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  1. Not sure if unpopular but I look forward to seeing Joshua's outfits every week.
  2. Holly Forbes - Last Dance - 5 Wendy Moten - Jolene - 8.5 Jeremy Rosado - Freedom Was a Highway - 6 Jershika Maple - Ain't It Fun - 8.25 Lana Scott - The One That Got Away - 7 Joshua Vacanti - If I Ain't Got You - 9.25 Jim and Sasha - Stay - 7.5 Paris Winningham - Amazed - 7.75 Hailey Mia - Peter Pan - 6.75 Girl Named Tom - Viva la Vida - 5.5 Jeremy Rosado - What Hurts The Most - 7 Holly Forbes - Because of You - 6.5 Jershika Maple - What Is Love - 9.5
  3. Don't mind most of them, except the S16 guys because that's even too much for me too handle. Among them, Andrew >>>>>>>> Gyth > Dexter.
  4. I actually enjoyed all of Aliyah's run apart from her finale set and duet with Hunter. Was she hated here during S12?
  5. 1. Joshua 2. Wendy 3. Jershika 4. GNT 5. Hailey 6. Lana 7. J&S 8. Paris
  6. Probably a wild guess but: Eliminated: Lana, Jershika IS: Jeremy
  7. Overall not as good as the last live show imo. 1. Joshua - I was so ready to hate the song, but I'm glad I didn't. It stood out enough from the other versions I've heard. 2. Wendy - She flubbed one lyric, but it was still a beautiful performance. 3. Jershika - Out of the box song choice for sure, and I love every second of it. It was so fun. 4. Paris - I don't like cheesy songs, but he just sang the hell out of it. So no further complaints. 5. Lana - I prefer the studio version. There were some melody changes she did that sounded a bit forced, but still pretty solid performance. 6. J&S - Still don't think their voices harmonize that well, but it's probably their best performance yet. 7. Hailey - Eh, it was fine, but she seemed shakier than normal. 8. GNT - What's up with two thirds of them messing up the lyrics tonight...? They didn't blend as well as I hoped they would. 9. Jeremy - He did okay, but the band was overpowering. Overall, not super memorable. 10. Holly - Yikes, she sounded winded the whole way through, and I was missing the signature big note at the end.
  8. Eh I don't get the "versatility" comment, especially whenever someone gets an unorthodox song choice people scream "bus" to high heavens. So do you want them to keep doing what they're good at or not? Personally, I'm a fan of GNT because I love their folky sound and harmonies. I don't need them to do anything else. It would be a delightful surprise, but not a necessity. I have other artists to listen to when I want to hear other genres.
  9. Wendy Moten - Freeway of Love - 8.25 Girl Named Tom - More Hearts Than Mine - 8.75 Holly Forbes - Alone - 8 Jershika Maple - How Can I Ease the Pain - 8 Lana Scott - I Hope - 8.5 Joshua Vacanti - The Show Must Go On - 9.25 Jeremy Rosado - Reckless Love - 7.25 Gymani - Diamonds - 7.25 Jim and Sasha - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - 8.25 Paris Winningham - Use Me - 8 Hailey Mia - Elastic Heart - 9 Gymani - Tell Me Something Good - 6 Jim and Sasha - I Won't Give Up - 6.5 Team Ariana - FourFiveSeconds - 9.5 Team Blake - Sugar Pie Honey Bunch - 8.5
  10. 1. Joshua 2. Hailey 3. GNT 4. Lana 5. J&S 6. Jershika 7. Paris 8. Holly 9. Wendy 10. Gymani 11. Jeremy
  11. Paris Winningham - What's Going On - 6.75 Jeremy Rosado - Because You Loved Me - 7.5 Ryleigh Plank - Rhiannon - 7.5 Girl Named Tom - Dust in the Wind - 9.5 Shadale - Life Is a Highway - 7.75 Hailey Mia - I'll Stand By You - 9 Wendy Moten - Blue Bayou - 8.75 Jershika Maple - God Only Knows - 8.5 Jim and Sasha - Your Song - 7.25 Lana Scott - Humble and Kind - 9.75 Gymani - Made a Way - 8.25 Joshua Vacanti - You Will Be Found - 9 Holly Forbes - The Dance - 7.5 Shadale - Breathe - 8.75 Gymani - Sweet Love - 8 Ryleigh Plank - Dangerous Woman - 5.5 Team Legend - Don't You Worry Bout a Thing - 8.5 Team Kelly - U Move, I Move - 7
  12. Shadale, Ryleigh, Jeremy Whoever sings last probably wins
  13. Overall a great night, no one really flopped. Everyone was at least solid, so my ranking is based mostly on personal preference. 1. Lana: I keep flip flopping between liking and not liking her round by round lol, but imo this time she blew me away. No more uptempo for this girl please. 2. GNT: The aimless wailing in the middle did detract from the end result somewhat, but other than that this was beautiful. The sister gave me Maelyn vibes. 3. Joshua: I can't resist a theater kid. The beginning was a little odd, but he picked it up right after that. 4. Wendy: I think this is actually the first performance of hers that I have liked and wanted to rewatch apart from her battle, inevitable Alisan comparison aside. She did have an awkward run towards the end though. 