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  1. just listened to the performances and Samuel left me more speechless than i've been this season. my favorite contestant this season (queen Bella is a close second). his whole performance made me feel so emotional and he deserved the win for sure. best birthday gift TPTB could've given me
  2. off the top of my head Sharane vs. Jamai - "Mercy" Brynn vs. Dylan - "...Ready For It" Chevel Shepard - "Space Cowboy" Lain Roy - "Someone You Loved" Anna Grace - "Let Her Go" Cam Anthony - "Take Me to Church"
  3. just found to time to listen to the performances. first off, i loved the energy that Hailey put into her performances. it felt so refreshing and different from other performances. on the other hand, LiBianca had one of the best performances so far (imo). at first, the song choice baffled me, but she did such an amazing job. that tone floored me and her head voice is stunning. that performance evoked so much emotion in me. her abilities to make such a subtle song into a emotional, powerful performance have me preferring her!
  4. Bella Samuel Carson Lana Katherine Hailey (both of them) David The Cunningham Sisters Girl Named Tom LiBianca Shadale Raquel Katie Rae
  5. i thought they said he did good, but was a little thrown off by the fiddle. either way, i’ll make my decision if they choose to air the performance
  6. hear me out, "Behind These Hazel Eyes" or "Broken and Beautiful".
  7. i hope not. i would think that they would want to show Carson playing the fiddle and Lana since she's Blake's save
  8. i'm super excited to hear Lana and Carson's performances. Lana is singing one of my favorite songs and Carson is bringing out the fiddle (and he's one of my favorite contestants), so i have a feeling (or i'm hoping) that it's going to be good!
  9. me too. i have a feeling she changed up the arrangement into something more in her lane!
  10. i apologize for not posting on here a lot, life has been super hectic. i found time to update the OP and i just wanted to congratulation Katherine on her amazing performances so far. she has been kicking a** and i couldn't be more proud of her than i am atm. i love her spirit and voice so much! i'm so excited for her KO's performance
  11. Raquel Castro had a small feature in "Liv and Maddie"
  12. it would, but i can't think of anything else that would require voting at the end of the knockouts
  13. could that special surprise be a comeback? the coaches choose an eliminated contestant and have America vote (similar to the 4WKO)
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