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  1. Okay, I was pretty much looking forward to Samuel's knockout because I thought he could have had another shining moment with Bruises. BUT! Something was not right in that performance. It's like he was too calculated on singing every note and the emotion he tried to deliver felt hypocritical. I'm totally freaking shocked that the only I truly like so far is Joshua. R.I.P. the season.
  2. 1. Joshua Vacanti 2. Holly Forbes 3. Katie Rae 4. Hailey Green 5. Girl Named Tom 6. Wendy Moten 7. Gymani 8. LiBianca 9. Raquel Trinidad 10. Jonathan Mouton 11. Sabrina Dias 12. Kinsey Rose
  3. LiBianca's rendition is boring as hell. The arrangement, the tone, the style, the staging, the look, all of it show no charisma. Hailey is quite pitchy at some parts but I prefer hers.
  4. Even the unique tones of Ryleigh and Gean are much memorable than Gymani. Her audition was simply overpraised.
  5. The Grand Finalist Orginals Mick Harrington - Real You - If I'm being honest, he's so not marketable. The tone, the song, everything about him will be forgotten in ten seconds to the maximum. Bella Taylor Smith - Higher - It' okay, her voice deserves better songs. G-Nation - Mad About You - A simple pop dance track, it just sounds too cheap. Arlo Sim - Feel - It's another cheap one like an unreleased song abandoned by some random artists. I feel like Bella was given the best song, she is most likely to win.
  6. Bella Taylor Smith - Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.) - It did not give me a wow moment tbh, whatever she will probably win it all. Jordan Fuller - Head & Heart (Joel Corry x MNEK) - Srsly it's quite excellent, I dig his voice so much. Sian Fuller - Driver's License (Olivia Rodrigo)- Very good, I wish it was longer. G-Nat!on - 7 Rings (Ariana Grande) - OWN IT! Mick Harrington - Superman (It's Not Easy) (Five for Fighting) - Solid is the best thing I can describe about it. Ella Monnery - Symphony (Clean Bandit and Zara Larrson) - Okay her teary tone is not pleasant in this song, at least she hits those notes like nothing. Arlo Sim - Somewhere Only We Know (Keane) - Of course He's amazing. Lau Abend - Lose You to Love Me (Selena Gomez) - She actually makes this dull song listenable. It's a pretty nice rendition
  7. G-Nat!on - Bye Bye Bye - I think the only girl group is destined to be put through. Of course they sound great but very karaoke overall. Halimah Kyrgios - This Is Me - The song is too big for her. Sian Fuller - Complicated - A smart choice of arrangement and a heartfelt rendition. Sofia Watt - Issues - The whole perfomance doesn't feel right, too violent? Tanya George - Royals - Umm, not bad. Ella Monnery - Stupid Love - What a suicidal song choice. Evile Laloata - Higher Love - The song choice...... Janaki Easwar - Dusk Till Dawn - .........wow it's so bad. Mick Harrington - I'm With You - I'm speechless at how dreadful team Jess at choosing songs. Seann Miley Moore - Lonely - Finally! Somebody saves Team Jess.
  8. First listen on Spotify. Arlo Sim - idontwannabeyouanymore - Extraordinarily good. He will 100% be in the final.Cassie McIvor - Skyfall (Adele) - Vocally solid but nothing else.Jediael - Attention (Charlie Puth) - I personally don't like it.Lau Abend - Adore You (Harry Styles) - It's okay but forgettable.Lozz Benson - The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)- Mediocre at best. Adrian Hood - Try A Little Tenderness (Otis Redding) - Steady but that's all.Bella Taylor Smith - The Voice Within (Christina Aguilera) - She will be through. She totally sang her heart out.Chantel Cofie - A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton) - Girl ruins her chance with this boring arrangement of the song.Jordan Fuller - Anyone (Justin Bieber) - I like his voice, a good performance.Penelope Pettigrew - This Ain't Love (Jessica Mauboy) -Very very very very good. OMG this team is bloodbath.
  9. 10 "The Finals" 29 August 2021 Sunday 7:00 pm 11 30 August 2021 Monday 7:30 pm WTF? The last two episodes? wow I'm totally speechless if it's true.
  10. 1. Jeffery Austin 2. Rachel Mac 3. Koryn Hawthorne 4. Rose Short
  11. 1. Thunderstorm Artis 2. Christina Grimmie 3. Brooke Simpson 4. Chris Jamison 5. Tony Luca 6. The Swon Brothers 7. Hannah Huston 8. Will Champlin 9. We Mcdonald 10. Katie Kadan The 3rd group is quite strong, my top 2 should have won in their seasons.
  12. 1. Juliet Simms 2. Michelle Chamuel 3. Jacquie Lee 4. Billy Gilman 5. Lauren Duski 6. Addison Agen 7. Britton Buchanan 8. Gyth Rigdon 9. Jim Ranger Juliet by far the best female rock voice ever on The Voice.
  13. 1. Chloe mk 2. Alisan Porter 3. Cam Anthony 4. Maelyn Jarmon 5. Brynn Cartelli Chloe is still my favorite of all time, she's got such an amazing tone and pretty stylish. Alisan, Cam and Maelyn are all gifted with naturally wonderful voice, wide vocal ranges, incredible control and put into their own vibes in every performance. I wasn't feeling Brynn during her time on TV, but after that her improvement is very impressive, I like some of her originals. Well, I don't even remember how the other winners sound at all.