5. Jershika: I like it, she's a great vocalist. I just didn't feel it as much, which is usually the case for me when it comes to religious songs. No fault of hers. 6. Hailey: I like her take on it, but it didn't quite reach my expectations after last week? Still very solid though, despite her lack of experience showed through a little. 7. Gymani: Similar to Wendy, this is the first Gymani's performance that I enjoy so far. The second half got a bit messy, but the first half was really good. Still, can't really relate to God songs. 8. Holly: Quite underwhelming for a pimp spot tbh. She didn't flop per se, but it just really fell short due to how much I love this song. She kinda did too much vocally with it for my liking. 9. Jim & Sasha: Love the song, but quite indifferent to their performance. I don't think their voices blend together that well, and they need to project more imo. Still, it's not a flop either, I might like it more upon rewatching. 10. Shadale: I adore her for the sheer fact that she showed more energy on that stage more than almost everyone else combined. Like the song, but her singing it seems so random. Parts of the chorus were too low that she sounded muted. 11. Jeremy: He wasn't bad, Celine is just a massively tall order. It didn't help that it was quite similar to his previous songs as well. 12. Ryleigh: Great improvement from last week, but her lower register still doesn't sound very grounded. I don't think the song went anywhere either tbh, but she did what she could. 13. Paris: I literally forgot what he sang halfway through the show. I'm sure he did a solid job, but the song could have been more interesting.
  14. Girl Named Tom: Most of All (Brandi Carlile) Jeremy Rosado: Lost Without You (Freya Ridings) Gymani: River (Bishop Briggs) Hailey Mia: Dancing with Your Ghost (Sasha Sloan) Jim & Sasha: Fields of Gold (Sting) Holly Forbes: All Too Well (Taylor Swift) Ryleigh Plank: Lonely (Noah Cyrus) Wendy Moten: A Broken Wing (Martina McBride) Paris Winningham: Cry to Me (Solomon Burke) Lana Scott: If I Die Young (The Band Perry) Jershika Maple: I've Got to Use My Imagination (Gladys Knight) Shadale: Footprints in the Sand (Leona Lewis) Joshua Vacanti: This is Gospel (piano version) (Panic at the Disco)
  15. Girl Named Tom - Creep - 7.75 Katie Rae - Stormy Weather - 8.25 Gymani - Say Something - 7 Jeremy Rosado - When I Was Your Man - 6 Hailey Mia - traitor - 9.5 Shadale - Love On The Brain - 7.5 Joshua Vacanti - You and I - 8.5 Jershika Maple - Beggin' - 8.25 Samuel Harness - So Sick - 5.75 David Vogel - Slow Burn - 7.75 Raquel Trinidad - Don't Know Why - 4.5 Jim & Sasha - Hey Jude - 6.5 Bella DeNapoli - The Sweet Escape - 6 Ryleigh Plank - I'm Your Baby Tonight - 3.5 Holly Forbes - Torn - 7 Peedy Chavis - Proud Mary - 6.5 LiBianca - Woman - 10 Paris Winningham - I Wish It Would Rain - 8.5 Lana Scott - Next Girl - 6.5 Wendy Moten - I Will Always Love You - 7 ---------------------------------------------- Samuel Harness - Before You Go - 7.5 Bella DeNapoli - Ain't No Other Man - 5.5 Peedy Chavis - Stranger in My House - 7 Hailey Mia - Jar of Hearts - 9.25 Vaughn Mugol - Lay Me Down - 7.5
  16. 1. LiBianca - never heard of this song before, but she made me love it in 2 minutes, literally the only performance I could see myself rewatch daily, she's also such an underrated vocalist 2. Hailey - she showed so much poise and confidence for her age, and this is the first time I realize how emotional and pretty her tone is 3. Paris - every time he performs, he's way better than I remember him being 4. Joshua - was so happy when I realized it was Ben Platt's version, he did a solid job while the audience swooning when he said "you" made this the most unintentionally hilarious performance of the night for me (also I need that jacket) 5. Katie - love this song and her soulful rasp on it 6. GNT - their personal worst, and it wasn't even that bad like everyone made it out to be, their harmonies held up nicely despite the nerves of the liveshow 7. Jershika - never would have expected this song, but I loved it (the end was messy though) 8. Shadale - she was good, I was just a bit disappointed with the overdone song choice 9. David - the song sits almost entirely at the top of his range so he sounds a bit strained, but I enjoyed this way more than his KO (unrelated but when he sang "since '98" I realized we're of the same age and that put a lot of things into perspective) 10. Wendy - overall solid but quite underwhelming for a pimp spot performance, she looked like she didn't break a sweat singing one of the biggest power ballads of all time and idk but for me that's not necessarily a good thing? also the truncated time limit doesn't work for a song like this, there's no effective build up 11. Jim & Sasha - the harmonies didn't gel that well and both were off-key at parts, but overall they weren't as bad as I remember from watching live, maybe I should