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  1. what I think: PV: Víctor CS: Zania WC: Ryleigh what i want: PV: Ryleigh CS: Pia WC: Zania
  2. I think: PV: Kenzie CS: Corey WC: Gihanna I want (imposible i know): PV: Zae CS: Savanna WC: Gihanna I really want Savanna to move on somehow
  3. Does anyone remember if there were steals left when Jake and Natalie performed ? and were there steals/save left for Jake, Katrina and Claire KOs?
  4. + performing dead last... She would have gotten a steal even with that shaky performance
  5. probably DR King (I liked Jackie Foster and Tish better) and Bailey Rae In both cases the battles/KOs were close anyway
  6. WOWWWWW I wasn't expecting this outcome! so happy for them
  7. I really hope Raine redeems herself tonight!!!
  8. Feder

    S15 Poll

    Great season! A lot of talent like S13 It had the potential for 10/10 but some flops during KOs (Katrina, Jake) and some terrible live eliminations downgraded it a little bit Both MaKenzie and Kennedy deserved to be in the finale... but with Blake on the panel thats just impossible...
  9. Her Knockout pairings during S19... Marisa should have won... but was so obvious that she had decided the winner before the performances... at least she should have put that pairing first and Marisa would have gotten a steal 100% The same with Micah vs Tayler but at least Micah was a frontrunner... but Tanner ? Really?
  10. all of my favourites already mentioned (Fall For You, Stars, etc) This 3 performances from TV UK were super emotional (specially the one from Vikesh, I LOVE him)
  11. 1. Pia - just amazing really good: 2. Dana 3. Corey 4. Ryleigh 5. Andrew 6. Pete decent 7. Gean 8. Victor 9. Ciana 10. Jordan not for me: 11. Keegan 12. Ethan
  12. I love Andrew since the blinds but as a 1 chair turn I wasnt specting him to make it to the lives SO HAPPY for him!
  13. Andrew seems like a nice person and I love that song!
  14. Standout performance for Pia So happy for her!
  15. yay! John team is the easiest one! good luck in the lives Ryleight
  16. S17 was the perfect season for the comeback stage... Mendeleyev would have cruising through it easily and reached at least the semifinals
  17. I dont care about BA but the 3 people i would have selected from the Battles round would have been: Bradley Sinclair Lindsay Joan Aaron Konzelman with the 2 semifinalist being Bradley and Lindsay and probably Lindsay making the final vs KO comeback but I am not sure, I think Bradley’s Battle elimination was more shocking
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