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  1. Joanna or Allegra - Vincent (Don Mclean) Todd T - Goodbye (Air Supply) and let him showcases his piano skills. TMH - Don't stop believing
  2. I saw your post in the group They better rent a studio or use a theater. It would be hard to make the recording fair for all the contestants if they use their own house, some will definitely have better setting than the others.
  3. I joined the facebook group just in time to watch that live performance. He sounds really good even with minimal setting.
  4. Best : Todd/Jon Worst : Sara Deserved a steal : Samuel Wilco
  5. Thank you for doing this OK Todd, if that was your weakest performance, I'm so ready to hear the not weakest one . I didn't even know that John Legend song, he's way more updated than me .
  6. Yeah that song is not bad, I just think that it was the weakest compared to the other 3, in terms of gaining the public attention. It would be perfectly fine if that song was for top 13/top 11. He needed another 'Let it be' in the finale, and he might have a slight shot of winning. I actually don't mind Katie's original , but it's far from enough to redeem herself after that semifinals performance.
  7. Yes, I agree, I like this side of him too. Idk if he could have won or not, but it is impressive that he managed to finish on 2nd eventhough he got the worst cover song during the finale.
  8. I googled this, apparently it was the local audition before they going to meet the celebrity judges in the next stage.
  9. Looks like all my favorite artists from S17 will make a cover of this song at some point
  10. I don't mind him going full country, but I hope he will get the chance to do more than one genre. Btw this is him singing his battle song
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