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  1. Great song tho hahaha, the whole album is fantastic
  2. Season 17. There were some really bad decisions but the talent was great. We had Katie, Khalea and Rose who are vocal beasts. The fantastic Will Breman that brought a lot of fun to the season, some great teenage power like Joana, Marybeth, and Kat. Jake was a classic sounding country singer who delivered a powerful KO and T8 performance. A creative and current sounding pop artist in Max, and my favorite, soulful, bluesy guitar slinging Ricky. We also had Steve, Mendeleyev and Brooke, who were great even in their short run.
  3. Yeah, I have a feeling we´re going to have another shortened season
  4. We´ll need to see the contestants first, because a strong contestant can be able to bring victory to coach that might not be that liked by the demo , like Maelyn with John, or Jordan with Adam. And at this point, predictions before the season start don´t age well , remember everyone thought Kelly would be the only one shut out of the finale in S17 after seeing the pre lives spoilers and she ended up winning.
  5. Kennedy´s blind was leaked like 2 weeks prior to the blinds if i´m correct, but yeah, she wasn´t that highlighted in pre lives. I have a feeling that TPTB wanted to hide her for a while to "keep the audience waiting" or something like that ,since she was really hyped. They did the same thing with Kirk, another frontrunner. But apart from T10 week and her T8 pairing, she recieved great songs throughout the lives, she got 3 pimp spots, more than anyone else that season, including an almost consecutive one (Playoffs and T11) which has never happened before. And that heavy package she got in the finale was TPTB going all in to make her finish at least 3rd, and she killed it, but it didn´t work out. They definitely pushed for her. And yes, I agree that with everything that´s happening, and adding the criticism that The Voice has recieved for its silence (even from past contestants), they are probably going to push for an AA to win this season.
  6. I agree they were going for Kyndal as her TCO at first. I mean, she was Gwen´s only block ,and had two pimp spots, one on the premiere for that matter. Her song choice on the Playoffs really seemed to fit her as well, but nerves got the best of her, and her support wasn´t as strong as we thought. Rose was the clear second choice, but I don´t know what they were thinking with her playoffs song. Then again , it actually did her a favor, since she showed versatility. And with Kyndal gone, they went for her as the Team Gwen frontrunner, hence she closed the show the following week. Unpopular opinion but still to this day I thought Myracle deserved that save. She was stunning. I had a feeling Joanna was seen as fodder by TPTB, but she surprised everyone and got through. So TPTB took it personal and the next week gave her song that would start her downfall. As for Jake, that was merciless. An Adele song, like......... I can´t. But overall, Gwen had a fantastic top 3 in s17, but Joanna was plagued with bad song choices, and Myracle was inexplicably eliminated in T11 after giving one of the best performances of the night.
  7. The thing is, in her four seasons so far, I don´t think Gwen has had anyone that screamed TCO (The only exception might be Hunter, but even if he didn´t decided to sing U2, which is suicide, I don´t think he would have gotten PV). Almost all the coaches had contestants that were endlessly pimped and just screamed "winner" (wheather it worked or not it´s a different story). As good as Rose was last season, she´s not precisely the demo´s cup of tea. Gwen needs the right artist, someone that she knows what to do with and appeals to the audience.
  8. What´s funny is that he was pretty much seen as fodder at first due to the massive strength of Alicia´s team and the amount of 4 chair turners (Everyone expected Team Alicia´s final 3 would be Johnny, Christiana and Terrence) and he ended up being the only one who got the PV in the first playoffs night and was the last man standing on the team. I think his KO was the turning point for him.
  9. Mine are (not in any particular order): Pink Floyd- The Dark Side of the Moon Pink Floyd - The Wall Artaud- Pescado Rabioso Abby Road - The Beatles The Beach Boys - Pet Sounds Oasis - Definitely Maybe Radiohead - OK Computer Charly García - Piano Bar Billy Joel - The Stranger Guns N Roses - Appetite for Destruction Honorable Mentions: Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That´s What I´m Not Heart - Little Queen Childish Gambino - Awaken My Love Amy Winehouse - Back to Black ACDC - Back in Black Queen - A Night at the Opera
  10. As far as I´m concerned, Todd T. , Jake Hoot, Andrew Sevener, Kaleb Lee , Pryor Baird ( in their instagram account called "Pryor and Lee) all have posted something, and their fanbase is mostly conservative as a whole. Dunno about the others.
  11. Quarantine is bringing the worst in a lot of people... the problem with celebrities is that they actually decide to post it
  12. I was bored lol. ¿What do you think of the coaches´music in general? ¿Are you a fan , hate it, don´t care,etc ? Adam - Big fan of "Songs about Jane", but I couldn´t care less about the poppy direction Maroon 5 has taken. Blake - I like "God´s Country" and "She´s Got a Way With Words", but overall not a fan of his music, especially his bro country stuff. Really like his cover of "She Talks To Angels" though. Christina- No denying her talent, don´t care for most of her music with the exception of some early tracks. Kelly- Same as Christina. Ceelo - Big fan of "Goodie Mob" and his Gnarles Barkley material, but not his newer stuff. Gwen- Love her No Doubt era, along with several of her experimental tracks with reggae. Not a fan of her newer stuff though. Pharrell- Great producer, not a fan of his music, with the exception being the track "California Roll" Shakira- Big fan of her "Donde están los ladrones" era, and I love her experimentation. Usher- I like his music, but not his biggest fan. Nick- I like his work with "The Administration" more than his Jonas Brothers material. Alicia- Loved "Songs in A Minor" and "Diary", I like a lot of her music actually, particularly for it´s jazz influences. Miley- Talented, but don´t like her music. John- As much as I dislike him as a coach, I love his music, especially his early material showcases what a talented vocalist he is. JHud- Inmense talent, but don´t care for her music. I´m mostly an old soul when it comes to music tbh , and the more current artists that I like clearly are not part of this group.
