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  1. Nervous for Sam, Kelly might try to be strategic. Remember Blake put Gracie in WC last year. Kelly's only hope for 4-way KO win is Sam. Other five artists remaining on TK don't stand a chance. TMH on Team Blake probably winning 4-way KO unless Sam is involved. Crazy to think if Sam is stolen by Nick. Voice preview hyping Most INCREDIBLE Steal ever, oh yea TPTB do so every season. Then you see which artist is stolen, and say WHAT? That was no surprise!
  2. Preview of final pairings available... Kelly matchups look like a hot mess. Guessing only her Save battle will air.
  3. Add me! Cedrice battle vs. Thunderstorm was solid.
  4. Micah (A+) Gigi (C+) Best Battle IMO CammWess (A-) Mandi C.(C-) (Short Battle Spanish Edit?) # 2 Battle Nelson Cade III (B) Darious (B-) # 3 Battle Very similar voices/style Cam S. (B+) Kailey Abel (C-) Tragic Song Choice # 4 Battle Toneisha (A) JCM (C) Blake again bad song (Gwen?) # 5 Battle Tate (C+) Anders (D-) Worst Battle
  5. Add me. Micah was quite impressive tonight.
  6. Tate advances, Joanna doesn't. Rookie coach making Bad decisions. Would of advanced Anders for laughs.
  7. Yes run far far far away! Both should be eliminated yikes!
  8. Horrible choices of songs 4 straight battles. Feels like a Tuesday night battle episode.
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