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  1. Hailey Green vs Lana Scott - GIRL - 7 Katherine Ann Mohler vs Vaughn Mugol - Dilemma - 6 Brittany Bree vs Samara Brown - Giving Him Something He Can Feel - 9
  2. Bella DeNapoli vs Katie Rae - No More Tears - 9.5 KJ Jennings vs Samuel Harness - I Know What You Did Last Summer - 8 Girl Named Tom vs Kinsey Rose - Seven Bridges Road - 9.5 The Joy Reunion vs Peedy Chavis - Joy to the World - 7 Chavon Rodgers vs David Vogel - Sugar We're Goin Down - 7.5 Jeremy Rosado vs Jershika Maple - Hold On - 9
  3. Aaron Hines - Heartbreak Anniversary - 8.5 KCK3 - no tears left to cry - 5 Tommy Edwards - Drops of Jupiter - 7.5 Shadale - That's What I Like - 8 Parker McKay - Slow Hands - 8
  4. Ryleigh Plank - Anyone - 7 Jershika Maple - Can You Stand the Rain - 6 Manny Keith - Break My Heart - 6.5 KJ Jennings - Put Your Records On - 7 LiBianca - Good Days - 7.5 Sophia Bromberg - Heather - 4 Wyatt Michael - Mack the Knife - 9 Brittany Bree - Call Out My Name - 6
  5. Episode 3 : Raquel Trinidad - I Wish - 6 The Joy Reunion - Boondocks - 6.5 Hailey Mia - you broke me first - 7.5 Jeremy Rosado - Here Comes Goodbye - 7 Carson Peters - Tulsa Time - 6.5 Keliah Grace - Never Tear Us Apart - 7.5 Samara Brown - Sweet Thing - 9 Holly Forbes - Rocket Man - 9.25 Episode 4 : Bella Denapoli - Damaged - 7 David Vogel - breathin - 9 Janora Brown - Angel of Mine - 8 Kaitlyn Velez - Please Don't Go - 6 The Cunningham Sisters - Never Alone - 6.5
  6. Episode 1: Girl Named Tom - Helplessly Hoping - 10 Katie Rae - The Bones - 6 Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel - 7 Jonathan Mouton - Leave The Door Open - 5.5 Katherine Ann Mohler - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - 4.5 Jack Rogan - House of The Rising Sun - 5 Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away - 6.5 Vaughn Mugol - The A Team - 8 Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out - 8.5 Episode 2: Lana Scott - hole in the bottle - 7 Samuel Harness - Here Without You - 6 Carolina Alonso - El Triste - 5 Chavon Rodgers - drivers' license - 6 Joshua Vacanti - Into the Unknown - 7 Hailey Green - Home - 8 Jim and Sasha - Leaving On A Jet Plane - 5 Paris Winningham - Superstition - 4 Gymani - pov - 5.5
  7. Finally caught up with all the blinds. Gotta say the second night was quite underwhelming compared to the premiere. 1. Hailey: I didn't remember her at all but I guess she's had quite the glow up, only nitpick is that the melody got repetitive by the final chorus, a little more variety would be better 2. Lana: I like her tone, a less poppy song and would probably fit better though 3. Joshua: He was decent given the ambitious song choice but his voice sounded a little thin and strained at parts 4. Samuel: His raspy tone is great but I just really cannot stand this sappy song 5. Chavon: Started off shaky but got better by the chorus and bridge, I kinda like what he did with the song too 6. Gymani: I think she tried too hard to alter the melody at too many places that it took me out of the performance, would prefer if it was a little more straightforward 7. Jim & Sasha: Eh they were pleasant enough but it was pretty lethargic, could use a little more dynamic (also it's funny how we have now had 2 Sasha Allen on the show lol) 8. Carolina: She got overpowered pretty bad by the band, I could barely hear her last note 9. Paris: He was okay, he did exactly what I expected him to the second I heard the song, which means it wasn't very fresh or exciting
  8. I really like this premiere, more than I thought I would. All the chair turners were at least solid. 1. GNT - Just about the best and tightest harmonies I've ever heard on this show 2. Wendy - I like her, not sure about the song but she absolutely killed it 3. Vaughn - I enjoyed him more than most it seems, his tone is really pretty 4. Kinsey - She lacked a little power in the higher parts, but I'm a sucker for the song 5. Peedy - Yeah it was definitely imitative and gimmicky, still solid overall though 6. Katie - I liked this when I first watched, but upon looking back it was not as memorable as the ones above 7. Jonathan - It was technically good, but didn't excite me in any way 8. Katherine - Her tone is nice, but the way she timed some of her phrasings bugged me a little and made me feel disconnected from the song 9. Jack - The beginning caught my attention but then it kinda just went around aimlessly, his diction also needs work
  9. 1. Ryleigh 2. Victor 3. Pia 4. Zania Hands down the worst team collectively, only Ryleigh delivered. Victor looked like he was having a good time but I was bored. Zania got screwed over so bad though, I was cringing all the way through it.
