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  1. A little late but here are my commentaries for Night 2 and 3 of Playoffs. Playoffs 2 - There were more performances I enjoyed than the premiere night. Pretty much every matchoff was good, except for *that* one. 1. Angela vs Roxane: Angela surprised me. She'd struck me as a serious gospel singer so I would never have imagined her nailing a fun, energetic song. Even more impressive is that she managed to give the performance some sort of build-up, despite it being merely a minute long. Roxane did great with what she got too, though I think it was a bit more subdued than what I expected of her. George made the right call on this one, though I'd lowkey love to sub Masha out for Roxane. 2. Stellar vs Jesse: Stellar gave me all the feels with that song, though admittedly her start was kinda rocky. Her voice and delivery was just so emotional. The same could be said about Jesse as well, but hs performance was more controlled and grounded. Overall, they were incredibly equal. I only favor Stellar here because I like her song more than Jesse's. It was somewhat surprising to see her lose, but everyone knew she wasn't going home anytime soon. 3. Timothy vs Matt: So Guy really is capable of giving good song choices. Who'd have thought? Jokes aside, I enjoy both of these performances. Another very equal pairing where both brought it, though Matt's drop in the middle of the chorus was disconcerting for me at first. I go with Matt because his voice is really distinct and is the type that I'd listen to out of the show. Can't fault Guy for taking Timothy through though. 4. Claudia vs Goldi: It took me a few listens to realize how much Claudia sounds like Ellie Goulding here. Her voice is so pretty but her inexperiece really showed. She lacked vocal control and couldn't breathe properly switching back and forth between head and chest voice. She just needs a few years to refine. Goldi made me enjoy a song that I used to hate, so that's good. But I agree that although they sounded good together, there isn't a very compelling point why they should be a duo? If anything, I'm happy that they broke the curse of duos formed mid-show being eliminated the next round. 5. Mark vs Bo'Ness: It's literally a crime to condense 'Dream On' into a minute long performance. It's not just the crazy high notes, it's the build-up to them too. There was no space for Mark to build his performance, and those high notes didn't sound particularly great or healthy. Bo'Ness didn't get a song that allowed them to stand out. They were just there strumming and singing and then the song ended abruptly without a moment or a crescendo. 6. Elishia vs Jimi: Truly iconic for all the wrong reasons. I cringed so much during Elishia's performance (that voice crack, big yikes) and then cringed some more watching Jimi after I though there's no way he could have lost this one now. It was really hard to watch the coaches tearing into them almost immediately, but I believe Kelly made the right call in cutting both. If I'm forced to choose, I'd probably go with Jimi since I did wind up liking his audition and battle, whereas Elishia's audition was forgettable. Also, I might have missed this but what was the theme of their song choices again? Playoffs 3 - Mostly everyone was solid tbh. Very strong night. 1. Steve vs Emmagen: I thought both of them were fodders, and I didn't know either of their songs. Boy was I surprised. Steve reminds me of Ray Charles and I love it. The ruggedness of his voice fits the song amazingly well. Emmagen was surprisingly good too. She showed that she's got more in her than just the spunky kid singer shtick. Of course, there was no way she was gonna win this, but damn Delta's a good coach. 2. Lyric vs Chris: Lyric brought something new to a tired song, and for that alone she should have won. The way she sang the first line of the chorus gave me chills, and her voice just sounded so good on a ballad. Chris was good too, but that is not really a singing song. He tried to infuse his vocals into it and it turned out decent, but not remarkable. It's funny that Kelly gave the balladeer a fun song and the energetic singer a ballad. 3. Virginia vs Sapphire: Virginia's performance showed that her head voice is very underdeveloped. She's always going full throttle which I don't think was the right approach to 'Chandelier'. There are so many covers of that song out there in so many different styles that hers didn't stand out at all. On the other hand, Sapphire was terrific. She captivated me from the first note and her voice is just so warm and emotional. I don't throw around the R word very often but this definitely calls for it. Sapphire was robbed. This is the decision I'm most upset with this season so far. 4. Soma vs Stephanie: Soma's performance was stiff and not very good, but she is a unique singer. Stephanie, on the other hand, sang well and hit some impressive notes, but she's terribly generic. I'd go with Stephanie but I don't think either would survive the next round anyway. Regarding the "drama", I didn't think Soma was rude at all. Sure, she could have phrased it better but going on the show itself is a lot of pressure, not to mention during a global pandemic. I really felt for her when she asked if she got what it takes to be a musician. I hope she gets the help she needs because that sounds like some insecurity and anxiety issues. Now, if I were to make some predictions as to who will be the top 2 of each team, I'd go something lke this. Team Delta: Stellar (obviously), Jesse (he's been consistent so far) or Clarissa (she's capable of delivering something epic) Team Guy: Johnny (coach's favorite), Timothy or Matt (they are kinda in the same lane) Team George: Siala (coach's favorite), Angela (the best of all the powerhouses) or Virginia (seems to be a favorite too) Team Kelly: Chris (stand-out so far), Despina (just a gut feeling)
  2. Alex is doing Train’s Drops of Jupiter, which probably means he’s getting eliminated. I thought Johnny was singing Fighter by Christina Aguilera but in second thought it sounded more like the lyric was ‘I am on fire’?