  14. 1. Kelly Clarkson 2. Kris Allen ---HUGE HELL GAP---- 3. David Cook 4. Carrie Underwood 5. Jordin Sparks 6. Caleb Johnson 7. Maddie Poppe
  15. 1. Adam Lambert 2. Jessica Sanchez 3. Jena Irene 4. Katharine McPhee 5. Clay Aiken Okay, my trinity has been always the same for many seasons, and it probably will be like this forever.
  16. The only two that really had got me into a fan. 1. Haley Reinhart 2. Melinda Doolittle Some of the others were good though.
  17. 4/10 Grace Kinstler - “All By Myself” (Céline Dion) 6/10 Willie Spence - “Georgia on My Mind” (Ray Charles) 4/10 Chayce Beckham - “Blackbird” (The Beatles) 5/10 Grace Kinstler - “I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston) 6/10 Willie Spence - “A Change is Gonna Come” (Sam Cooke) 4/10 Chayce Beckham - “Fire Away” (Chris Stapleton) 5/10 Chayce Beckham - “Afterglow” (Ed Sheeran) 7/10 Willie Spence - “Stand Up” (Cynthia Erivo)
  18. 23 has got 261,513 palys on Spotify, that is far beyond the other singles and it is still at 16 on iTunes overall chart, I can't find the others. So congrats to Chayce winning.
  19. Srsly, everyone has their own preferences, it doesn't show how you really have taste when laughing at the actual thoughts of someone else. What I think about Gihanna's performance is that was just a decent rendition of the song, nothing special, not as powerful as other versions and the arrangement is the same old. And it's okay you can all love her or others, and I respect that.
  20. 5/10 Victor Solomon - I Can Only Imagine 4/10 Jordan Matthew Young - Rose Colored Glasses 5/10 Pia Renee - Turn Your Lights Down Low 7/10 Rachel Mac - Human 1/10 Corey Ward - Arcade 5/10 Gihanna Zoe - Reflection 4/10 Dana Monique - Leave the Door Open 7/10 Cam Anthony - It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday 0/10 Kenzie Wheeler - He Stopped Loving Her Today 4/10 Cam, Corey, Kenzie - Fooled Around and Fell in Love 7/10 Dana, Pia, Victor - Shining Star 4/10 Gihanna, Jordan, Rachel - Go Your Own Way Okay, what a underwhelming night, only liked Rachel, Cam and the Shining Star gruop.
  21. All three are talented but I don't have a favorite so I don't care who's gonna win.
  22. 4/10 Chayce Beckham – “Colder Weather” (Zac Brown Band) 4/10 Casey Bishop – “wish you were gay” (Billie Eilish) 3/10 Grace Kinstler – “A Moment Like This” (Kelly Clarkson) 8/10 Willie Spence – “Glory” (John Legend & Common) 6/10 Chayce Beckham – “23” (Chayce Beckham) 5/10 Chayce Beckham - “Wish You Would Leave” (Chris Stapleton) 5/10 Casey Bishop – “Love Me, Leave Me” (Casey Bishop) 6/10 Casey Bishop - “Live Wire” (Mötley Crüe) 6/10 Grace Kinstler & Willie Spence w Finneas – “What They’ll Say About Us” (Finneas) 5/10 Grace Kinstler – “Love Someone” (Grace Kinstler) 7/10 Grace Kinstler - “Father” (Demi Lovato) 7/10 Willie Spence – “Never Be Alone” (Willie Spence) 6/10 Willie Spence - “I Was Here” (Beyoncé) 9/10 Casey Bishop & Chayce Beckham – “Break My Heart Again” (Finneas) Willie slayed the night and Casey and Chayce should have done BMHA solo srsly. The duet is fantastic, such a great song.
  23. Spotify Streaming Numbers as of now Hunter - 28257 plays Chayce - 28176 plays Arthur - 26545 plays Grace - 14113 plays Casey - 13071 plays Willie - 8929 plays US iTunes chart as of now 11. Chace - 396 84. Arthur - 163 91. Hunter - 158 Youtube views as of now Grace - YTM-1300 LV-112892 OAT-10116 -124308 views Willie - YTM-700 LV-90948 OAT-22950 - 114598 views Chayce - YTM-7200 LV-91311 OAT-4145 - 102656 views Casey - YTM-764 LV-84397 OAT-12842 - 98003 views Arthur - YTM-1897 OAT-192453 - 194350 views (no LV) Hunter - YTM-1407 OAT-20149 - 21556 views (no LV)
  24. Deleted. Please listen to them on the official platforms.
  25. Casey Bishop - Love Me, Leave Me https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mEU3vUckyClCZ8DVnaEaf-SXW3bQEtO90 Grace Kinstler - Love Someone https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lnQ3XFumhD45_C2QJocXk03tTANnoRHPE Chayce Beckham - 23 https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mOFkwjTEOICOPz0zhF1ftRSdxegVhoqIc Arthur Gunn - Save Me Now https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_nLLcHplHqdR_rfRehAB4qmJbyS6VMPIzo
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