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  1. What a game. That's why I love baseball.
  2. I agree it's a small sample size...but its not just the numbers that I'm talking about. If you watch Lindor play...he just looks lifeless. Maybe it's human nature that after he gets the huge contract his intensity goes down...but you'd never see that from Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. And Lindor is just as talented as those guys.
  3. Watching the Mets/Phils game...man what the hell is up with Lindor?? That dude is far too talented to be in this kinda funk for this long. Is he a head case?
  4. ATX29

    NFL Thread

    Not a great pick but as a Raider fan I should prolly keep quiet.
  5. Amber Carrington and Amy Vachal. The first time I ever saw the show was when I was flipping through channels and landed on it when Amy was performing. It was love at first sight.
  6. I mean..."Suds in A Bucket" immediately comes to mind. Jake Haldevang and Clare DeJean are good calls too.
  7. No. Reagan was always his best shot at finale and he knew it. That's why he did what he did...just didn't work.
  8. No Maelyn...list is trash.
  9. 10. Mary Sarah - "Where The Boy Are" 11. Sundance Head - "I've Been Lovin You" 12. Lauren Duski - "Deja Vu" 13. Addison Agen - "Tennessee Rain" 14. Brynn Carteli - "What Hurts The Most" 15. Chevel Shepherd - " Travelin Soldier" 16. Queen - "The Scientist" 17. Rose Short - "God's Country" 18. Tstorm - "Blackbird" 19. Cami Clune - "Never Tear Us Apart"
  10. Maelyn was great for sure...but if I'm being honest SandyReed's audition was the textbook definition on how to turn four chairs.
  11. You mean back when he made real, decent country music? Yes of course I knew who he was. No denying that the show is what made him a household name tho.
  12. Living in Texas (pretty much the you-cant-tell-me-what-to-do capital of the world), I have shared this frustration. I guess you can't have it both ways though. A 60 year old who has lived his/her whole life in the "Land of The Free" is not going take to all of a sudden following government orders. As a military man who has taken them for a big part of his life, it still frustrates me when people have no sense of anything bigger than themselves though.
  13. Her tone is gold. I get what the coaches were talking about with not wanting her vibrato to be distracting, but I hope they don't tinker too much with it bc I think its a big part of what makes her unique.
  14. Ok so I just got around to watching this. Clearly there were some nerves there, but man that tone is everything. Easily my favorite of any ive heard this season. I don't know many spoilers but reading here that this was actually her weakest pre-live? That's pretty exciting if true.
  15. Goodness....if that's a 50 year old woman then I'll eat my hat. Imma need to see some id.
  16. A message board is probably not the best place to spend your time if you are bothered by other people's opinion.
  17. Honestly anything from Stapleton or Sheeran. I get that they make good songs but let's move on shall we?
  18. I really wanted to like Ryleigh but it didn't happen. Just watched the YT videos but it seems like maybe a filler episode?
  19. I do believe Angeles has posted the hashtag Laurenwasrobbed tho so that's a pretty strong start.
  20. I swear to everything Holy...if I make it to Heaven and the Angels don't sound like her...I may ask to leave.
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