner yet, since surprises could arise. If he somehow ends up with Blake, just hand him the trophy.
  17. Well, we´re officially one week now from hopefully getting the battle spoilers. Btw, anyone saw Jordan Matthew Young´s performance or know what the sources said about him?
  18. I think someone told me that they liked Emma, but she was super nervous, so it might come down to people liking her tone.
  19. Yeah, he seems to only play it on the covers he does in his room, but when he´s on stage, he´s almost always without it from the performances I´ve seen of him. Since country artists on the show (mostly male ones) usually tend to feel more comfortable with a guitar during performances, I´m curious to see how he will develop his stage presence on the show.
  20. Oh yeah, he´ll still be a threat, I´m saying that we probably shouldn´t expect too much help from TPTB for him. Hopefully he handles the nerves well there, because it´s been proven that singing aside, you need mental maturity for this show.
  21. So it´s very possible that they won´t air the triple block on Kenzie´s audition. If they actually don´t have him appear in the premiere, then TPTB´s definitely going to give him the cold shoulder.
  22. Blind Audition episodes where the runner up has appeared: S1: Dia Frampton (Premiere) S2: Juliet Simms (Premiere) S3: Terry McDermott (Premiere) S4: Michelle Chamuel (Episode 3) S5: Jacquie Lee (Episode 2) S6: Jake Worthington (Premiere) S7: Matt McAndrew (Episode 6) S8: Meghan Linsay (Premiere) S9: Emily Ann Roberts (Episode 2) S10: Adam Wakefield (Episode 2) S11: Billy Gilman (Episode 2) S12: Lauren Duski (Premiere) S13: Addison Agen (Episode 3) S14: Britton Buchanan (Premiere) S15: Chris Kroeze (Episode 4) S
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