  10. 1. Rachel 2. Dana 3. Jose 4. Devan 5. Andrew The top 2 are obvious as can be, Jose was okay and nowhere near as bad as the other two.
  11. 1. Gihanna 2. Corey 3. Kenzie 4. Zae The first two were pretty good, Kenzie was fine, and Zae was just rough.
  12. 1. Anna 2. Jordan 3. Pete 4. Cam They all did well though, but this is just my preference.
  13. BLAKE: Anna Grace - Feels Like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk) Cam Anthony - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (Elton John) Emma Caroline - You All Over Me (Taylor Swift) Jordan Matthew Young - The River (Bruce Springsteen) Pete Mroz - Say (John Mayer) JOHN: Carolina Rial - Chains (Tina Arena) Pia Renee - Many Rivers to Cross (Jimmy Cliff) Ryleigh Modig - Sunny Came Home (Shawn Colvin) Victor Solomon - Lately (Stevie Wonder) Zania Alake - Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Paloma Faith) KELLY: Corey Ward - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) Gihanna Zoƫ - Dreams (The Cranberries) Kenzie Wheeler - You Save Me (Kenny Chesney) Savanna Woods - Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin) Zae Romeo - Supermarket Flowers (Ed Sheeran) NICK: Andrew Marshall - Collide (Howie Day) Dana Monique - I've Got to Use My Imagination (Gladys Knight) Devan Blake Jones - Jubilee Road (Tom Odell) Jose Figueroa Jr. - This is the Moment (Jekyll & Hide) Rachel Mac - Ruby Tuesday (Melanie)
  14. Great (such a stacked night) 1. Zania 2. Gihanna 3. Savanna 4. Rachel 5. Anna 6. Cam 7. Carolina 8. Zae Not my favorite thing, but solid enough 9. Kenzie 10. Rio Just meh 11. Emma 12. Avery 13. Devan Only one I can say that actually flopped 14. Connor
  15. What a night, no one really bombed imo. 1. Pia: Probably the most unexpected surprise of the night for me. Her best performance by a long shot. 2. Corey: Really good, but my only nitpick is he might have tried a bit too hard at places to sound like Sleeping At Last (I know it's their version but still) 3. Dana: Ok she absolutely crushed it. It was intense from start to finish, though I generally prefer more peaks and valleys in between. The performance got a bit repetitive by the third verse, but still great. 4. Gean: I know the song doesn't go much anywhere, but I really like and connect with this performance for some reason. Pretty cute how everyone clapped along while he sang too. 5. Andrew: The song choice had me rolling my eyes, but I was delightfully surprised at what he did with it. 6. Jordan: Squarely middle of the pack, but I still like it. He's awkward on stage without his guitar though. 7. Victor: Eh I could do with not having to listen to this song again, he did well enough but it was still cheesy and karaoke. Mostly the song's fault though, I think he's better than that. 8. Pete: Not the best version of this song that I've heard, but still solid. He might need some stage choreography though, his pacing back and forth looked kinda uncomfortable to me. 9. Ethan: Don't know why but I was pretty convinced he was winning this KO, a little relieved he didn't. 10. Ryleigh: May be unpopular, but if solely based on this performance, I don't think she should be stolen. Way overusing her head voice here, while the song calls for more belting to make it work. Also did the second verse sound off-timing or out of pocket to anyone else? The instrumental in that part sounded off to me. 11. Keegan: It was pleasant enough, despite all the pitch problems. 12. Ciana: The song was just too big, it was messy but she did put up a fight.
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