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  1. Cami with a close second to Julia
  2. I wasn’t really a fan of him but he had some really good performances. Rose was by far my favorite though and she should’ve won IMO
  3. Dana singing Aretha: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQB-kRdBtFV/
  4. Not sure I love this thread, it’s giving me weird vibes
  5. Dana missing the top five I agree with the rest of your rankings in this set though My predictions for the top 5: 1. Gihanna 2. Carolina 3. Rachel 4. Cam 5. Anna
  6. Courtney Harrell: Her pre-lives were great Shi’ann was good too
  7. Pia (Toscano) (Keisha) Renee Dana (Desz’s friend) Ryleigh Corey (Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”) Lindsay (Rewrite the STARS)
  8. Chris but it’s not hard to win anything when you’re against Gyth
  9. 1. Savanna (close one) 2. Dana (close one) 3. Jordan
  10. I’m surprised to see Pia still in. I didn’t think you liked her that much
  11. Me with your opinion about Kelsie Watts
  12. Desz is in the top 5 best contestants ever
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