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Knockouts night 2


Knockouts part 2  

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  1. 1. What was the best Knockout performance

    • Mandi Castillo - Stand By Me
    • Thunderstorm Artis - Preach
    • Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name
    • Jon Mullins - Thinking Out Loud
    • Micah Iverson - Graveyard
    • Tayler Green - Time After Time
    • Allegra Miles - Chanderlier
    • Jacob Miller - Better Now
    • Mandi Thomas - My Church
    • Anaya Cheyenne - Praying
    • Toneisha Harris - Diamonds
    • Cedrice - Love on the Brain
  2. 2. Who was robbed?

    • No One
    • Jon Mullins
    • Tayler Green
    • Anaya Cheyenne
    • Jacob Miller
  3. 3. Who should win the four way knockout

    • Todd Michael Hall - Somebody to Love
    • Nelson Cade III - Best Part
    • Michael Williams - You Are The Reason
    • Samantha Howell - Always on My Mind

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19 minutes ago, thevoiceisthetop said:

Let me know what you thought

Solid night of performances!



1. Cedrice

2. Tayler

3. Micah

4. Toneisha

5. Allegra

6. Mandi

7. Arei

8. Thunderstorm

9. Jon

10. Jacob

Mandi over Anaya not a surprise.

Sad face for Anaya no air time



Four way knockout

1. Sam

2. Michael

3. Nelson

4. TMH


Tayler Robbed Queen Sad Face


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Toneisha Harris (9.5/10) - Clearly the standout performance of the night. Good to see her getting the praise she deserves!

Cedrice (9/10) - Her best performance for sure! It was clear and didn't go over the top. So glad that she got stolen!

Arei Moon (8.5/10) - Her best performance by far! I don't have any complaints about it. I'd love to see Nick take her through in lives...

Tayler Green (8.5/10) - Oof. This decision hurts a bit. Tayler definitely deserved the win and it's a shame there were no steals left for her. It's definitely the loss of the season. While not really an "exciting" performance, it was great overall.

Mandi Thomas (8/10) - Yes, I'm judging this off of a 20 second performance, but those 20 seconds delivered. I imagine this would've been higher with a full performance.

Mandi Castillo (8/10) - Solid throughout. I'm glad she made it through but she needs something that'll make her stand out in the next round to have a chance.

Thunderstorm Artis (8/10) - Weakest from him so far - which just goes to show how good he is lol. (listen to the guitar at 2:31 in his KO video to see where they edited out his mistake...) It would've been a shame to see him go home, so I'm glad Nick had a steal available.

Allegra Miles (7.5/10) - A disappointing step down for her. It just didn't work out well. She's obviously capable of much more, so I don't have any worries for her, but this was pretty messy.

Micah Iverson (7.5/10) - This was confusing. I can appreciate a risk, but it didn't go anywhere. You could tell that even he was shocked that he won. Hope he proves himself in lives!

Jacob Miller (7/10) - An interesting choice from someone who ~was born in the wrong generation~ but it wasn't an actually interesting performance, sadly.

Jon Mullins (6/10) - Not great. Started stronger than it ended, but overall not memorable. Nice guy, though! Wish him the best.

Anaya Cheyenne (5/10) - This is a sympathy ranking.



Samantha (8) > Michael (7) > Nelson (6) > TMH (3)

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1. Michael Williams - You Are The Reason
2. Thunderstorm Artis - Preach
3. Mandi Thomas - My Church
4. Allegra Miles - Chanderlier
5. Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name
The surprising black horse here tonight is Michael Williams, he just outsang those front-runners.
Thuderstorm was pretty good, I don't get the judges at all. Mandi T is so different from her audition, I like her powerful rock  vibe much better.
Toneisha, Mandi C both sang well but  boring to death.
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I think this batch of KO's was weaker than the last one.


1. Toneisha Harris - This was great and she deservedly won that, but I'm still not 100% sold on her for some reason. She doesn't have the same impact of the past few singers like her.

2. Thunderstorm Artis - They apparently edited his mistake out but this was good. Totally un-karaoke like. It's his weakest though.

3. Allegra Miles - This grew on me. She's truly unique and her phrasing is weird and I like that.

4. Micah Iverson - The breathy parts were a little uneven but this was a good showcase of his range and power.

5. Tayler Green - They slowed the song too much and this is basically tied with Micah's. She was robbed.

6. Cedrice - Am I the only one underwhelmed by this? She has stage presence for days but while she showed range, the high notes didn't sound comfortable at all. I hope she does better in a smaller setting, aka her home.

7. Arei Moon - Shouty but she was hitting the right notes, at least.

8. Mandi Castillo - I watched it again, and this comes off as above average karaoke. Solid pitch, but nothing special.

9. Jon Mullins - When he started I thought he was winning, but then the key change happened and his pitch went off the rails.

