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  1. Unless she were on Team Adam, in which case Adam would give most of his points to his other contestant in the semifinals, thus preventing the contestant with the popular vote from advancing.
  2. Terry McDermott knockout over Rudy Parris.
  3. Cody Belew, Melanie Martinez, Nicholas David and Terry McDermott performing "Rhythm of Love" might be the best group performance. It was so simple with them just sitting there and the light from the stage floor providing most of the illumination, sort of like a campfire. And if I remember correctly, the camera moved around but never cut.
  4. Didn't someone figure out that Vicci finished ahead of Beverly or am I imagining things? Tony Lucca is a good singer, but Adam weighing his semifinals points toward him and then we find out that Katrina Parker actually got the popular vote and would've advanced really annoyed me and soured me on Adam.
  5. File another one under the "every contestant has someone who thinks they can win the whole thing" category:
  6. Is everything caught up in this thread yet?
  7. Time to start rumors about Blake and Kelly. Then no one will notice The Voice cutting the live rounds by another week and awarding the finalists with a $50 gift card to Olive Garden.
  8. Assuming that this fellow Voice contestant isn't her neighbor, it was likely said on social media. And if "smiled to themselves" is a direct quote, then it can be searched for. Unless said person has already deleted it.
  9. Clearly that one live performance from season 18 is the best.
  10. They probably would've made Rebekah Samarin sing live this past season just hoping her internet cuts out.
  11. Number of The Voice songs you can buy from the season 18 finalists... 2 each. Number of The Voice songs you can buy from Erin Martin... 3. Number of The Voice songs you can buy from Nic Hawk... 4. Number of The Voice songs you can buy from Ryan Sill... 8.
  12. But would Blake have dominated season 16 if the audience hadn't turned on Adam due to Robegate? Because Adam was getting eliminated early no matter what, someone was going to fill those vacant spots.
  13. There's a contestant on this show I rooted for but might stop following all together, not for anything he or she did, but because his or her most vocal followers on IDF are just so full of hyperbole and BS to the point where it's delusional and obnoxious. And it's not enough for them to say he or she is one of the greatest singers in human history who will soon discover the cure for cancer and end world hunger, but they have to insult other contestants in the process just to prop up his or her pedestal even more.
  14. I would say it's less about one coach dominating than The Voice wanting as many coaches as possible still active, since they're who the show emphasizes. The first time they eliminated the coach quota, Christina just sat there doing nothing the final few weeks. And that's how Adam went out his final season. Without the coach quota, there's a real chance both Kelly and John wouldn't have been in the finale.
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