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  1. -3 stolen artist -all 4 finalist were on Team John at one point
  2. Sid shocked me... So happy Julia made it! now vote for KELSIE guys!!
  3. Jake HaldenVang - “Powerful”
  4. I liked the 2nd Comeback Stage with artist from Battles and KO, last winner in The Voice Spain came from there to win. I liked Coach Comeback too. Both of them would have worked perfectly for S17 (Mendeleyev, Brennan, Injoy, Marina)
  5. I am struggling to find '10 suggestions I just send 1 for MaKenzie and Michael
  6. My ideal bottom 3: Sarah Abby Kameron but most likely all my faves will end up there (Michael, Katrina and RADHA)
  7. So happy for Michael, RADHA and MaKenzie! all my faves moved on except Patrique, I hope he wins the IS
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