10. Jacob Milker - Sleepyyyyy


1. Samantha Howell - She's the rightful winner. Her tone is amazing.

2. Michael Williams - Okayyy I'll admit this was decent. I'm very biased against him and his song choice but he deserves number 2

3. Nelson Cade III - Too boring, even if his pitch was sound. Well, until the end at least.

4. Todd Michael Hall - Yikes.



Mandi slayed those 10 seconds. RIP Anaya

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Great night TBH! 

1. Toneisha 

2. Mandi Castillo - love her since Day 1 and I am so happy she got through here that was a surprise result for sure

3. Tayler Green - one of the saddest decisions 😭 she absolutely deserved to move forward... I miss the Coach Comeback artist thing now 

4. Mandi T - i am so angry she got montaged 😤 her voice is AMAZING 

5. Thunderstorm 

6. Cedrice 

7. Micah 

8. Allegra 

9. Jacob 


didnt watch Jon vs Arei 

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1. Arei Moon - "You Don't Know My Name"
2. Mandi Castillo - "Stand By Me"
3. Thunderstorm Artis - "Preach"
4. Tayler Green - "Time After Time"
5. Mandi Thomas - "My Church"
6. Toneisha Harris - "Diamonds"
7. Cedrice - "Love on the Brain"
8. Anaya Cheyenne - "Praying"
9. Allegra Miles - "Chandelier"
10. Jon Mullins - "Thinking Out Loud"
11. Micah Iverson - "Graveyard"
12. Jacob Miller - "Better Now"

1. Samantha Howell - "Always on My Mind"
2. Nelson Cade III - "Best Part"
3. Michael Williams - "You Are The Reason"
4. Todd Michael Hall - "Somebody to Love"

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Allegra Miles: A [I loved this performance a lot. I didn't have an issue with her enunciation, especially since it was way better than Sia's is. Furthermore, I didn't hear a breathing problem like many others, but I think that I'm just less perspicacious of a music-listener. I liked how she edited the song a lot to make it hers. I can easily pick her performance out from hundreds of "Chandelier" covers.]

Mandi Thomas: A  [This performance was absolutely incredible and she deserved that win I'm sure but rip Anaya I'm sure she gave a good performance too. The 20 seconds I heard were extremely impressive.]

Toneisha Harris: A- [I wasn't sure whether to give this an A- or a B+, but relistening to it affirmed her position at an A-. She has an impressive range and nice head voice. I don't think she has as powerful a voice as I'd prefer, but it's impressive nevertheless.]

Tayler Green: A- [I was kinda bothered by how slow the beginning was, but it didn't detract from the performance; it was simply a preferential issue. I felt it when Blake said, "Oh I'm standing up" lmao. She deserved this win, and delivered a technically flawless performance while providing enough emotion by slowing down the song.]

Thunderstorm Artis: B+ [I don't really like him, and even throughout relistening to his performance, I didn't think it was that great, but it was good enough. His performance was just easy to listen to.]   

Arei Moon: B+ [She deserved her win, and sang really well, but when it comes down to it, she's not as good as the rest of the A's (even though I gave them rather liberally).]

Cedrice: B+ [This was good, but the big notes felt a little bit strained, especially compared to the many other singers in this episode that were able to easily hit large notes (see Toneisha, Mandi T., Jon).]

Samantha Howell: B [She was almost exactly equal with Michael in my opinion, but I guess I wanna pick her over him because I like her more, and also cause she will do better later on imo.]

Nelson Cade: B [This was okay, but forgettable simply because it didn't have any big notes. I don't think that's particularly fair, but it's the way it is.]

Michael Williams: B [Very good performance and deserving of the win, but I don't see him making Top 9 in any world.]

Mandi Castillo: B- [I noticed that there were too many runs, but it didn't pop out to me on the first performance as if the runs were misplaced, like it felt like Joanna's AFM. Her voice is really nice and easy to listen to, but appears to be unable to belt/sing one more notch up (EXACTLY the same as I feel about Samantha, except Samantha has a more interesting tone).]

Jon Mullins: B- [This didn't feel bad, but it lacked subtlety. Jon Mullins belted this whole song. The key change was nice though.]

Micah Iverson: B- [I really want to give this an even lower score, but I've already bumped it down a little for Tayler getting robbed :(. It was a solid performance I guess but nothing amazing.]

Jacob Miller: C- [It was kinda rude that they put this performance in a group with Allegra's cause whenever I tried to listen to hers I had to stop the video before it reached his. I hated this; it didn't fit his voice, and on top of that I don't really like his singing style.]

TMH: D- [Wow this was really bad. When he hits the high note on "love" it sounds very unnatural.]


