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  1. We only know Vaughn is tonight, and given the vague hints we have I'm not really confident about anyone else anymore. I'm more confident about the people being tomorrow due to them promoting "today and tomorrow"
  2. I remember we used to get the lineup from MJ at around 11 or 12 pm EST in the past. That we dont have anything as of now coupled with the fact that we didnt get it from them last season is a sign that we probably wont get it.
  3. I dont think he has given any hints. But I'm still betting we'll see him tonight due to promo appearances galore.
  4. A strong Kelly artist that made lives. Makes sense. Plus he sang a country song and didnt choose Blake. AKA coach banter.
  5. There are still a few left. A fan account even already made a vocal showcase/analysis of Ariana's performance here.
  6. Samuel Harness's recent IG story suggest that he might be on tomorrow. So, solely according to hints, we have him, Jim/Sasha (due to Sasha's IG story hint), and Gymani (Her going live tomorrow) for Ep 2.
  7. The Jealous performance was released before blinds, dont remember how many weeks before though.
  8. Plot twist: Vaughn is the closer and Ariana's highest chair turner of the night
  9. The thing I hope the most is that they dont come at us leaking all episode closers like last season. Maybe one would be fine, but not Every. Single. One.
  10. I'm thinking that as well. We really might just find out who is featured tonight as we watch the episode.
  11. So we might not have luck with that this season. That leaves us with Mjsbigblog, who didnt publish it last season, so I'm not really counting on them either. There's a chance we might actually just find out the lineup as we watch the premiere tonight, which is kinda exciting now that I think about it.
  12. No success with the premiere lineup results yet. I dont recall at what hour did someone here find the Tvline link last season.
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