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  1. We´ll finally find out on Monday how WTW is recieved. I have a feeling that Minivan is not gonna go crazy over them, however, the mother and daughter dynamic might prove a ray of hope for them. I would love if Sid came in with PV, and I haven´t counted him out of the running still. He got a very positive reception in his blind, and supposedly his KO was great, so perhaps he might be able to make the most of the fact that a lot of country males are in the same team. My dream top two in Team Blake are Sid and Ian, this is very unlikely to happen, but I would love it.
  2. I've seen a lot of people being underwhelmed by this season and some factors could have been play on that, like the hype. IDF often has low expectations for the seasons once they see the spoilers, but I've never seen them more excited for a season before. Bandzilla and the amount of country males could also be a contributing factor. Which brings me to my unpopular opinion, I've actually been enjoying the season so far. There is a good amount of people that I'm rooting for, and remember that last season didn't really take off until Battles, so perhaps we should wait and see what hap
  3. I honestly just want to know if they mentioned anything about the schedule this season, therefore, if it´s a short one again.
  4. Her blind was good, but not the showstopper I expected from the hype. Do you think she fairly beat her Battle and KO opponents or were they better than her? Or was it close? If you don´t mind me asking.
  5. And 3 chairs minus Blake, Team Legend as well, doing a Maggie Rogers song.
  6. Ryan was very well recieved on FB, while they were not kind to Marisa there, they weren´t fans of her voice. Either the battle changes their mind, or they will continue to favor Ryan. I have a feeling he will win on the app as well.
  7. So we have four country guys this season, and all of them might be able to do some damage.
  8. I´m guessing we´re getting either Worth the Wait or Julia as the leak.
  9. So we´re having 3 KO episodes then. 3 KOs on Tuesday, 6 on Monday, and 2 + 1 Montage+ The 4 way KO next Tuesday.
  10. Also, battles are said to be on Nov 9, 10 and 16, what about Tuesday 17? The knockouts begin? It wouldn´t make sense to start on a Tuesday. I hope they manage to do another battle episode there.
  11. Like I said it wasn´t that bad. IDF´s legit treating it as the worst episode of all time, and let´s be honest ,every season it´s the same deal over and over. I enjoyed Tanner and Sam personally. Larriah and Olivia were ok. Van is interesting and I really wanted to like him, but he was really pitchy, and now I can definitely see why he tanked in the KOs, he needs to work on his pitch. Wasn´t a fan of Peyton, it just felt like she did way too much to little effect.
  12. 1. Tanner 2. Sam 3. Olivia 4. Larriah 5. Van 6. Peyton
  13. I personally thought it wasn´t that bad, but yeah, Tanner ended up being the best of the night. Also liked Sam as well.
  14. I actually enjoyed his audition, but I think you´re right. He´s probably the least dangerous country guy so far.
  15. Ryan´s got impressive numbers, but I´m wondering if Marisa really destroyed him in the battle as much as the sources said she did, will this be affecting him later?
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