Not gonna lie, I think Nelson Cade's performance might've been my favorite (I've changed my mind hundreds of times, but most of the time its between Samantha and Michael. I just think that it lacked the oomph that would get the win. So, for that reason, I feel like voting for anyone but Samantha or Michael is like not voting at all.




This batch was particularly good. I spent one whole hour thinking over who I wanted pick between Samantha and Michael, and changed my mind several times.


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1. Arei Moon "You Don't Know My Name" (A): Yes Arei! That was amazing, it was the perfect song for her. She served attitude, vocals, and has the intangible star power about her

2. Toneshia Harris "Diamonds" (A): Toneshia's best by far. Her voice is huge, but I always felt like she was holding back in her past performances and tonight she really opened up

3. Thunderstorm Artis (B+): Weakest performance of his, still outsold most people tonight. His tone is so unique, so anything he sings new and fresh. I would prefer him back in the indie/singer-songwriter lane from his blind, but he's still done great

4. Cedrice Webber (B+): This song is hard for me to judge because of Chris Blue's perfect edition, but she did awesome. She's so captivating to watch, however I do think her voice isn't as big as someone like Toneshia or Arei's, so I think she needs to pick smaller songs where she can show her prowess there

5. Mandi Thomas (B+): I know it was only 20 seconds, but hot damn where those 20 seconds good

6. Micah Iverson (B): Spicy take I know, but I liked Micah more than Tayler. The beginning was too wordy, however the second half, he connected really well and his power notes were really good

7. Tayler Green (B): Hit every note on the nose like pro boxer, but there was nothing exciting at all. We've all heard that exact performance at our local karaoke bars and the arrangement wasn't big enough to be a power ballad or stripped enough to be an emotional confession, so it was just fine. 

8. Jon Mullins (B): Personally I don't like this song, but he did really well. I liked the power ballad second half more because it felt refreshing on an overdone song

9. Mandi Casitillo (B-): Fine and that's it.

10. Allegra Miles (C+): I'm gonna blame this on the arrangement, I hated it. It was so weird! Her phrasing was all over the place with no clear tempo. It felt like she had never heard the song before and was just guessing the melody. Just to be a little positive, her tone is great, this just didn't work for me

11. Jacob Miller (C-): YAWN, boring. Plus weird song for Mr. I was born in the wrong generation. 


4 Way Knockout- Can I pass on all of them?

Samatha Howell (B-): Great start, bad second half, so it balances out to a B-

Michael Williams (B-): Really good, there's just a Glee or musical theater about the way he performs that makes him, to me, seem a bit corny

Nelson Cade (C+): Started great, but the end of the song kinda went nowhere

Todd Michael Hall (D): This makes me so sad, because he was one of my favorites from the blind

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1. Toneisha Harris: High class vocal showcase, stunning.(A)

2. Thunderstorm Artis: Creative arrangment, amazing tone.(A)

3. Allegra Miles: Great arrangement as well, fantastic control, just needs to work on her diction.(A-)

4. Cedrice: I enjoyed her version, and she´s just captivating.(A-)

5. Micah Iverson: Wasn´t really into the start, but he soared at the end. (B+)

6. Mandi T. (20 seconds I enjoyed) (B+)

7.  Arei (She served vocals and attitude as well, but she needs to have more of a breakout in order to advance further) (B+)

8. Tayler Green ( I like her voice but I´ve heard better renditions of this song on the show. Still, pretty solid) (B)

9. Mandi C. ( She was fine, but nothing excited me about her rendition) (B-)

10. Jacob Miller ( He was flat vocally, but the arrangement was great, I´m ranking him higher solely for that (C)

11. Jon Mullins (Started out pretty good, but got WAY off rails on the key change) (C-)



1. Michael Williams:  That´s what I call improvement, first his battle and now this? Dude has put in the work (A-)

2. Samantha Howell: Good tone but it wasn´t that into the performance, it feel a little long and boring (B-)

3. Nelson Cade: I liked the jazzy arrangement, but his voice was way out of place in some sections (C)

4. TMH: Love you to death man, but that was ROUGH. There´s no way in hell he picked that song himself. TPTB wanted him gone (D-)


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1. Arei Moon: First time hearing this song and she made me love it! Her performance, stage presence, vocals, everything was simply stunning.

2. Toneisha Harris: Super overdone song, but that was probably the best version I've ever heard.

3. Mandi Thomas: It was 20 seconds, but damn those 20 seconds were glorious. Upset that they didn't want us to see the whole thing.

4. Micah Iverson: Took me a while to get used to the song, but I didn't think this was bad? His conviction really sells the song for me. 

