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  1. Some people on IG talked about an article about tomorrow's episode (which has been removed now) potential spoiler
  2. Yass Jesse Team Delta slaying the playoffs, even the losers put up good performances. I'm sad about Matt Gresham though, hopefully he will get the wildcard.
  3. It's hard to build up a song in only a minute long performance, probably that's why most of the performances were not that enjoyable.
  4. I won't ask too much, S17 format would be fine.
  5. My dream top 4 would be : Matt Gresham/Timothy (Guy); Jesse (Delta); Sapphire (George); Mark Furze (Kelly). What I think we'll get : Johnny (Guy); Stellar (Delta); Masha (George); Chris (Kelly) Even though these 4 are not my favorites, I don't really mind them going to the GF, at least they're all good vocalists.
  6. Wolf They should have given the Dance Monkey to Soma Sutton
  7. Dang, Delta really paired her 2 strongest contestants
  8. He sounded really good in the rehearsals.
  9. From the promo clip, I could see Mark Furze vs Bo'Ness Siala Robson vs Nathan Isaac Clarissa Spata vs Graeme
  10. I am starting to think that they don't have rules anymore
  11. This is the best battle episode so far. I enjoyed most of the performances
  12. Amazing performance And Happy Birthday mj
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