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  1. Ahhh I hope this is right! Lots of amazing people on here!!!
  2. Ooh Halsey I’m here for! Kelly, Halsey, Nick and Usher plz.
  3. 1. Adam Lambert 2. David Archuleta 3. Clark Beckham 4. Jena Irene 5. Clay Aiken 6. Katharine McPhee 7 Alejandro Aranda 8. Blake Lewis 9. Lauren Alaina 10. Kree Harrison 11. Jessica Sanchez 12. Bo Bice 13. Diana DeGarmo 14. Caleb Lee Hutchinson 15. Arthur Gunn 16. Crystal Bowersox 17. Justin Guarini 18. La’Porsha Renae I love 1-3, like 4-9, somewhat like 10-12, 13-17 are okay and don’t like 18.
  4. I’d like to see Kelly and Nick stay and bring back Usher and add Carrie Underwood or another female country artist.
  5. I’m finally all caught up on the voice and wow, he should have won. I am addicted to “Butterflies.” Honestly I haven’t been this excited about a Voice contestant since Matt McAndrew! Really hope we hear more from him in the future!
  6. 1. Phillip Phillips 2. Kelly Clarkson 3. Kris Allen 4. Nick Fradiani 5. Carrie Underwood 6. Maddie Poppe 7. David Cook 8. Jordin Sparks 9. Scotty McCreery 10. Just Sam 11. Lee DeWyze 12. Caleb Johnson 13. Laine Hardy 14. Trent Harmon 15. Taylor Hicks 16. Candice Glover 17. Fantasia Barrino 18. Ruben Studdard I honestly only dislike 17-18. I love 1-3, really like 4-6, like 7-11, somewhat like/don’t mind 12-16
  7. I’m disappointed with those results. Two of my faves cut and two people I didn’t even want in the top 20 made it Ah well, GO JOHNNY!!!
  8. 1. Sarah Lacina 2. Sophie Clarke 3. Natalie Andersen 4. Parvati Shallow 5. Ethan Zohn 6. Kim Spraldin-Wolfe 7. Tony Vlaccos 8. Denise Stapley 9. Michele Fitzgerald 10. Jeremy Collins 11. Nick Wilson 12. Ben Driebergen 13. Rob Mariano 14. Tyson Apostol 15. Adam Klein 16 Yul Kwon 17. Amber Mariano 18. Danni Boatwright 19. Sandra Diaz-Twine 20. Wendell Holland
  9. I hate the fire making challenge
  10. It’s going to come down to Tony vs Natalie now.
  11. I have been one of his biggest critics but I actually really respect Ben for that.
  12. Woah, that was a shocker, Ben!
  13. Ugh tony. Will there be another idol hidden too or just one?
  14. Ughh he can’t. Sarah needs to find it and Michele needs immunity
  15. Sarah is gonna go but I wish it was Tony or Ben
  16. Omg Jeff has self awareness
  17. Aw Sarah, you’re being clueless if only Sarah, Michele, Natalie and Denise teamed up.
  18. Niki

    Rank the Top 9

    Haven’t seen too 9 performances yet so this is based on up through their top 17 performance. 1. Micah Iverson 2. Allegra Miles 3. Megan Danielle 4. Zan Fiskum 5. Todd Tilghman 6. Toneisha Harris 7. Cammwess 8. Thunderstorm Artis 9. Joanna Serenko Honestly, everyone is good. 1-3 are my personal snowflakes, and the rest I either like or at least have enjoyed some performances from.
  19. Who sang the song best. Someone posted a list of the songs sung this week that other voice contestants have sang before. I will quote them in my next post below.
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