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  1. Just catching up with the list. By the looks of it this will be a great season. Some things that caught my attention was Gwen not turning for someone that sung reggae, Blake missing out on two blocks, and the low numbers of 4 chair turns (All are females as well, and by the looks of it ,all well deserved) Liam St John has been a favorite of mine since I saw last season´s list, and being that Team Gwen is the weakest by the looks of it, I could see him standing out and having a Taylor John Williams- esque journey with her.
  2. He´s good! Him and Kelly could be a great pair. I´m actually thinking John could do good with him too, unless he pulls out his usual nonsense.
  3. Yes, "Royals" was so good, I thought he sealed his place in the finale with that, but he collapsed massively the next week, not only with "Falling Slowly" but with "Blank Space" as well.
  4. In terms of his blind yes, but he didn´t seem to really connect that much with the public to begin with. He even lost his battle against Trey, a middle pack player, in the app, so I kinda saw his loss in the CB coming, especially when paired against a classic R&B crooner like Matthew J singing the Jackson 5. The problem with Domenic is that, while I love the uniqueness of his tone, it was undeniably polarizing as well. Not to mention, his obscure song choices and having Adam as his coach didn´t help him at all.
  5. Just wondering, and I know it´s annoying I continue asking, but can you tell how many of this prototypes are we getting this season? - The indie girl IDF goes crazy about and beloves. - The female powerhouse IDF also loves (to an extent) - The white male country artist that IDF loathes. - The teenage girl that IDF doesn´t like as a whole but the few fans she has here are very devoted. - The teenage boy that IDF loathes. - The blues/rock guitar player, that IDF is divided about, some like him ,others not. - The male R&B artist that IDF is indifferent about mostly. - The female country artist that IDF tends to like , but is outlasted by the male country ones. -The indie guy that IDF loves, a la Hunter or Noah.
  6. Rod wasn´t exactly loved here , but he was respected to say the least, mainly because he didn´t go country like the rest of his peers. Not to mention he went up against the frontrunner on the Cross Battles and survived. I´m a fan of his as well. In that short season, I think he would have still been eliminated on T13 like he did, also given that most of his fanbase were overseas. On a longer season with Blake, he probably would have lasted till T10.
  7. Mari had the misfortune of being in a short, country driven season on the least popular coach´s team. And it sucks because she chose him before the whole robe incident (since the blinds of S16 were filmed before S15 ended), and didn´t have a chance to go to another team.
  8. Do we have our token guitar playing dude this season? I would love it personally lol
  9. Since there´s no new coach, I have no idea where the pimping´s gonna go to. They didn´t pimp Gwen that much in her return to the show on S17, but I feel they might go for Kelly or John since they literally did team quotas last season for them to not get shunned out of the finale. Blake´s probably not getting any help whatsoever, and I feel like the "no one picks Blake" skit might return this season since they love to rip him off when Gwen´s there. I´m curious to see who has the strongest team this season. After Legend´s big mistakes in the last couple of seasons, I would expect contestants to learn their lesson, yet I still feel he might get the strongest, full of 4 chairs team again.
  10. Mari from S16 would have definitely gone further on another season, and Rod Stokes from the same season would have made the finale as well on another one.
  11. Contestants that, based on the taped rounds, you thought that were pretty much locks to get a PV in the playoffs, or were eliminated earlier in the live shows than you expected them to be. Drew Cole (s14)- Was pretty much a match made in heaven for Team Adam, appeared on the premiere of both blinds and knockouts, and gave great performances in the taped rounds. But he kinda clunked in the lives and didn´t connect with the audience enough. I would have expected him to go far tbh. Jej Vinson (S16)- Probably the biggest shock to most people here was that Jej didn´t get the PV on the playoffs, even when he was widely considered to be a finalist already, and the pimping he got in the taped rounds. His playoffs song didn´t help him though. Aaron Gibson (S11)- While he did get the PV in the playoffs, the rest of the lives were pretty much a long battle for him to get out of the bottom. And given his raspy tone that the audience usually likes and his rocker vibe, you´d expect him to not have trouble with getting votes. Jon Mero (S13)- Got 95% on the blinds app, was consistent if cheesy, and he´s the kind of seasoned artist that knew what he was doing. And his T12 performance was good, especially since the song required him to stay on falsetto almost the whole time, it wasn´t his choice really. But people didn´t buy him and he was the first eliminated artists in the lives. Gracee Shriver (S17)- Young country girl with a powerful twangy voice on Team Blake. Her playoff wasn´t that good honestly, but I thought the audience would let it slide. They didn´t tho, and chose a non-country young girl instead, which was surprising, at least to me. Max Boyle (S17)- He got the PV and I thought he was headed to at least semifinals. But it only took one mediocre performance for the audience to completely abandon him. Terrence Cunningham (S14)- Was pretty much considered to be the absolute frontrunner in the blinds - battles point, and people were still behind him on numbers. But he didn´t have as much support as I thought on the playoffs. Dave Fenley (S15)- I always prefered Chris K over him, but I was surprised that the audience did too. Based on the taped rounds, I thought he was a finalist if not the winner. But he didn´t clicked with the audience as much I thought. Abby Cates (S15)- Based on the taped rounds, especially her KO, I thought she was a lock. But then "Next to Me" happened...
  12. The battle that pretty much was the reason for the implementation of the steals: Jesse vs Anthony. What a great performance by both.
  13. Some that stand out to me: Cassadee Pope- Over You (Giving his own song to her was probably Blake's smartest move, introducing a new side of her at that point that pushed her to the win) Amanda Brown - Dream On ( I mean, anyone that tries to sing this song and nails the high note is on board. That song gave her an insane amount of hype and solidified her as a frontrunner) Carter Lloyd Horne - Way Down We Go (Tailor made for his voice, what a fantastic choice, and coming after a not so memorable audition and a montaged battle, this performance did put him on the map) CammWess - Say Something (An unmemorable audition and a lopsided battle could kill a lot of contestants, but this was just what Camm needed to succeed and put himself on the map, even going to the finale. A fantastic showcase for his voice) Joshua Davis - Fields of Gold ( No song has done more justice or capture his artistry better than this one, and considering he was in the bottom 3 the previous week, and not only was saved with this song but got an Itunes bonus, its impressive) Maelyn Jarmon - Mad World (Fantastic showcase of her voice, and the fact that it came at a time where almost everyone else was struggling, pretty much sent her to the finale) Hunter Plake - I Want to Know What Love Is (To this day, my favorite version of that song, and he arranged it in a way to fit his voice in a spectacular manner, not to mention it cemented him as a frontrunner on Gwen's team) Pryor Baird - Night Moves ( Good ol' Seger proving to be Pryor's ideal voice match, and he showed more restraint here that ever, highlighting the vocal quality he had, and the performance gave him the first Itunes bonus of the season) Janice Freeman - The Story (RIP, incredible performance that highlighted her powerful voice and pressence on stage) Chris Kroeze - Long Train Runnin' (I loved this performance, one of my favorite songs done right both vocally and instrumentally, with a fantastic guitar solo to accompany it. It also helped him quite a lot i might say, he was one of the few not destroyed by Facebook that night) Katie Kadan - Without You (Theatrical, vocally stunning , fantastic fit for her voice)
  14. Great song tho hahaha, the whole album is fantastic
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