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  1. Out of all the battle steals, who would've thought that only Andrew survived the KO
  2. Maybe he's just bad at handling 4 chair turners, now that he has none, he can't mess up anymore
  3. It's not really important, but I sometimes take it into consideration just because the type of singers that I like usually will do better (and last longer) on certain team and not doing so well when they're on other teams.
  4. It makes me want Avery and Kenzie to switch team in later rounds, and then watch some idf users suddenly preferring avery over kenzie
  5. Yes, different timezone i guess, because it's past midnight here
  6. Just listened to the new single. It's really good omg
  7. Is Ryan the first contestant to be DQd from the competition?
  8. I got annoyed more by coaches fandom than the contestants ones tbh.
  9. Michael Lee's Whipping Post is my #1 KO from recent seasons.
  10. Oh wow congrats. Im so jealous
  11. 1. Blake 2. Adam up until S13 3. Kelly 4. Alicia 5. Jhud/Gwen/Xtina 6. Miley 7. John 8. Adam post S13 I only rank coaches on seasons that I watched, minus nick.
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