  13. The S16 playoffs results night is still the most pissed I´ve seen Kelly lol.
  14. Tstorm´s was my favorite, followed by Toneisha and Todd Wasn´t really into Camm and Micah´s songs.
  15. Just noticed that Toneisha pulled a Ricky Duran and Thunderstorm pulled a Katie Kadan, they switched the expected places.
  16. 1. Picked Blake 2. She didn´t really went for big notes or delivered a powerful climax in any of her performance with the exceptions of her T9 and Finale Cover, so people couldn´t call her a screamer. She is a great vocalist and has helluva range (IS performance), but her voice isn´t really as powerful as the other divas, which is what many people consdered screaming. 3. She has an emotional backstory with her son´s illness and return to music at an advanced age and many people were drawn to that. 4. A great original (that she wrote herself if I´m correct), and overall a fantastic finale night that certainly cemented her as one to beat. That´s what I think.
  17. Todd isn´t really country, but most people think he is just because he sang a couple of country songs and he´s Team Blake, so I feel they definitely won´t want a male country singer win next season, or an older male for that matter. Either way if Nick´s really leaving as speculated (because we got his movie production news but not coach renewal), they are gonna pimp the returning coach, or the new coach if they get someone now. It didn´t work out this season since Nick lost, so I imagine them going all in on S19.
  18. Yeah, like I said, Kelly needs the right contestants to have success. Last season for example, she took the Blake route, gathered contestants that were hated by IDF but were Minivan bait, the classic country male, a guy who rallied around vocal gymnastics and was liked by Minivan until his collapse, two young girls with emotional backstories, and a young pop male who was on the verge to success on the show but got screwed by song choice. Snowflake killers all around, and she did it. She beat Blake using his own strategy. But this season, she had none of that type of contestants and flopped, whereas Blake, in S17 took the opposite of his usual route and kicked out all his country singers and still managed to take Ricky to runner up status, and the only reason he lost was because the aformentioned country male on Kelly´s team.
  19. I will say though that although people sometimes overestimate her power, Kelly has been by far Blake´s most formidable opponent in terms of rallying the audience. She did more in 4 seasons that Adam could have ever done.
  20. Joanna´s performance didn´t help her at all and her support was not as strong as we initally thought, so I do think Tstorm still would have had PV. But yeah, it´s the bloodbath were Blake´s power really comes through. And if anyone needed more proof of his power, just check out S16.
  21. I have to agree, Kelly needs the right contestant to have success as oppossed to Blake who can take literally anyone to the finale. If you look at Kelly´s stats: Season 14: They set her up to win basically, because it was her first season, and apart from that, Brynn fits into the teenage girl contestant that Minivan loves. Season 15: Young country girl (A vote magnet) Season 17: Country male (And the only one on the top 13 for that matter) Whereas in S16, she put her money on an R&B singer that pretty much declined with each week, and got cut early. I think Rod could have made to the finale tho had there not been that much country singers left. And S18, her initial frontrunner declined with questionable song choices and a polarizing tone, and her final frontrunner while good, is not the type of singer that resonates with the audience. She would have most probably been shut out of the finale if it wasn´t for the team quota. What I´m saying here is that I think Kelly is a damn good coach, she has notoriously improved several of her artists and can be very strategic with good results, but a lot of people have been stating that The Voice is now her show. It´s not. It´s still Blake´s. The second that guy leaves, it´s pretty much over for The Voice, since Kelly stans are not really the core audience of the show, much less the Nick stans, who were pretty disappointing this season to say the least lol
  22. Wow! Congrats to her! They probably didn´t announce the runner up placement because the top 2 were from the same coach, which is stupid tbh, or they just ran out of time.
  23. As much as I dislike John now, I like to think of it as S16 John vs S17/18 John. I know John had Maelyn in S16 and that was an easy win, but with the exception of Beth, he did a good job with his artists overall. I was all for him staying, and then S17 and S18 happened.
  24. 1. Thunderstorm Artis- Blackbird 2. Todd Tilghman- Glory of Love 3. CammWess- Say Something 4. Joei Fulco vs TMH- The Best 5. Joanna Serenko- All my Lovin 6. Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice- Stay 7. Todd Tilghman vs Jon Mullins- Ghost in this House 8. Allegra Miles vs Michael Williams- How Will I Know 9. Toneisha Harris- Diamonds 10. Micah Iverson- I´ll Follow You Into The Dark HM: Nelson Cade III- Pride and Joy TMH- Jukebox Hero Darious Lyles vs Nelson Cade III- Come Together Megan Danielle- Piece by Piece
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