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  1. Brooke. And she's not even my favorite. That's why S13 is the best season ever.
  2. Taylor Swift Billie Eilish Lizzo The Weeknd
  3. America can't be more predictable. The Country Religion Voice.
  4. If there is justice or god, Thunderstorm will and should win it all.
  5. 8/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "What A Wonderful World" 7/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "Sedona" 5/10 Todd Tilghman - "I Can Only Imagine" 5/10 Toneisha Harris - "Faithfully" 4/10 CammWess - "Purple Rain" 4/10 Todd Tilghman - "Long Way Home" 3/10 Micah Iverson - "Butterflies" 3/10 CammWess - "Save It For Tomorrow" 2/10 Micah Iverson - "Chasing Cars" 2/10 Toneisha Harris - "My Superhero"
  6. If The World Was Ending - Louis Knight
  7. 1. Adam Lambert 2. Jessica Sanchez 3. Clay Aiken 4. Jena Irene 5. Katharine McPhee 6. Crystal Bowersox 7. Clark Beckham 8. Bo Bice 9. Diana DeGarmo 10. Blake Lewis 11. David Archuleta Justin Guarini Lauren Alaina Kree Harrison La'Porsha Renae Caleb Lee Hutchinson Alejandro Aranda Arthur Gunn
  8. 1. Kelly Clarksonrk Kris Allen David Cook Maddie Poppe Jordin Sparks Carrie Underwood Caleb Johnson Fantasia Barrino Ruben Studdard Taylor Hicks Lee DeWyze Scotty McCreery Phillip Phillips Candice Glover Nick Fradiani Trent Harmon Laine Hardy Just Sam
  9. 5/10 Dillon James - “Change the World” - One of the greatest songs ever, but the performance was just okay. 6/10 Francisco Martin - “Adore You” - Pretty fine and he looks hotter with that new hairstyle. 3/10 Just Sam - “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” - Mediocre karaoke. 5/10 Arthur Gunn - “I Don’t Want to Be” - Good karaoke. 4/10 Jonny West - “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down” - I don't dig the song at all. 6/10 Dillon James - “The Times They Are A Changin’” 5/10 Francisco Martin - “Alaska” 5/10 Just Sam - “Rise Up” 4/10 Arthur Gunn - “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” 7/10 Jonny West - “Makin’ Love” - The obviously best of the night.
  10. Toneisha is killing it here, totally much better than her last two karaoke performances.
  11. TV18 is overrated here, it's watchable because it has Thunderstorm who slays all the contenders of AI18 + TV18 Combines. TV13 still remains the best as a whole, the girls are more interesting.
  12. 4/10 Joanna Serenko - "Lean On Me" - Corny song, boring arrangement, absolutely forgettable. 5/10 Micah Iverson - "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" - I liked this performance when he went for powerful notes but his falsetto parts kind of distracted me. And the big note in"to"~~ in the end was shaky too obviously. 5/10 Todd Tilghman - "Love, Me" - He's a traditionally TV solid singer . I just don't find him unique or marketable at all. 1/10 Zan Fiskum - "Never Be The Same" - HORRIBLE. It's crazy like from the heaven last week to the hell this week 8/10 Thunderstorm Artis - "Home" - He must win. Period. 1/10 Megan Danielle - "What Hurts the Most" - Mostly unlistenable, I can't stand her heavily throaty voice here. 5/10 Allegra Miles - "Overjoyed" - Every human needs to beg her for stopping choosing boring old songs srsly. 2/10 Toneisha Harris - "Because You Loved Me" - So outdated, so karaoke. 5/10 CammWess - "Rainbow" - I just don't feel the emotion that people get in his voice. Pretty decent though.
  13. 1. Dillon James 2. Francisco Martin 3. Louis Knight 4. Jonny West 5. Just Sam 6. Arthur Gunn 7. Julia Gargano
  14. 6/10 Arthur Gunn - “Kiss the Girl” - I fking hate Disney theme, but he sounded pretty fine tbh. 6/10 Just Sam - “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” - A typical Fking boring Disney song. However , a great vocal performance by Sam. 4/10 Jonny West - “Almost There” - I wasn't feeling anything with Jonny taking on this song. 4/10 Louis Knight - “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” - It was a downright forgettable performance. I srsly miss ITWWE Louis. 0/10 Julia Gargano - “Beauty and the Beast” - This is the most awful version I've ever heard. 2/10 Francisco Martin - “You’ll Be in My Heart” - I love Francisco, but this was not good at all. 6/10 Dillon James - “Our Town” - Dillon has been showing me that he's already a polished artist, he did steady as always. 7/10 Arthur Gunn - “Hey, Ma” - A great song choice for Arthur, this is the style that he should sing in his future. 2/10 Just Sam - “I Turn to You” - Oh no Sam, not this song. It's too big for you not to make it bad karaoke. 6/10 Jonny West - “Amazing Grace” - A very heartfelt performance, his style won me over here. 3/10 Louis Knight - “You’ve Got a Friend” - I'm speechless. The song choices for Louis are the big mistakes of the century. 4/10 Julia Gargano - “Sweetest Devotion” - Uh, her mom is so cute. 5/10 Francisco Martin - “River” - Franciscute is back. He held back a little bit, I hope he went for big notes more. 6/10 Dillon James - “Hang On, Hang On” - Watch out. He's coming for the crown.
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