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  1. Yeah, maybe it's true. Sadly she might've let go of her one and only 4-chair. Maybe a Nick 2.0 but still I like some members of her Team as of now.
  2. So it's a possibility that Ariana has no 4-Chair Turn on her first season? Hmm
  3. I can't believe John let go of Jonathan but I hope he can steal him back.
  4. I read something from the spoiler thread that came from the youtube that he turned 4-Chair, iinm. I think it is possible with his tone and that he picked the right song. 4-chair then picked Ariana?? Or maybe John. I'm excited for him though
  5. With Ariana making a 2 Female coach again I'm pretty sure they will be pushing a Female win this season and hopefully it will happen.
  6. Holly Forbes - TBA (possibly Rocket Man) - Four chairs. John blocked by Ariana. Picked KELLY.TBA (AA woman) - pov (Ari) four chairs, picked KELLY. how was this said by the source? what if Holly is the POV woman and the AA woman sang another song and not a 4 chair turn???
  7. Evan (Overjoyed is a plus point to me ), Jordan, Viktor, Ellie, Amy, Madi, Lyndsey, and Manny.
  8. @David68 Add Me! I almost forgot to look for her because her fan thread isn't "Miss Misty Fan Thread" Thanks!
  9. I'm sure Wendy is really a finale material kinda like Tessanne (in terms of being a veteran singer) I hope Blake opt to keep her and make her win this thing (like Cam).
  10. @David68 add me! I just love her tone! Thank you!
  11. @Bk1234 add me to this young cutie guy's thread. Thanks
  12. What I meant is that I never thought she was part of lgbt because she have a 'boyfriend' but I read something that she's non-binary that why I was a little bit confused.
  13. Nvm, let's focus on those who are confirmed. If you wanna know about others try to google them, check fb, twitter and instagram etc. I think questioning about it here is a little bit inappropriate like what they say.
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