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  1. Voted and I sent you a pm with a song suggestion
  2. “Destructive” has been removed from Spotify Anyone know why?
  3. Im happy with the PV results I hope Mandi T kills it with a opera song next
  4. Blake picking Chloe last during the POs I was nervous AF
  5. A lot of terrible decisions during the taped rounds for me: 1- Kelsie getting montaged at BTs and performing dead last in the KOs (And that horrible arragement of the song) 2- Marisa losing to one of the most boring contestant ever with no steals available 3- Sid losing to WTW at POs 4- Gwen wasting massively her steals (And then saving Ben in POs ) 5- Julia needing a save in the BT and then losing to the worst performance in that 4WKO
  6. S14 -> Spensha S15 -> Chris/Kirk - still so mad about Queen MaKenzie JHud deserved 2 artists in the finale not one and via IS S16 -> all three boring country artists
  7. JHud is the best coach ever in terms of decision I really want her back! My ideal panel would be: Blake JHud Miley Kelly and put Alicia in every other season
  8. Ohhh I hope they somehow change the format and give us more live performances and at least 20 contestants into the POs I want S12/S15 format back so bad
  9. Wow I heard both “I Dare You” cover and “Destructive” and I LOVE both already in my Liked songs in Spotify I hope she gets a lot of success
  10. All were great super unpop here but for me: Mandi >> Ryan
  11. Female: Kelsie Watts (S19), Rebecca Brunner(S13), Brynn (S14) Male: Noah Mac (S13), Michael Williams (S18), Ryan Gallagher (S19)
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