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  1. They all did rather well, including Blake but I liked last season performance a bit more, it's probably because of the song choice
  2. Edit: I think it belongs to the general discussion thread instead
  3. All the battle steals from S17. They're all goners in the next round.
  4. Will we get the first leaked audition this week?
  5. No spoilers for the other KO tapings?
  6. just checked her insta, when I read 'generic country', I didn't expect her to sound like this like this and this but it also depends on the song, she may sound generic if she sings a monotonous country song.
  7. Thank you for the spoilers. Wow at Joana losing her battle and KO. Well, at least she makes it to PO, and escaped team John
  8. I think it would be Nick, and Blake will get the runner up spot again.
  9. Todd Tilghman seems to be at the hotel
  10. I like that the coaches actually gave a lot of good critiques, based on the spoiler. Sad about Samuel Wilco tho, I liked him.
  11. Yay new look, I really like it, though I hope there will be night/dark mode in the future. Can't wait for the battle spoilers
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