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  1. Cammwess>Zan>>>>>>Micah Boringson Anyways: Females>>>Males
  2. s14 1. Christianna - Creative and a great artist 2. Tish Haynes Key - Powerhouse queen 3. Drew Cole - Nice tone 4. Austin Giorgio - Boring karaoke s15 1. SandyRedd - That blind audition is an all time fave 2. Sarah Grace - Interesting style and very unique 3. Radha - Good blind but disappointing follow-ups 4. Chris Kroeze - A few good performances but lmao he is not second best of that season s16 1. Domenic Haynes - I loooove his tone. He deserved the finale imo 2. Abby Kasch - who? 3. Jacob Maxwell - I sleep 4. Selkii - I’m toOOOOoooOooOOoooOon. Yikes s17 1. Marina Chello - She SLAYED that knockout and deserved to win 2. Zoe Upkins - Nice tone, great battle 3. Jessie Lawrence - great tone and battle (Cuz of Rose obv) but bad song selection 4. Melinda Rodriguez - *snooze* s18 1. Nelson Cade III - Loved his blind and battle, but bad song choice for the knockout 2. Todd Michael Hall - Great blind and battle but bad knockout. Great range tho 3. Samantha Howell - Good voice but nothing we haven’t seen before 4. Michael Williams: Boring white guy #4235
  3. https://youtu.be/sjvLCXo-U2Q this performance was a mess
  4. Jon Mullins > Todd Tilghman I can’t stand Gyth Rigdon Cedrice deserved top 9
  5. I actually think he deserved a chair. Despite the stumble at the beginning, he was good the rest of the performance
  6. I think if Luna Searles auditioned in season 15, Jennifer would’ve turned and she would’ve gotten far
  7. I’m really hoping an AA diva can win this time. They’re always my favorite of the season
  8. I like Beth but Luna is so much better! I hope she can audition again one day
  9. I was so shocked when she didn’t get a chair! Robbed queen!
  10. B-B

    Worst performances?

    That’s what I was going for
  11. We talk a lot about best performances, so what do you guys think are the worst? Some of mine: Shane Q - Caribbean Queen Selkii - Torn Carter Lloyd-Horne - Take Me To Church Gyth Rigdon - God Bless The U.S.A Jamal vs Levi - Counting Stars
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