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  1. ------- Also, he said he will release his single in early 2021
  2. I hope he will get a killer song in the top 9. With a better song choice, i could actually see Jim overtaking Ian
  3. I could see Cami IS'd her way to the finale. She probably won't win, but we will get more performance from her
  4. Sad to see you go but i wish you the best of luck for your career. You were amazing throughout the competition. I love your photography skills too btw.
  5. Ugh now we can't hear payge sing her original song in the finale
  6. OMG JIM Survived another week Yay
  7. I will update the front page later. I agree that the song choice could have been better, especially in this important round. I think he did fine, though i prefer his previous performance. I still have hope that Jim will survive this round somehow
  8. If the videos are blocked in your country, try using this extensions https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unblocker-for-youtube/gpnebajhkedajplkepiafghcfoljbgmk. it works for me. ---------- Damn, Ian kinda sounds good
  9. Jim gonna be singing 'Rumor' by Lee Brice tonight https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=-nbyYdsg-2s&list=RDAMVM-nbyYdsg-2s
  10. 1. Jim 2-4. Cami/Sid/Payge 5. Julia 6. Desz 7. Taryn 8. Ryan Great singers, but.. 9. John holiday 10. Tamara Jade 11. Carter Rubin They have potential to be great 12. Ian 13. Madeline 14. Larriah 15. WTW 16. Chloe Kinda forgettable, sorry 17-20. Bailey, Ben, Tanner, Joseph
  11. Kyla Jade's "You Don't Own Me"?
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