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  1. So these means 3 weeks of lives, with the May 3 week probably used for a "Road to the Lives" episode, given that the finale is on May 25th.
  2. I believe Pia cried in her KO, so that might serve as a leak.
  3. I believe he was the second contestant of the season to reach the Top 10 (he eventually reached #1) on Itunes when it counted, and by looking at the IDF pages of that season before the Great Purge, it was said that he was loved across social media. That being said, seemed like people back then mostly voted based on every week´s performances, not basing it on the contestant´s body of work, since several contestants now considered Minivan friendly were booted off early that season for underdelivering on a certain week. (The Blake power didn´t really work that season, hence it´s sti
  4. Seriously, the guy was going upwards and upwards in improvement. From his blind, to Cosmic Love, to Hallelujah, it´s like he didn´t have any limits and each week was better and better. And then came "It´s Time"...
  5. I think someone who went to the taping mentioned that John said bye to her on her way out and she ignored him. There´s always the chance that she didn´t hear him though. When someone mentioned the attitude, I kinda expected a Marisa type of reaction lol. Also, Pete has been leaving supporting comments on a lot of her posts and she has liked them all, so I assume she´s cool with him.
  6. I think Dana, Cam, and one of Corey/Ryleigh are my safest bets. We´re getting the leak on Friday, and given the strange choices, I think they might leak a non steal pairing.
  7. Did he sing her a song after he did? *Not me imagining he´s going to try to rhyme Carolina again*
  8. Durrell´s better than that. He probably would have his own arrangement. TPTB however, would have forced him to do it like the original.
  9. He´s also human and TPTB is also as unfair as it gets, so we´ll see. I want him to do good since he´s definitely got the vocals.
  10. Kelsea´s final night btw. I liked her comments and feedback here much more than when she actually was the Comeback Stage coach. Also, excited to watch the little KO snippets at the end of the episode (If there are any).
  11. I think so too. He probably didn´t need to hear his performance to steal him. Sort of like Blake stealing back CWB.
  12. Also, Cam is very good, but I find it funny that he´s close to leading a poll of well liked and respected male contestants on IDF with only two performances of him being shown so far. There´s always the chance of him underdelivering in the lives, which I hope doesn´t happen, but still is possible if he´s given a tragic song choice.
  13. Denisha Dalton´s KO song would have been Idon'twannabeyouanymore, and she planned to flip it (She will post a cover soon apparently) Honestly, she got a way better song choice than what Ciana, the person who beat her, got in the KOs.
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