abstain from reading the live discussion threads from now on 12. Peedy - he's suspiciously good looking in ways that normal people are not, and he actually benefits from going after the trainwreck that is the entire team Ariana, but yeah upon rewatching it didn't hold up, still pretty fun though 13. Gymani - her thing of taking melodically straightforward song and changing it up is not gonna work for every song, it didn't work on pov and it didn't work on this one either 14. Bella - the arrangement didn't bother me, it was pretty cool actually, I always appreciate creativity, hit or miss, but boy did things go off the rails quickly after that key change, she was consistently flat. Valiant effort of her to do something new, but maybe she should arrange it so that the notes aren't always at the top of her range because that can get screechy 15. Jeremy - this song is one of the few I utterly despise, and his pitchiness didn't change my mind 16. Holly - the middle part was decent, but the start and end had major pitch issues, still not getting the hype for her 17. Lana - she was... just fine, and that's not good, will Blake save her for being the only country singer though? 18. Raquel - her being arguably the best on her team is definitely something because I cringed all the way through this performance... I just hate the way she bends the melody and gives Shi'ann a run for her money, this song is not supposed to be sung like that 19. Samuel - I had a sore throat watching that 20. Ryleigh - the key is too high and she struggled mightily with it, gotta give her props for the confidence she exudes while performing though
  17. I kinda like the arrangement, but it went south after that key change
  18. Samara Brown - The Best - 8 Shadale - Impossible - 9.25 Lana Scott - Wildest Dreams - 9.5 Carson Peters - Amarillo by Morning - 7.5 Bella DeNapoli - Chandelier - 8 Katherine Ann Mohler - Poison - 7.25 Jeremy Rosado - Run to You - 7 Xavier Cornell - Falling Slowly - 6.5 Berritt Haynes - I Swear - 3 Peedy Chavis - Unchain My Heart - 7 Jim and Sasha - Home - 8.75 Manny Keith - Golden - 5 Jershika Maple - Inseparable - 9.5 Paris Winningham - Tennessee Whiskey - 9.5
  19. 1. Lana 2. Shadale 3. Jershika 4. Paris 5. Jim and Sasha 6. Bella 7. Samara 8. Carson 9. Katherine 10. Jeremy 11. Peedy 12. Xavier 13. Manny 14. Berritt
  20. Jonathan Mouton - I Can See Clearly Now - 7 Wendy Moten - Ain't No Way - 8.75 Katie Rae - Hold On To Me - 9 Raquel Trinidad - Valerie - 5 Gymani - Pillowtalk - 5.25 Kinsey Rose - Strawberry Wine - 4.5 Joshua Vacanti - Falling - 8.5 Sabrina Dias - Photograph - 7 Hailey Green - God's Country - 8.5 LiBianca - everything i wanted - 9.25 Holly Forbes - Superstar - 7.5 Girl Named Tom - Wichita Lineman - 10 Brittany Bree - Best Part - 6 Samuel Harness - Bruises - 8.5 Hailey Mia - Arcade - 8.25 The Cunningham Sisters - Oceans - 7 Ryleigh Plank - Midnight Sky - 9 David Vogel - Lose You To Love Me - 6
  21. 1. Ryleigh - the arrangement sounds a bit rushed, she did well though 2. Samuel - it was great but I wasn't as connected as I thought I'd be for some reason 3. Hailey - solid redemption for her battle 4. TCS - love their tones but the harmonies weren't gelling 5. David - unpopular but I wasn't feeling the arrangement, felt like it stayed at one level and sounded the same the whole way through 6. BrittanyBree - the song doesn't fit her voice at all, she couldn't do much with it sadly
  22. 1. GNT: CHILLSSSSSSS 2. LiBianca: The first one to make me enjoy this song, loved the way she builds the song slowly to that climax at the end 3. Katie: A little held back, but she's got probably my favorite tone out of everyone left 4. Wendy: The lungs of this woman, damn, and she made it seem like she didn't even break a sweat (sidenote: absolutely loving the capes too) 5. Joshua: Really good and emotional performance, not to take away from him but the only thing is that I've heard this song done better before 6. Hailey: Not vocally perfect but damn her tone and power is incredible for someone so young, would prefer if she moved around the stage a little more though 7. Sabrina: The multi instruments were cool but did detract from her vocal performance, still it was something fresh 8. Holly: She wasn't bad by any means, I just wasn't really impressed with the song choice 9. Gymani: Not a fan of the song, she did the best she could but I felt she oversang towards the end 10. Jonathan: I like the a capella opening, a few off notes though 11. Raquel: I'm still yet to understand the hype for her, some of the runs and licks were great but overall it was just lackluster? Also her diction really bothers me 12. Kinsey: Much as I adore this song, this was a little snoozy, not to mention the pitch problems
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