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  1. So far, Kenzie has been mentored by Luis Fonsi and Snoop Dogg, just think about it
  2. Definitely, he should’ve advanced instead of Joseph, but I feel like Gwen wanted to give that spot to Van before he tanked. She could’ve at least pair Ryan and Van and see what happens on D-day
  3. Honestly I’m living for her being pimped as hell + going far + triple steal, they’re gonna DIE. She won’t win but at least she will piss them off while living her best life, we stan !
  4. Well I can agree with that, the interpretation in the beginning felt a little dramatic but overall the vocals were total slayage !
  5. There’s a lot of versions of that song
  6. Since there’s only two remaining 4-chair turn, who else are we expecting to close the episodes ? Zania maybe ? Ainae for the last one, Anna for the third, for some reason I don’t see Avery closing
  7. No disrespect they're all good, but on THAT particular song, no one hold a candle to Tamar Davis.
  8. Random thought : Do you guys know if Carter and Jim had a great fun at Universal Studios Orlando ?
  9. I wouldn't call that phenomenal but I respect what he did. Just given how many chair turns the other ones got, and how picky some coachs have been, I guess he should have been a 3-chair turn maybe ?
  10. Write down all of Cami's social media, you might get extra points
  11. Yeah I think it was one of her best so I don't know if I'll be able to enjoy his performance without any bias. Plus I remember Casmè's audition last season not receiving a very strong reception (even though it was really good) due to Katie Kadan comparisons.
  12. And that's coming from someone who's sometimes annoyed by her decisions but what she brings to the show is waaaaaay enough to compensate.
  13. Definitely The Blower's Daughter, it could move the needle for him ! Avoid Mad World for obvious reasons lol, I'm a bit skeptical about the other 3
  14. ONLY based on auditions, I might've liked Zae's more than Victor's but it could change in the later rounds. Cam remains above the two of them though.
  15. I'm in shock right now, didn't expect him to be that good ! Add me please ! I know it's not realistic at all but I hope he gives Kenzie a run for his money
  16. Seriously, Kelly is the queen of gifs, no one could hold a candle to her
  17. Yeah I never expected her to go crazy like Marisa, but it really sucks she wasn’t able to show what she’s capable of she seems to be very cool
  18. After reading the spoilers, I always thought Savanna for sure, and now I was really hesitating before answering the poll. I still voted for Savanna though. @QueenMae16said something very interesting in the spoilers thread and I started thinking that TPTB gonna do Carolina really dirty and drown her voice with those backup vocals, just like they did to Taryn. I mean the way they forced her to do an arrangement she didn't want to do shows how little they care about her. I don't think Devan has a shot, the song is not Minivan bait at all (even tho it will do better than wi
  19. Honestly, they might’ve given up on him and know he has no shot at winning no matter how hard they try.
  20. God bless Kelly for giving us so many reaction gifs, what a generous queen !
  21. AliXRose

    What If?

    It’s a tough call I think, if it was a regular season with KO instead of CB, who would’ve been in his playoffs team ? He would’ve dropped Karly, Oliv and Carter for sure, and either one of Andrew or Selki. Which leaves Gyth, Dexter, Kim Cherry and let’s say Andrew + he would’ve stolen Kendra back. Then I guess the PV go to Gyth and Dexter, he might’ve saved Kim for diversity. Or even Kendra who knows, I think he saved Oliv only because she won her cross battle, while the other two lost (even if Kendra was due to the Adam stigma).
  22. Blinds Battles Cross Battles Live Playoffs Format : 8 overall PV + 1 CS per coach Ali Caldwell – Times Have Changed (Irma Thomas) Kimberly Nichole – What’s Up ? (4 Non Blondes) Maelyn Jarmon – Fallingwater (Maggie Rogers) Myracle Holloway – Get Here (Oleta Adams) Kyla Jade – How Great Thou Art (Carl Boberg) Rose Short – What Have You Done for me Lately (Janet Jackson) Cami Clune – Never Tear Us Apart (INXS) Kelsie Watts – The Voice Within (Christina Aguilera)
  23. Blinds Battles Cross Battles Plot twist : Blake shows up with pink dyed hair and receives immediate backlash all over social media, he lost Minivan support and no longer the king of the show. All these delusional coachs keep thinking they can beat my team and throwing at me some supposed frontrunners. Kelly basically told I should be afraid of Jej Vinson, there was also that girl whose name is Celia I believe, nevermind. Ali Caldwell – No Ordinary Love (Sade) Kimberly Nichole – If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
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