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  1. Add me please ! My favorite male contestant this season so far !
  2. Holy crap that’s some real Adam Levine punishment. Except that he won’t be able to blame the shitty format
  3. The rest of her team BETTER be snowflake material cause pairing these two and letting go of one of them doesn't make sense to me
  4. Well, she'll make the top 13 at least The rest is up to Minivan so RIP
  5. Nah too much negativity, only good vibes please #denial Sounds wonderful to me
  6. Well we assumed Team Ari but since she's giving us NOTHING she could've possibly flown to LA way before and we just didn't know about it.
  7. I have two major snowflakes right now : one of them is undefeatable and the other one is not even confirmed yet. If she is, I see a huge bus coming for her but well, it is what it is At this point I'm waiting for KO spoilers before choosing any more snowflakes. By the way, my lame psychic powers tell me that KJ is out in the battles IF she's on Blake's team.
  8. This lady is playing with my nerves, I hope some battle sources identify her whether she likes it or not
  9. The only "obvious" pairings were Kenzie vs JD and Corey vs Savanna. The remaining six could've gone so many ways IMO, so yeah the main issue was the song
  10. Never paid attention to him before but Chavon Rodgers is actually really good I also just realized that this song is not that bad after all, when done correctly
  11. Tbh I never really liked Kyla’s studios during her time on the show, they always paled in comparison to her live performances.
  12. Wendy's battle opponent, she'll mysteriously withdraw before the taping. No one's actually seen her, she might've been fictional the whole time.
  13. TAPING 4 : KCK3 vs. Alexandra Stojack The Cunningham Sisters vs. Holly Forbes Was tempted to include TJR vs Wendy but the whole cast combined could not defeat her
  14. Oh right, but iirc James was still her first pick for the save. Maybe his only chance would've been to defeat Jake cause Gwen was picking the girls anyway. Gwen apparently wished she had a steal left for her, but I don't know how she would've done had she been on her KO team
  15. Yep, I think Kelly would've picked her, same for Zoe. Team Gwen was strong overall but had any of them (excluding Rose and Myracle) tanked during KO, James or Kiara could've taken that spot since she seems to make honest decisionst.
  16. Speaking of S17, I think the stolen ones would've had a better shot had they stayed on their original teams and the saved ones would've had a better shot on another team, if that makes sense. Not that it was that big of a shot but still Anyway, I hope they go back to 2 steals per coach
  17. Nvm, they're gonna be PISSED af when she sticks around til the finale
  18. Probably Brittany too, she already has a spot in John's top 3 post playoffs, pretty much for being a 4-chair turn.
  19. So back in the day the advisors were Reba, Sia and Monica, but now all they give us is Kane Brown and Leon Bridges ?
  20. Are the three of them solid vocalists ? Or they will rely on one lead singer ? Anyway I don't expect them to do worse than WTW live
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