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  1. Watching episode four now and omg frenchie is such a mess. The French kiss alliance? Lmfao. Travis doing a lap dance for Ky was awesome. First moment I haven’t found him annoying.
  2. I’m soo far behind on this season, I just finished episode three but I love Sarah Beth, Kyland, Claire and the cookout alliance. I liked frenchie a bit at first but he tries too hard. I cannot stand Christian and not huge on Travis either. I’m glad Alyssa isn’t actually with Christian (well as of episode 3 atleast lmfao). I like the diversity of the cast this year and it’s refreshing to have some new faces. I just teared up at the segment where Sarah Beth talks about her girlfriend and being bi. Does anyone have links to the full convo? I knew I wasn’t straight and had a girlfriend in college (I thought I was a lesbian at one point too) but then after being with my ex guy for so long people assumed it was a phase I had gone through. All the while I had crushes on guys and girls over the years but couldn’t and wouldn’t do anything about it cuz I was taken and I don’t cheat. But having been separated from my ex for a year now (and out of love for almost two years), I found myself fall hard for a friend I met at work and she’s my girlfriend now and that entire segment felt like it was me talking. I need to start doing the weekly rankings! I need to catch up so maybe will binge watch tomorrow before work.
  3. Ahh she likely would have been one of my faves then.
  4. Both? I like the pop/alt guys and indie/alt girls usually. Top faves of each season: 1. Dia Frampton 2. Juliet Simms 3. Cassadee Pope 4. Michelle Chamuel 5. Will Champlin 6. Christina Grimmie 7: Matt McAndrew 8. Travis Ewing?? I had to check the list cuz I don’t remember 9. Korin Bukowski 10. Owen Danoff 11. Brendon Fletcher 12. Hunter Plake 13. Noah Mac/Addison Agen 14. Brynn Cartelli 15. Reagan Strange 16. Maelyn Jarmon 17. Didn’t see 18. Allegra Miles 19-20 didn’t see
  5. Michelle Chamuel would be my top fave. I missed the last year of the voice. I’m assuming Riley is from the last two seasons and that’s why I’ve never heard of her.
  6. I learned not to try and label anyone after going back and forth on my own sexuality for years. I went from thinking I was straight, to bi, to lesbian, to bi, to straight with a couple questions exceptions of women I’d do, to bi… I recently had someone tell me I’m prob pansexual but I don’t even know what that means.
  7. Gross, no. I’d rather listen to a chainsaw.
  8. Nick cuz he had some good performances but honestly didn’t like any of them much.
  9. Yasss! Can’t wait!
  10. Totally lurking in this thread and this post made my day. What an adorable couple.
  11. Yeah I just saw your comment and realized it wasn’t just me. You’re from MA too so bet it was a local thing.
  12. My stupid tv screen just went green. Only one abc, if I change the channel it’s fine, wtf?
  13. My top faves ALWAYS come in 2nd/3rd/4th and a couple times 7/9th. I have had many second faves win though.
  14. Still wish we had had a Chayce, Casey and Hunter finale.
  15. Yay for Chayce! Wanted it to be Chayce and Grace though. Worried Willie will win
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