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  1. If Alisan was able to defeat Adam, I think Adele has a fair shot at winning. Team Blake would help of course but I don't think she would've picked him lmaoo
  2. Hailey, even though I loved Lana's approach Katherine hands down
  3. It actually happens all the time with the accessories lmao : Earrings : Dana Monique (BA)/Brittany Bree (Battle)/Someone else, ChloΓ© Hogan (KO)/Ryleigh Modig (KO), Marina Chello (KO)/Pia Renee (KO) Shoes : Myracle Holloway (KO)/Tayler Green (KO), SandyRedd (PO)/Kelsie Watts (KO) And a lot more I can't remember right now
  4. Y'all did my girl Katherine dirty ... but that's an iconic top 3 for sure, you can't always win LiBianca deserved a better placement, actually I'd switch 4-6 and 7-10 in a heartbeat but I guess that's unpopular lol
  5. 1. Manny but David and Hailey are solid options. Carolina was good too. 2. Sabrina for the diversity, but Xavier was interesting
  6. Wendy Gymani LiBianca Brittany Shadale Holly Jershika Lana Bella Hailey Ryleigh Raquel
  7. It's so weird, the song is old but somehow it feels so fresh and new lmao I don't remember if anyone did it before on the show
  8. If the order is accurate I assume Katherine/Vaughn and LiBianca/Tommy, but we saw all of them in the rehearsal room so I'm a bit confused.
  9. Lmao this is so random, like why ? By the way, none.
  10. Jeremy Rosado Puts His Soul Into Shawn Mendes' Hit "There's Nothing Holding Me Back" - The Voice Top 20 Live Playoffs 2021
  11. Blake has Wendy and LiBianca but overall, it has to be Kelly's team !
  12. PV : Hailey & Gymani CS : GNT WC : Jeremy
  13. Things we stan : The Rose Short connection Her incredible voice Her gorgeous smile Her personality Add me please !!
  14. This one is tricky ! PV 1 : Holly PV 2 : Right now I want to say Bella but I don't know, they gave her Chandelier I don't see it moving the needle for her. Jim&Sasha have the father/son thing going on for them but Minivan is Minivan, you know exactly what I mean ... CS : This one is the hardest to predict, if Bella gets the PV then she saves Jim&Sasha, if it's them then it's either Bella or Ryleigh based on the playoffs performance WC : Anyone but Raquel, sorry I don't think she has a shot ... yet
  15. PV : Wendy & Peedy CS : LiBianca WC : Lana
  16. PV : Samuel & Shadale CS : Jershika WC : David Who am I fooling ? We all know David or Joshua will get the second PV for pretty much having a penis but let me live in my delusional world.
  17. LiBianca - I LOVED every single bit, her voice is so good and warm and distinct. Brittany - That was awesome, one of my favorite renditions of that song. Jershika - Rose Short. And her voice obviously lmao Manny - I actually liked the flip but he needs better songs. KJ - One of the coolest voices but that song held her back. Wyatt - Refreshing but not my thing, I respect his artistry though. Ryleigh - The first verse was gorgeous, but it derailed when Kelly turned IMO and tbh I expected higher notes, the chorus was nowhere as impactful as what Carolina did Sophia - It's a shame cause the beginning was actually really pretty but it went south when she started the vocal tricks, she should rely on the tone
  18. Shadale - Worst song choice ever, Best rendition ever. Queen. Tommy - Pleasant surprise. Parker - Nice tone but I'm not a fan of the song. Aaron - He's good but nothing groundbreaking. KCK3 - The intro was nice but the chorus was ... something.
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