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  1. The winner has been acclaimed. It's, of course, Paula Dalla Corte. The girl has unbelievably heartfelt soul in her voice.
  2. This girl is truly amazing.
  3. They are all bad. Awful song choices, no star quality, no originality. Jim Ranger Tamara Jade Sid Kingsley Carter Rubin Taryn Papa Ian Flanigan Cami Clune Madeline Consoer Desz Joseph Soul Bailey Rae Ben Allen Tanner Gomes Worth the Wait John Holiday Payge Turner Chloé Hogan
  4. German has some crazy young talented and refreshing singers this season, honestly they're even better than the US version and of course the disaster UK one. But I hate their format that eliminated too many potential ones in the sing-off. (10 to 2 per team.)
  5. Jim is crazy underrated here, but I'm not a bit surprised, it's IDF as always.
  6. I forgot everyone's but Jaquie's, so the winner is obvious here. Jose Stone still is the best performer of the song that I've ever heard.
  7. They are all boring tbh. I can't feel anything during their performances. Even the girl from the new season of TV Holland sang this song much better. The coach Kelly Clarkson has done Creep many years ago on her tour, and since then that's the standard of a good performance of Creep.
  8. The duets were mostly incredible, The Veronicas, Delta Goodrem and even Guy really can SING! Whoever chose MHWGO for Johnny is the brainless sinner of the century. Stellar sounded heartfelt singing Anyone, even though some of the last high notes were imperfect. Congrats to Chris anyway.
  9. The original songs for the final 4 are on Spotify. Johnny Manuel - Say It Chris Sebastian - Bed For 2 Stellar Perry - Love Ain't Broken Siala - Soul Predator
  10. The Semi-Final performances ranking 1. Johnny - Too short but I really like it, he just sang his heart out. 2. Jesse - Brave song choice and he totally nailed it. 3. Chris - This was actually good. 4. Siala - Not as impressed as her previous performances. 5. Timothy - Forgettable. 6. Stellar - Adam Lambert has ended every ballad version of Believe. 7. Masha - There were some powerful high notes and nothing else. 8. Mark - A complete wrong song choice.
  11. She was totally robbed with that surprisingly controlled, powerful and believable rendition.
  12. Just listened the performances for tonight on Spotify. Top 2 performances for me from Team Delta are Clarissa and GOLDI, and Jesse is very close as well. Unfortunately, Stellar was given a karaoke version of LAP. Siala sounds absolutely mainstream, and she's the only one standing out from Team George.
  13. The performances for tonight are all on Spotify. I'll choose Mark Furze and Lyric McFarland as the top 2 for Team Kelly, but both performances are just so passable. Despina Savva has one of the most interesting tone this season but not captivating enough here in this song choice. TEAM Guy has much stronger ones. They all sound good. For the final 2, Johnny and, to my surprise, Stephanie (or Matt).
  14. Brooke. And she's not even my favorite. That's why S13 is the best season ever.
  15. America can't be more predictable. The Country Religion Voice.
  16. If there is justice or god, Thunderstorm will and should win it all.
  17. 8/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "What A Wonderful World" 7/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "Sedona" 5/10 Todd Tilghman - "I Can Only Imagine" 5/10 Toneisha Harris - "Faithfully" 4/10 CammWess - "Purple Rain" 4/10 Todd Tilghman - "Long Way Home" 3/10 Micah Iverson - "Butterflies" 3/10 CammWess - "Save It For Tomorrow" 2/10 Micah Iverson - "Chasing Cars" 2/10 Toneisha Harris - "My Superhero"
  18. If The World Was Ending - Louis Knight
  19. 1. Adam Lambert 2. Jessica Sanchez 3. Clay Aiken 4. Jena Irene 5. Katharine McPhee 6. Crystal Bowersox 7. Clark Beckham 8. Bo Bice 9. Diana DeGarmo 10. Blake Lewis 11. David Archuleta Justin Guarini Lauren Alaina Kree Harrison La'Porsha Renae Caleb Lee Hutchinson Alejandro Aranda Arthur Gunn
  20. 1. Kelly Clarksonrk Kris Allen David Cook Maddie Poppe Jordin Sparks Carrie Underwood Caleb Johnson Fantasia Barrino Ruben Studdard Taylor Hicks Lee DeWyze Scotty McCreery Phillip Phillips Candice Glover Nick Fradiani Trent Harmon Laine Hardy Just Sam
  21. 5/10 Dillon James - “Change the World” - One of the greatest songs ever, but the performance was just okay. 6/10 Francisco Martin - “Adore You” - Pretty fine and he looks hotter with that new hairstyle. 3/10 Just Sam - “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” - Mediocre karaoke. 5/10 Arthur Gunn - “I Don’t Want to Be” - Good karaoke. 4/10 Jonny West - “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” - I don't dig the song at all. 6/10 Dillon James - “The Times They Are A Changin’” 5/10 Francisco Martin - “Alaska” 5/10 Just Sam - “Rise Up” 4/10 Arthur Gunn - “Have You Eve
  22. Toneisha is killing it here, totally much better than her last two karaoke performances.
  23. TV18 is overrated here, it's watchable because it has Thunderstorm who slays all the contenders of AI18 + TV18 Combines. TV13 still remains the best as a whole, the girls are more interesting.
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