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  1. they're separated in different threads, but you can find it all the spoilers so far here: http://www.theidolpad.com/
  2. only 4/20 of the t20 was shown tonight, who's gonna get dimitrius'd?
  3. My Ranking: Cyniah Elise - You Are The Reason (Calum Scott) Julia Gargano - Gorwing Pains (Original) Jonny West - "You" (Original) Jovin Webb - Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers Band) Hannah Prestridge - Day To Day (Original) Sarah Isen - If I Were A Boy (Beyonce) Margie Mays - I Found A Boy (Adele) Kay Genyse - Mercy (Duffy) Kyle Tanguay - Mercy (Shawn Mendes) Premiere episode thread:
  4. no offense, but catie????????????????????????????????????????????? ikms
  5. nicki queen of rap, i might stan jonny now...
  6. idk why but that transition/editing between margie/jonny/commercial was lowkey so good lol
  7. i really like some parts of her voice (i don't know who it reminds me of, but it's someone), but it's still pretty vanilla needed a little bit more edge
  8. why do i got a feeling there's gonna be a "now that katy's dead, who should replace her as a judge on american idol?" thread lolol
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