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  1. Alright, we're talking about a performance you liked or at least appreciated or didnt mind by artists y'all werent a fan of (maybe even disliked their runs on the show). I'll start by saying I was never an Anna Grace fan, her style and voice didnt do it for me, but her KO was so stunning that it was impossible not to appreciate, especially considering the story behind her song choice.
  2. I think she really started to fly once the lives arrived, because I didn´t feel her pre-lives run that much, despite her getting a good edit. I´d say she´s in the "contestants that were better in the lives than in pre-lives" club for me, with the likes of Jordan Matthew Young, Hailey Mia, Sarah Grace, among others.
  3. So Nick Jonas is now a father. I know IDF, including myself, loves to make fun of his tenure as a coach, but congrats to him and Priyanka.
  4. Both Sides Now was her big moment for me.
  5. I dont listen to JLo but at the end of the day she is a phenomenon to the point of being her own brand. And if this would mean more spanish-speaking singers this season, I'm here for it.
  6. 1. Jeremy vs Jershika 2. Bella vs Katie 3. BrittanyBree vs Samara 4. Wendy vs Manny
  7. It has been said before, but Lucas Holliday's "The Beautiful Ones". Lucas is a great, soulful vocalist, but Prince is Prince, and if you were gonna give him a song of his, why would it be the one where goes INSANE at the end? I hope Lucas didnt blow his vocal chords there. That being said, I come back to it every once in a while. The screaming was forced AF, but I do appreciate that he went for it. Had he hadnt, it would have been like covering Dream On without the high note. And the coaches's "WTF" reactions are gold lol.
  8. Lol Considering Blake is the main reason the core audience even bothers to tune in these days, I don´t think Mark Brunett and Co. would ever want him to go. If he does it´ll be his choice, and one season per year might be a good thing to keep him longer.
  9. I mean, we´ve had some very dumb blocks happen, so it wouldn´t surprise me lol.
  10. Reminder of IDF's dream contestant for the upcoming season: "Season 21 Blind Auditions: Hoot Worthington Wheels-Rigdon Marlow gets a 4-chair turn and An Unprecedented Double Block!" Audition Song: God and Country Music (George Strait) - Classic country singer - 37 years old - Deep, raspy voice - Bearded man - Heavy southern accent - Loves denim jeans - Loving husband and father of 7 - Plays guitar - Loves Jesus - Loves America - Enjoys huntin' and fishin' - Very polite and laid back personality - Cries in his intro package when mentioning his wife and kids and how he´s doing this for them - Has a cowboy hat - He joins TEAM BLAKE - My source thinks he´s going to win. -Jenzie Wheels is shook.
  11. Darby´s style and voice are an acquired taste. In my case, her quirkiness is way too much for me, I honestly find it a bit unsettling, but there´s an audience for her, for sure. A lot of people do seem to dig that style, and she does have talent to provide something good for them.
  12. Went with Laith. To this day, my favorite run a contestant has had on the show. And I love his blues albums. "Gone" is a fantastic song of his. He is a beast on guitar but his voice is no joke. As bluesy as they come, and those old school picks were phenomenal. Albert King, Bob Seger, Peter Gabriel, Joe Cocker, Cream, etc. That being said, I love Jesse as well. I know many had other favorites but he really caught my attention throughout the season. I mean, Jealous Guy, a good version of The Letter that differed from Laith´s, Sir Duke, Jungle Love, and that great duet with Adam (who I like much better as a guitarrist than a vocalist). I loved it. I´d still go with Laith, like I said, but I think Jesse got way too much hate on his season due to being a snowflake killer. Both are contestants I throughly enjoyed.
  13. These guys are favorites of mine, and I've been rewatching their performances on the show. Their journeys are pretty similar. Blues/rock lead guitarrists on Team Adam, pretty much overlooked in the taping rounds, rather unexepectedly won PVs in the playoffs, won the semis IS, and ended 4th in the finale. Hell, they even both performed "The Letter" on the show lol. I suppose they are not exactly loved here, but I was curious to see how IDF stood in this match. Which of their journeys did you enjoy more, or who do you prefer as an artist? (If you dont like either or dont have a preference, just dont answer).
  14. Honestly, this was a weak season for TB in battles in my opinion. Wendy vs Manny takes first place due to her letting loose and absolutely destroying the ending in a great way, but it was too convoulted as a whole and a disconnection was present between them. (Notice how they were the only pair that never sang together or harmonized throughout their battle). Peedy vs TJR comes next. I was on the Peedy train back then, and while I did think it was a bit of a downgrade from his blind, I loved his energy and stage presenceBut as a whole, the battle was pretty tame and grounded, Peedy did miss some notes and TJR's harmonies never cut through like they should have. Hailey vs Lana comes next due to Hailey pretty much. She dominated it imo. That being said, the song is pretty bland, and thus it was pretty uninteresting to me. Fleetwood Mac would have been better for this girls, I think they could have blended better with Stevie Nicks. Carson vs Clint comes last. Look, I love this Vince Gill song, and Carson is right up my alley, not to mention he was the clear victor here, but it frustated me that his rasp was on the verge of coming out, and it barely did. And the other parts of his voice were pretty plain imo, to the point where the vocal itself didnt go anywhere.
  15. Bella vs Katie wins this one for me. Katie's low register is awesome, and I appreciate the risks Bella took on the song. Plus as a whole it really felt like a match. David vs Chavon comes next, and I think David stole the show here with his clarity and precision. Chavon had a great high note, but his diction and overall lack of projection played against him. I will say though, I dont think this song really was meant for their voices. It needs a rougher type of tone. Ryleigh vs KCK3 was pretty much carried by Ryleigh for me, who I thought gave easily her best performance on the show. That being said, it dragged a bit, and didnt have the bubblegum poppiness of the original. Raquel vs Hailey was pretty meh. I thought Raquel won, but I expected more from her given that this is her wheelhouse. Hailey was a fish out of water here, and while her steal was deserved based on her later imputs, I dont think her work on this performance necessarily was. (That's on Ariana though, what the hell was this song for her?) Katherine vs Vaughn was not for me. The song was a mismatch for their voices. I probably would have pickes Vaughn for his tone, but I didnt really care, honestly.
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