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  1. I swear Jershika Is one of my all time favorites artists from the show
  2. I still can't believe Jershika made it to the finals, I'm so proud of her! If you told me in the blinds that she would make it this far I wouldn't believe it, and that's what I love about the show, to see the unexpected trajectory of some of the contestants.
  3. I would literally cry If Jershika doesen't make it to the finale with that performance (I know there is little chance tho) I think I'ts my favourite from the season
  4. Tbh the first 3 can change placements, all slayed. Amazing, slayed the performance 1. Jershika 2. Joshua 3. GNT 4. Wendy Great! Loved it 5. Hailey 6. Paris Meh, still solid 7. Lana 8. J&S Duets: 1. GNT & Hailey 2. Jershika & Joshua 3. Wendy & Paris 4. Lana & J&S
  5. Tbh I just can't do a ranking anymore, every performance feels like the best of the night
  6. It's good! Not the biggest fan tho, I prefered others performances from him. But strong as always
  7. Tbh the first 3 can change placements, all slayed. 1. Jershika 2. GNT 3. Wendy 4. Hailey 5. GNT & Hailey 6. Jershika & Joshua 7. Wendy & Paris 8. Lana & J&S 9. Lana 10. J&S
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