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  1. Kelly: I have a hunch they're gonna give an uptempo song to Tanner. Or at least I hope they do. It's gonna be a sight to see. John: Probably Bailey? Since she seems to be the greenest and John doesn't have a clue what to do with her. I could see her getting something like 'Suds in the Bucket'. Gwen: I think Joseph might just be boring, not trainwreck potential. Maybe Carter if his voice drops. Blake: WTW. It's pretty likely for their harmonies to get messy live, I think.
  2. The 4-way KO was really good. The other 2 normal KOs, not so much. 1. Julia - I know she's pretty much doomed from the start with the song choice lol, but she was the best of the night for me. She's the indie girl that should have been guaranteed a spot instead of Cami, based on the performances tonight. 2. Ryan - He did great too, and is probably the winner of the KO. I just prefer Julia a little more, but I won't complain if he wins. 3. Larriah - Pretty solid, but she had some small pitch problems in there. She gave me Kennedy Holmes vibes, but not as polished. The song
  3. 1. Madeline: I definitely didn't expect to love this as much as I did. That was a near perfect performance imo. I really felt what she was singing, and for me that's the most important thing about music. 2. Desz: I don't know the song but she made me like it. It's unbelievable how she went from those low notes at the start to those big glory notes. And that amount of control is perfect. 3. Jim: I think this might be his breakout moment. What a powerful and authentic performance. 4. Chloe: I kinda forgot about her before this tbh. But she really turned it out, that was a l
  4. 1. Payge - Duh. The emotions and the artistry and the stage presence. She's so good. 2. WTW - First performance of them that I like. The a capella opening was amazing, their harmonies were so tight. When they did their solo lines though, it was clear that vocally the girl on the right (can't remember her name) is the weak link. 3. Tamara - It was fun and very energetic. But I still have the same issue I had with her previous performances: it's always some kind of messy and too overstuff. 4. Ryan - The better country guy tonight. But he really needs to work on that diction, I cou
  5. Another great night of battles! There wasn't any that I didn't like at least a little bit. If only we could have seen Tori vs Van. 1. Marisa vs Ryan: I live for big, bombastic, dramatic numbers and this performance was everything! Props to Ryan for navigating through this song in his register, despite his sorta weak opening, but Marisa was just wow. She totally upstaged him. 2. Carter vs Larriah: As sick as I am of hearing this song, I must admit they did amazing with it. Larriah was a real revelation here for sure, and she should have won this battle. Carter was good too, but
  6. 1. Desz vs Joseph: Great song choice for both of them. Desz’s tone is just to die for, though she might be better off holding back some of the runs. Some of them felt a little out of place. Joseph put up a good fight too. Can’t say that he fully deserved the steal though. He was good, but still a little unmemorable as a solo act. 2. John H vs Julia: The song choice was unfamiliar to me, so it took me a few listens to get into it. It’s such a tricky melody. John did well, as expected, though his high notes might rub some people the wrong way if he keeps doing that for every performa
  7. I think it was a good first night, none of the battles was bad for me. I actually enjoyed all of them to a certain extent. 1. Payge vs Lauren: This made me almost tear up watching it for the first time when it was leaked. I liked Lauren's audition, but here she sounded completely unrecognizable. Her head voice is so beautiful, I don't really know why she didn't audition doing pop because she's got the voice for it for sure. Payge was amazing as well, it's just that my personal bias leans towards Lauren's tone a hair more. 2. Eli vs Madeline: This is such an ironic song
  8. Gotcha, thanks for letting me know
  9. 1. Lain: Surprisingly the best of the night for me. It's a really overdone song but I like how he navigated the melody to make it fresh to my ear (Also did something happen with Kelly during the pitch? It feels weird not hearing her talk at all during this one). 2. James: A great final audition, obviously if he'd been earlier in the line he'd have turned 3-4 chairs easily. 3. Tori Miller: Her tone is gorgeous, probably my favorite tone so far. She needs coaching though. 4. Julia: She's interesting and has potential, but I admit her diction was a bit whispery and hard to understa
  10. The lineup for tonight is certainly a choice. 1. Olivia - maybe I’m biased towards the song, but I don’t think she was half bad, her pacing of the lyrics was kinda distracting though 2. Larriah - she’s got potential being young and all 3. Sam - I found this very karaoke, but still decent karaoke 4. Tanner - it just feels so hollow, like he sucked the energy out of the entire studio and the studio next to it 5. Payton - not great and very messy, even with a shortclip she is still better than... 6. Van - there was no redeeming quality in that performance
  11. 1. Desz - I can't believe it took 19 seasons for someone to slay this song as hard as she did 2. Kelsie - her range is insane, and that whistle note is hella impressive 3. Casme - the beginning was rough, but she really picked it up halfway through, it's still a little messy but she's so much fun to watch 4. Carter - I was pleasantly surprised, he's got really good vocal control, though obviously he's got no believability on this song 5. Rio - he was alright, middle of the pack for me, a little forgettable tbh 6. Ryan - he's got a James Morrison vibe, but I feel like
  12. A little late but here are my commentaries for Night 2 and 3 of Playoffs. Playoffs 2 - There were more performances I enjoyed than the premiere night. Pretty much every matchoff was good, except for *that* one. 1. Angela vs Roxane: Angela surprised me. She'd struck me as a serious gospel singer so I would never have imagined her nailing a fun, energetic song. Even more impressive is that she managed to give the performance some sort of build-up, despite it being merely a minute long. Roxane did great with what she got too, though I think it was a bit more subdued than
  13. Alex is doing Train’s Drops of Jupiter, which probably means he’s getting eliminated. I thought Johnny was singing Fighter by Christina Aguilera but in second thought it sounded more like the lyric was ‘I am on fire’?
  14. Playoffs 1 commentary. The production value is amazing. It kinda makes the American version look like a hodge-podge virtual karaoke night. Though I hate how short the performances are. The stage is already set up, at least let the singers sing for 90 seconds! Also, the fake crowd cheering is kinda annoyingly loud. 1. Graeme vs Clarissa: Graeme's performance is what Johnny could have done had he a) been given a good song and b) trimmed down the excessive vocal runs and tricks. He's also really good at emoting. It's a very raw and honest performance that should be worthy of Delta's s
  15. Battles 4 commentary 1. Masha vs Ella: Classic diva match-up, which I'm a total sucker for. They were both pretty equal, but Ella got a little messy towards the end there. Masha's tone has more warmth and soul in it, while Ella's is thinner. I didn't expect Kelly to pick Ella though, but happy that they're still both in. 2. Timothy vs Luke: I didn't care for either of them before but I absolutely love this. Another pretty equal battle in my opinion. Hearing them side by side, I kinda favor Luke more by just a hair. Shame he got cut but it is what it is. Timothy wasn't h
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