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  1. Jake Wells vs Natalie Brady - "Closing Time"
  2. -3 stolen artist -all 4 finalist were on Team John at one point
  3. Sid shocked me... So happy Julia made it! now vote for KELSIE guys!!
  4. Jake HaldenVang - “Powerful”
  5. I liked the 2nd Comeback Stage with artist from Battles and KO, last winner in The Voice Spain came from there to win. I liked Coach Comeback too. Both of them would have worked perfectly for S17 (Mendeleyev, Brennan, Injoy, Marina)
  6. I am struggling to find '10 suggestions I just send 1 for MaKenzie and Michael
  7. My ideal bottom 3: Sarah Abby Kameron but most likely all my faves will end up there (Michael, Katrina and RADHA)
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