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  1. Yeah, it was inevitable that he would go country when he went to Blake. Kelly would pushed him in that direction as well. John would have most likely made him go full on soul. No clue about Nick.
  2. Contestants that have been featured in every premiere of each season ( Just Pre Taped rounds, that includes S6 and S13¨s playoffs) I´m starting with S2 since S1 had just two blind episodes, so there´s way too many people to count lol S2: Raelynn, Tony Lucca, Chris Mann, Jesse Campbell (Both blinds and Battles) S3: Brian Keith and Trevin Hunte (Blinds, Battles and KOs) S4: Judith Hill (Blinds, Battles and KOs) S5: Nic Hawk, Shelbie Z (Blinds, Battles and KOs) S6: Jake Worthington (Blinds, Battles, Battles Round 2, and Pre Tap
  3. Yeah, he didn´t get robbed by any means. He decided to end his run on the show. I think Hunter also didn´t really move a finger to be saved on the IS the previous season. Red got waay too much hate for the outcome, it was insane.
  4. Noah missing the finale was 100% on him. He was tied with Red at 36%. Had he retweed for himself, or asked people to vote, he would have definitely gotten through. Red jumping on Blake after the results was pretty funny though.
  5. Why do I feel that Gwen is going to be an advisor? I don´t need to mention for whose team.
  6. Back when Adam was the hotshot and everyone picked him. It´s uncanny how much that changed throughout the seasons.
  7. It was someone at Mjsblog. He has a very eclectic taste, and is very picky, but usually gives some good comments regarding the artists in the Live blogs of the episodes there. He focuses on the musiciality of the contestants and hates karaoke performances. That´s why he saw potential in Tate, because he plays by ear, and tried to make "The Scientist" his own. I think his favorite artist ever on the show is Noah Mac. He also loved Carter Rubin and Desz from last season. He was crazy about Rose Short too. Overall, his comments can vary from very interesting and well spoken feedback t
  8. I´m throwing S10 in the mix, I think that was probably the strongest final 4 we´ve had so far. I think everyone earned their place there.
  9. As for S20 again..., I don´t know, Anna Grace seems like someone Blake would like to steal, and if the coaches discuss the steals prior, and Kelly likes Gean enough, it might happen if they are paired together. The four chair turn thing doesn´t matter much, Kelly let go of SandyRedd in the battles on S15. I´m actually very curious about Team Legend now, probably the least talked about team of this season. We´ve got some real swingers here.
  10. She performed on S18 in the finale actually, but I agree that her returning is extreme unlikely. She just didn´t seem to care, her song choices were downright bizarre, and she just kept getting stomped by the other 3 in terms of getting contestants in the blinds. She´s probably my favorite coach in terms of entertainment, and she´s as witty as one can get, but when it comes to action time, she didn´t deliver in neither of her seasons, as opposed to Usher.
  11. Kelly will drop Kenzie and Ghianna, Blake will drop both Avery and Cam, John will drop both Victor and Deion, and Nick will drop Zae, and Rachel Mac will emerge as his frontrunner.
  12. Ok, back to S20 topic, the more I hear Gean the more I like him. I already see that he will be a bit polarizing on IDF due to his tone, but I dig it. Hope he stays around. I have a feeling that Kelly is going to stick with him.
  13. I think Ethan and JD (who is folk actually) are fodder, but Jordan gives me Chris Kroeze vibes. Very country blues type. I wouldn't sleep on him if he makes the lives. Pete could very well appeal to the older demographic given his classic folk rock vibe. And even though he is one of my favorites so far, I'm not counting on him getting that far due to being on the same team as Avery and Cam. We'll see though.
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