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  1. GNT has been given a stellar treatment, to the point that its clear they are TCO of the season. Does that mean that they'll win? Not neccesarily. They have to do their part as well (Not that they havent done it so far, because they have had one of the most flawless pre lives runs ever), but they need to keep it up for lives. POs in particular is crucial, since they need to prove they won't end up as other groups in the past. That being said, given their treatment, they are gonna get great song choices, and we know every individual member can sing, so someone holding them back won't be a problem for them. It should be interesting to see how everything plays out. As of now, I don't think anyone on Team Kelly is gonna get past them. They just need to do good on the playoffs and I'll be calling them finalists.
  2. Alright, took the usual trip to FB land: They prefer Samuel by a long shot. Most comments are praising him. A few comments expressing sadness that Brittany went home or choosing her but they are outweighted by the Samuel praise. Mostly praise for the 3 girls (TCS and Hailey), but in terms of who won its slightly divided, I see Hailey being praised more, but there some comments expressing dissappointment that TCS went home. Others are mad that they lost due to song choice. (A Christian song) Praise for both Ryleigh and David for the most part. Many comments saying they are happy David got stolen. Overall I see him being praised a bit more.
  3. Wouldnt look too much into the app. Ryleigh beat David by a little yet I still consider him to be more dangerous.
  4. He's no Snoop, but Ed Sheeran has been doing a good job as a mentor.
  5. Another killer arrangement coming from him. Love that he went more stripped down than in his blind. Great steal. Good chance at a PV if he does something like this in POs.
  6. Its an extremely tall order. Not saying none of these peeps could sing it but its just too risky.
  7. Pretty much the two most respected in the country field (Alongside Dolly and Johnny Cash, of course). Jones has the most acclaimed country song of all time (He Stopped Loving Her Today), and Strait is called "The King" of country.
  8. Interestingly enough, they were the first Team Ariana live Playoffs contestants shown. Their blind aired on Sep 21, we literally haven't heard them sing a full performance for more than a month. Easily the longest gap out of anyone in the Top 20.
  9. Right after last night's twist, I was gonna make a "Carson's back" joke to confuse everyone...
  10. Like I said when I found out Carson did George Strait, he likely did "Heartland". That's fiddle galore. Its a b***h of a song to sing, considering the big name that recorded it and adding to the fact that its fast and the key demands a low tone. Kenzie struggled with it last season, and he has a lower voice than Carson. Add to the fact that Carson played the fiddle while singing, which is HARD. He probably would have fared better just with a guitar.
  11. Really? Wow. Now I'm thinking if Blake chose Taylor Swift over George Strait...there was a reason behind it lol.
  12. So Peedy was shown, and Jeremy is part of Kelly's only pairing next week on a 2 hr video, so in logic it would be Lana vs Carson. On the other hand, there is a comeback likely happening, and the most obvious Blake returnee would be Carson. If it happens, they obviously won't montage his KO. I officially have no clue. We'll see next Monday lol.
  13. If they air Carson, Minivan is likely gonna excuse him because of the fiddle. I expect him to excel in that area.
  14. It might just be me, but I don't see Vaughn changing anything for Team Ariana if he comes back.
  15. Carson has something in Oct 31, but since lives start Nov 8, it seems slightly more plausible. That being said, I'm not sure about rehearsals and everything. I'm sure the Top 20 already has rehearsed with the band at some point now.
  16. Updated: Ryleigh/David surpassed Hailey/TCS in both views and react on FB.
  17. If Carson is Blake's comeback, then no way they montage him next week.
  18. If I'm correct , Ariana mentioned the app a week ago. The other three are just mentioning a plot twist and asking to tune in.
  19. On FB, so far, Hailey/TCS is leading on views tonight but Ryleigh/David surpassed them on reacts.
  20. 1. Samuel Harness: Great control of low notes balanced by a killer rasp. Love his changes to the melody and this was all around a fantastic showing. 2. David Vogel: Creativity here, people. Love the clarity of his tone and how he made it his own. Great steal for Legend. 3. Ryleigh Plank: Started a bit shaky in the lower register but killed it once she went high. Lots of charisma too. 4. Hailey Mia : Good, mature performance of a mature song. Not really my cup of tea but she did what she needed to do. 5. BrittanyBree: The most unexpected underdelivery of the week. A smooth song choice didnt do her gritty, raspy tone any favors. 6. The Cunningham Sisters: Started off nice but got pretty messy later and never really recovered.
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