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  1. You're just now figuring this out in season 21?
  2. How much do you think Voice parody account Cameos could go for? Christina Aguilera's shade Blake Shelton's finger Reagan Strange's robe Lacy Mandigo's dream Adam Levine says you could win the whole thing As a joke, Rebekah Samarin and Katherine Ho's Cameos wouldn't actually show them.
  3. Nolan Neal dropped from $55 to $25. And holy crap, EG Daily went from $102 to $255!
  4. Just found this video. Rick Beato talks about American Idol and The Voice. Mentions sob stories, bad earphone mixes, terrible record deals and so forth. Adam Wakefield is one of the names they bring up.
  5. Here you go. I think these are the main Christina sound bites from season 2. And here's Tony Lucca talking about it after the season ended.
  6. "Always with that damn Blake and his damn country artists! What do you mean Cam's not country?"
  7. Season 3 had a strange racially-infused battle where Terisa Griffin acted like Conga was in Julio Cesar Castillo's wheelhouse because he's Hispanic, when the truth was neither contestant could sing that song. Season 1, Adam made Angela Wolff walk the plank by pairing her with Javier Colon. This was obvious even before we knew about the coaches and their biases and rigging and chosen ones.
  8. Every contestant who lasted four or more live weeks in seasons that had more than three live weeks.
  9. Crossovers with Law & Order where the contestants get to play suspects. The further you go on The Voice, the bigger the role.
  10. Has a contestant ever been paired with a team's chosen one and gotten stolen only to be pitted against the new coach's chosen one?
  11. The moment it was announced there would be cross-battles, I knew Blake would come out ahead and Adam would end up behind. It was the season that broke Adam, and he saw that he'd never survive Robegate.
  12. I decided that I've had enough of The Voice. It's just hard to care when the show doesn't care. Blood baths, Twitter saves, blocks, less performances, less studio recordings... I think the three-week lives last season (for the third straight season) was the final straw. I had a few incomplete seasons on my DVR and just deleted them. For some reason, my DVR stopped recording this season, and I think it was a sign. I didn't want to watch the rest of the season where Adam got destroyed (although that would've been really funny) and it made him quit, and Blake took three undeserving country stars to the finale. When I first heard about the cross battles, I knew exactly how it would turn out in regard to Blake and Adam's terms. How did the show runners not know? I didn't want to watch Jake Hoot win it all either. Don't know if I'll have anything more to contribute to IDF if I'm not watching anymore.
  13. Lacy Mandigo had a dream that you were going to make this poll.
  14. Do we know how many "live" rounds there will be for this season? If it's three again, I may have to drop this show for good.
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