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  1. At this point I´m thinking: 1. Gihanna 2. Cam 3. Carolina 4. Rachel
  2. S15: Episodes 2, 4, and 6 for Blind Auditions. Tuesdays whipped Mondays for me that season.
  3. What Bk hasn´t told you, is that he decided to fool y"all by making the list a twist, meaning that he was going from 1st to 40th instead of from 40th to 1st, which means that the people coming up are the bottom 5. JD Casper was his favorite artist from the season and he seriously considered quitting the show once the Wheels beat him. (Meltdowns incoming).
  4. Pretty much. With the S18-S20 format, you pretty much have to win both of your rounds to get to the end. The only way you could get to the finale with that happening is by pulling off a CammWess, AKA being on an unbelievably weak team voting wise.
  5. That´s probably what they wanted. They knew they were having the Cross Battles, where Blake´s contestants would be triumpant, so they went ahead and recruited the most Minivan friendly team he could possibly have had. I remember the promos always referencing that John was taking on the country king that season. They were always aiming for a John vs Blake showdown, with the new coach winning, and they got it. Kelly was just filler that season and Adam was there to be humilliated.
  6. At some point I´d imagine most contestants find out about IDF and can´t help but be tempted about finding out what people think about them. I´m sure contestants like Maelyn and Cam could pretty much look everywhere here and find love at every corner, but others don´t have that kind of reputation here. I do agree that people should probably just go to their fan threads, since that´s where the good stuff is waiting for them. And for the record, I know this is relative to every person, but these three (Shane, Will and Kat) handled the hate in a more calm and efficient way that Deion did. And they recieved waaaay more negativity here. A few people crossed the line with them every now and then.
  7. He, Kat Hammock, and Shane Q (the 3 most controversial S17 contestants on IDF, along with Hello Sunday) called out their haters here around 4:50. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAdLkRFFrBr/ They never explicitly mentioned IDF, but its quite obvious that they are thinking about it when they are referencing the haters. Like I said, Will has thanked IDF supporters while responding to a comment on another post that I don´t remember.
  8. Will Breman thanked his biggest supporters and also called out his haters on IDF. Corey obviously has read it based on one of his past IG stories And there´s also Deion Warren. But I´m pretty sure that at leaste 90 % of the contestants each season have read it at least once. There obviously might be some people who refuse to look at it or are not that interested in what people think about them.
  9. Probably. Chloe had a bit of a rough patch between her PO and Top 12 week. It was in the Top 11 when she turned it around. She would have still probably gotten the second PV over Keisha though.(With the 2 PVs + 1 CS format).
  10. I liked Julia, mainly because she mixed the indie part with her jazz influences. I enjoyed Joanna´s audition too, precisely because of that.
  11. S16: Team Blake: PV: Gyth CS: Kim WC: Dexter Team Legend: PV: Maelyn CS: Shawn WC: Jimmy Team Kelly: PV: Rod CS: Jej WC: Presley Team Adam: PV: Mari CS: Domenic WC: Kalvin WC winner: Dexter S15: Team Blake: PV: Kirk CS: Dave WC: Chris Team Kelly: PV: Chevel CS: Kymberli WC: Sarah Team JHud PV: Kennedy CS: Mackenzie WC: Patrique Team Adam: PV: Reagan CS: DeAndre WC: Kameron WC winner: Chris
  12. Mikele was Minivan bait. Veteran family man, country singer, bearded, and on top of that, a really good singer, his audition was excellent. I think he definitely would have gone far in S15 had Kelly taken him to the lives. He would have definitely been part of the country empire on S16, that's for sure.
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