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  1. I started watching from S13 so: 4-Chairs: LB Crew - β€œWaves” Joanna Serenko - β€œAll My Loving” Katie Kadan - β€œBaby I Love You” HM: Thunderstorm Artis, Mandi Castillo 3-Chairs: Jake HaldenVang - β€œWish I Knew You” Julia Cooper - β€œAlaska” RADHA - β€œMama Knows Best” HM: Raine Stern, Dominic Haynes, Hannah Mrozak 2-Chairs: (the hardest one by far) Kelsie Watts - β€œI Dare You” Janice Freeman: β€œRadioactive” Julian King: β€œAll Time Low”
  2. This! She was amazing and I love how Danny and Tom reacted! I love all the drama between the coaches and their decision in that season (in all taped rounds) I think that was probably the best season in the history of The Voice
  3. the saddest for me are when the artist didnt even made it to the lives and didnt have the posibility to face PV 1- Kelsie Watts 2- Marisa Corvo 3- Emily Luther 4- Jake Wells 5- Ciara Dumas 6- Natalie Brady 7- Jorge Eduardo 8- Moriah 9- Marina Chello other lives eliminatons: MaKenzie Thomas, Amanda Brown, Noah Mac, Janice Freeman
  4. 1. Ryleight 2. Halley Greg 3. Corey 4. JD Casper 5/6. Giahnna/Gean 7. Kenzie
  5. Nick’s team is my favourite so far. I really like 6/7 1. Reine Stern (my #1 this season I hope she at least made it to the lives) 2. Zae Romeo 3. Devan 4. Andrew 5. Dana 6. Bradley 7. Jose
  6. Some not mentioned: *Michelle Brooks-Thompson - Spotlight (S3) *Felicia Temple - My Heart Will Go On (S12) - I think she destroyed her opponent here. Probably unpop *Beth Griffith Manley - ROBBED QUEEN with steals/saves: *Hannah Mrozak - Love On The Brain (S13) - She won that easily but I think Adam wanted both of them to advance *Tish Haynes Keys - Lady Marmalade (S14) *Natasia GreyCloud- Tennesee Whiskey (S15)
  7. BA Kelsie Watss Amanda Brown Emily Luther Mia Boostrom Noah Mac Kyla Jade Janice Freeman Chloe Kohanski Jake Wells Jake HaldenVang Vanessa Ferguson LB Crew Battle: Chloe vs Mia - Chloe won Noah vs Jake Wells - Noah Won Amanda vs Jake Haldevang - Amanda Won Emily vs Kelsie - Emily Won Kyla vs LB - Kyla Won Janice vs Vanessa - Janice Won I steal Felicia Temple and Mandi Castillo KO: Chloe vs Noah - Chloe Won and Noah got the save Amanda vs Emily - Amanda
  8. Feder

    What If?

    And what if S13 PO had PV? Adam: PV1: Addison PV2: Emily Luther CS: Adam C Miley: PV1: Brooke PV2: Moriah CS: Janice JHud: The same, PV1: Noah PV2: Devon CS: Shiann Blake: the same PV1: Chloe PV2: Keisha/Red CS: Keisha/Red
  9. Feder

    What If?

    What if there were a wildcard IS involved in the playoffs for season 14-15 S14 Kelly: Tish Adam: Mia Blake: Wilkes Alicia: Kelsea Winnerβ€”> probably Wilkes but Kelsea was amazing too S15: Kelly: Zaxai Adam: Kameron Blake: Michael JHud: Patrique Winner: Idk really
  10. I love 80/90’s rock Always, You Give Love A Bad Name, Living On A Prayer (I know Sa’Rayah did it but I didnt like that performance) - Bon Jovi Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, Dont Cry, Sweet Child O’ Mine - Guns N’ Roses Still Loving You - Scorpions Carrie - Europe Is This Love - Whitesnake I was expecting Jake HandenVang to sing some of this instead of ADELE
  11. Agree with team Legend, Kelly and Blake I think Adam would have kept LB, Domenic and Mari 100% so Domenic vs Andrew LB vs Kalvin Mari vs Kendra Celia vs Rod ps: Adam’s team was so strong that year steals: Rod, Beth, Oliv, Mathew saves: Kalvin, Kim, Jacob/Lisa, Karen/Betsy
  12. Voted! pls save Joanna, Micah and Camm!
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