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  1. I picked Gihanna out of sheer hope. Sheer hope that she will give such a good performance that all the other contestants faint from shock and can't perform their instant save performance. She'd probably still lose in that situation tho :c
  2. No joke, but my sister actually thought this performance was the best of that night.
  3. Unfortunately, Cam still has a better average over the 4 rounds . Well, if you calculate average by placement. If you calculate average by views Ryleigh: 5,049,000 views ( 1,262,250 per round) Cam: 4,280,000 views (1,070,000 per round) So technically Cam is first, but Ryleigh is first
  4. I'd just like to say congratulations to Devan Blake Jones for being the only person to get in last place more than once. Also, Pete went from first place in the blind, to last place in the battles if you don't consider the montages. Finally, all of the 0 chair turns would be last on this list, except for Yellsmiles who had 466,000 views, meaning she'd take 39th
  5. Title says it all. Only contestants who got a chair turn will be included on the Blind Auditions. Blind Auditions 1. Pete Mroz: 2,938,000 2. Kenzie Wheeler: 2,385,000 3. Avery Roberson: 2,107,000 4. Cam Anthony: 1,932,000 5. Zae Romeo: 1,789,000 6. Gean Garcia: 1,774,000 7. Victor Solomon: 1,656,000 8. Deion Warren: 1,271,000 9. Ryleigh Modig: 1,149,000 10. Carolina Rial: 1,146,000 11. Ethan Lively: 1,129,000 12. Raine Stern: 987,000 13. Corey Ward: 937,000 14. Rio Doyle: 898,000 15. Anna Grace: 8
  6. Are we going to find out the song choices on monday morning, just like how we found out the Top 17 song choices?
  7. Ok, do we think Gihanna is singing Disney or Beyonce?
  8. Would anyone mind telling me what app Gihanna was using when she posted the answer to her question?
  9. We all keep saying that Pia and Gihanna have no chance of advancing, and for the most part I agree, but. What if they do REALLY, and I mean REALLY well? Are they still doomed?
  10. Oh yeah good news I got perfect on that gym quiz even though I was browsing IDF during almost all lessons. This class is not difficult.
  11. In the comment section on Andrew's PO performance, Raine Stern commented "Crazy that this was a song I did to audition for the show (on my YouTube channel) and now my battle buddy Andrew is doing it for Lives! It's a tough song, so good job dude!" So yeah, it seems like you audition by sending a video in, and then you go to a room with producers, where you audition again, before ACTUALLY doing the blind audition. (Also, if you pay attention to Raine's wording, you could tell she didn't think the performance was good, and, I mean, she's not wrong. She managed
  12. “Four years ago today, I auditioned for The Voice.... I waited in a long line.... for hours....stood in a group of 15 people.... sang for 20 seconds.... was CUT OFF!!!! and they said NO!” That's DeSz's words. This was an audition not on the show, but to the producers. I think the same thing happened to Cristina Rae on AGT (where she auditioned for The Voice and didn't make it)
  13. It's Gym/Health so the quiz is on the negative effects of drug and alcohol use. It's basically been a week of him saying "Drug Bad. Alcohol Bad. Do not do it." But yeah he posts the slideshows he uses to teach us about this stuff on Google Classroom, and since the test is open book, all we have to do is look at those slideshows and we have the answers. So, no one really studied, I'm guessing.
  14. Ok to change the subject I have a gym quiz tomorrow that I haven't studied for at all because I have been on this forum too much. However, it's a OPEN BOOK GYM QUIZ, so I really doubt I'm going to do badly. Also, our teacher is really harsh and fair at the same time. He gave me 21 comments on a 400 word letter and only took off 1%, probably because half of the class doesn't know their "to" from their "too"
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