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  1. Cassadee Pope's KO performance should've gotten her eliminated.
  2. I thought Jake Worthington nailed both battle performance, but nothing else.
  3. An odd situation was when people thought Holly Henry was Blake's season 5 chosen one. Meanwhile, the spoiler hunters knew she had flopped and been eliminated. Not really a flop because neither was a contender, but it was just awkward when everyone was upset at the rumor that Blake picked Kelsie May over Brooke Adee in the KOs (even though he picked Brooke).... while Kelsie May was on this board reading every comment.
  4. Comment from a repost of Ryan Sill's "Ordinary World" performance: "Just heard this, I'm a fan of his work now"
  5. Dia Frampton was on the last episode of The Rookie. One scene, but big enough for her to get guest star billing at the front of the episode.
  6. Hey vinyl, just letting you know that cammwess is now on cameo $10 and Jim ranger $30

  7. Imagine a season with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson as coaches. And you have to take a shot every time they mention American Idol without saying American Idol.
  8. Yeah, it was Cami's two songs I wanted. The only thing of her on iTunes is the Minefields group performance.
  9. WTF? Ryan Gallagher is now the most expensive, raising his to $70. Maybe Kirk Cameron bought Ryan's cameo for all his anti-maskers.
  10. With last season's recordings only on YouTube Music, is there a way to get the song directly from there? I see someone's already put them on YouTube, but I'd prefer to get them directly from the source first, if possible.
  11. Whitney Myer, four chair turn, everyone loves her, but Adam pairs her against someone twice her age in the battle rounds, so of course Kim Yarbrough is going to sound better. Myer goes home.
  12. Nicole Nelson, four-chair turn, everyone loves her, but then Loren Allred surprises Adam in the knockouts and he picks her over Nelson. Not that it was the wrong decision, but since Allred was a double montage, the audience had no idea who she was so she was a dead contestant walking in the playoffs.
  13. The biggest name American Idol ever produced, Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. The biggest name The Voice ever produced, Blake Shelton.
  14. How would a Voice season work where none of the contestants want to choose Adam or CeeLo?
  15. I would say that when Adam hits, he hits big. But when he misses, he whiffs big. As everyone else has already observed, he changed over time and seemed to lose his passion. And then for that final season, he reached CeeLo Season 5 level of radioactive.
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