5. Tayler Green: I'd have liked it more if she'd sung a less overdone song, but still there should have been a steal.

6. Mandi Castillo: Might be unpopular but I just love her voice. Not a perfect performance by any means, but solid enough. I like how she ended the song.

7. Thunderstorm Artis: I loved his audition, liked his battle, but I'm not excited for this performance. He does have a killer tone, but I found myself losing interest as the song went on.

8. Cedrice: Her voice sounded like it's on the verge of cracking throughout the second half, but she's a good performer.

9. Jon Mullins: He went off the rails a bit after the key change. Also less is more; he belted through the song from start to finish.

10. Allegra Miles: Her diction didn't bother me as much as her arrangement; it sounded too loungey. Though I appreciate that she's also belting and not relying totally on her head voice.

11. Jacob Miller: Hate the original, didn't mind this as much, though it could use more dynamics. Is it just me or was his performance shortened?


4-Way KO

1. Michael Williams: I thought he was one of those singers who did well in the battles only to crash and burn in KO but he gave the best performance of the bunch. Pleasant surprise.

2. Samantha Howell: Default second place, but something about her tone grates me.

3. Nelson Cade III: The song doesn't go anywhere and he sounded strained in some places. Not a fan of the melodic changes either.

4. Todd Michael Hall: What the hell was this song choice??? Didn't fit him at all, especially with the poppy arrangement. The performance just felt minuscule and a bit cringey.

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1. Toneisha Harris: My favorite KO without a doubt, I'll be reviewing it a lot, it was great, her high notes, the emotion, everything.

2. Allegra Miles: Even though it doesn't have the best pronunciation, the final note left me with the same face as Kelly, wow. I just love her tone.

3. Mandi Thomas: 20 SECONDS, but worth his third place, it was great, I wish I could have seen the whole Mandi presentation. 😔

4. Micah Iverson: In my opinion, he did deserve to win, he went out of his comfort zone, he didn't get the best song, and yet he killed it, his range is incredible. Very consistent throughout the season.

5. Tayler Green: Here is why she lost: It took her a long time to give a presentation that surprised Kelly and the other coaches, while Micah already in the battles could do it, and also has a more striking tone that Tayler imo, also Micah would do better in the votes without doubt, Kelly played it well.

6. Thunderstorm Artis: T-storm's worst, but it was very good

7. Mandi Castillo: I don't think it was as bad as some people think, actually it was very good, it has a nice tone, but not more interesting than Thunderstorm.

8. Cedrice: Good presentation, her best so far, could put her higher, but the previous ones were really super strong.

9: Arei Moon: Same as Cedrice. It hurts me to put her in 9th place, but the ones who came after really outdid her 

10. Jon Mullins: A little pitchy in some parts, but good overall.

11. Jacob Miller: pitchy and boring.



4-Way KO

1. Samantha Howell: I love her tone. Best of her so far.

2. Michael Williams: Super underrated guy. Great singer.

3. Nelson Cade III: Meh, a little pitchy

4. Todd Michael Hall: Nop. Yikes

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Didn't pay close enough attention to rank them but...


Allegra was the best of the night imo.  I dug the unique arrangement and her creative choices in the performance.

I also liked Tstorm, Cedrice, and Toneisha.

No one was robbed.

4 way KO - Objectively Michael gave the best performance.  Of course I still voted for Samantha.

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BEST OF THE NIGHT: Allegra :wub: and Toneisha :thumbs:


ROBBED: Probably Tayler, we'll never know. 



1. Michael: Really good in his element. :thumbs:

2/3. Nelson: Good enough for Jazz. 😂

2/3. Samantha: Decent but too twangy for my liking. Also, Jake Hoot outsold LMAO 😂

4. Todd: Poor guy. It was funny though :haha:


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This is the best way I can respond so I can't use the poll...

I was shocked & did not agree with Tayler NOT being picked.

I feel the 4-way should go to Sam

As for "The Best"... 3 stood out, for me: Arei, Allegra & Mandi.

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This isn't the first time they've done it, but I really hate the "You won't find out who advances until next week," which means the artists will lose a week of promoting themselves. And in this particular case, how long ago were the knockouts filmed? Because you have four people who have been prepping for however many weeks now as if they're the winner.


If they're going to have a vote on something that's taped weeks in advance, why not have the studio audience vote?



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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Allegra Miles - Chandelier

2. Toneisha Harris - Diamonds
3. Cedrice - Love on the Brain

4. Tayler Green - Time After Time

5. Mandi Castillo - Stand By Me

6. Anaya Cheyenne - Praying

7. Mandi Thomas - My Church

8. Micah Iverson - Graveyard

9. Thunderstorm Artis - Preach

10. Jacob Miller - Better Now

11. Arei Moon - You Don't Know My Name

12. Jon Mullins - Thinking Out Loud


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