  3. Playoffs 1 commentary. The production value is amazing. It kinda makes the American version look like a hodge-podge virtual karaoke night. Though I hate how short the performances are. The stage is already set up, at least let the singers sing for 90 seconds! Also, the fake crowd cheering is kinda annoyingly loud. 1. Graeme vs Clarissa: Graeme's performance is what Johnny could have done had he a) been given a good song and b) trimmed down the excessive vocal runs and tricks. He's also really good at emoting. It's a very raw and honest performance that should be worthy of Delta's save (though I doubt he'll actually get it). Clarissa was simply epic. There's something about her that I find oddly compelling, more so than other classical/opera singers that came before. Also her "Latin is not my native language" quip was so funny. Clarissa definitely won, though Graeme did put up a great fight. 2. Alex vs Despina: I stil don't get the hype for Alex. Every performance of his has only ever been just average for me. It doesn't help that 'Issues' is not a fresh song choice anymore by this point, and still he didn't do anything out of the box with it. It was a very straightforward and uninspired attempt. Meanwhile, Despina has been slowly winning me over, ever since I realized that her vocal affectations were totally natural since her normal speaking voice is pretty much the same. I think she had the bigger challenge of learning the song from scratch. That being said, I like what she did with the song and she had some interesting vocal choices in there. I'd have given her the win easily. 3. Wolf vs Johnny: The theme was... interesting. To be honest, I kinda like Wolf's version of 'Dance Monkey' lol, if only to see Delta's reaction to it. Might be an unpopular opinion there, but there's something about it that, though cringey, kinda works for me. That being said, his voice is really unpolished and it can come off as abrasive. If Guy was a good and unbiased coach, he should let Wolf sing something like 'Hurt' (Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash) instead. Johnny simply did too much with the song. It's only a minute long, you don't need to add a run every other line. I liked Johnny but I guess I'm over him at this point. 4. Masha vs Elyse: Not a good version by either of them. Masha got a bit messy towards the end, which was weird because I assume she must have been singing this song dozens of time. My frustration with her is that I'm not getting anything from her emotionally. I'm not sure if this is because she can't connect to English songs as well as she does with Armenian ones, but right now she strikes me as a bland, pagaenty singer who can hit all the notes but that's about it. Like a Diana Rouvas lite. She only won this round because Elyse ran into some very conspicuous stumbles in the second half, though I admit her a capella opening was beautifully done. 5. Nathan vs Siala: Nathan has always been more of a performer than a vocalist, which I think should only carry him so far into the competition. He's definitely more style over substance. His performance is fun, but that's about it. Siala's flub was hard to watch, but I like how the coaches constructively called it out as a learning experience. I guess George was gonna go with Siala from the start anyway so the flub might not have mattered much. Personally, I'd do the same based on their potential. 6. Josh vs Adam: Josh is growing through every performance. Not sure if the song was fitting for his style but the arrangement sounded cool. Adam, on the other hand, sounded much weaker than he did. Like, a noticeably weaker performance than his previous two. He's another one whom I don't get the hype for. Josh should have won since he actually showed continuous improvement. But Guy is biased, what else is news?
  4. Battles 4 commentary 1. Masha vs Ella: Classic diva match-up, which I'm a total sucker for. They were both pretty equal, but Ella got a little messy towards the end there. Masha's tone has more warmth and soul in it, while Ella's is thinner. I didn't expect Kelly to pick Ella though, but happy that they're still both in. 2. Timothy vs Luke: I didn't care for either of them before but I absolutely love this. Another pretty equal battle in my opinion. Hearing them side by side, I kinda favor Luke more by just a hair. Shame he got cut but it is what it is. Timothy wasn't half bad either, so this is just a matter of preference to me. 3. Sebastian vs Nathan: I think any song named 'Physical' would be a cringey choice for a 15-year-old boy to sing, though admittedly Olivia Newton-John would be much more inappropriariate. Cringe aside, that was pretty fun to watch. Vocally, I think Sebastian has more range and knows how to navigate the song a little better. Nathan still lacks that oomph for me. 4. Adam vs Elyse: Elyse was practically signed up to lose this one, but she put up quite a fight. It wasn't as good as her audition though that's probably on song and the format. I just don't get the hype for Adam at all. Both his performances so far have been average for me. 5. Mark vs Emma: Emma was literally trying so hard to embody that angsty vibe. Her vocals sounded really forced and unnatural. That should be enough to give Mark the edge to win, despite him not giving it as much. He basically won by default. 6. Emmagen vs Callum: At least everyone had fun, right? I mean, I was having fun until I remember Delta could have paired Emmagen vs Janie (folk-country battle) and Callum vs Matt (energetic showman vibes) and then advanced both Janie and Matt as solo acts. I guess Emmagen won this?
  5. Battles 3 commentary 1. Josh vs Jimi: Jimi's blind eventually grew on me after a few rewatches, while I didn't necessarily care for or remember Josh. But then Josh kinda killed it, which really surprised me. I can see what the coaches say now about him having a raw diamond quality. He did sorta miss the timing a bit at the beginning but that can be chalked up to inexperience. Jimi was playing just a tad too safe for me, though I admit I prefer Jimi's tone more. Overall it was quite equal, and I wouldn't mind it if both of them had been kept. 2. Chris vs Sapphire: As overdone as the song and the arrangement was, this was a really nice battle. Sapphire's tone reminds me of Birdy in that it has this heartbreaking quality to it. Chris is undoubtedly a seasoned pro; I'm just not as connected to him emotionally as I am to Sapphire. I'm glad that both got through though. 3. Janie vs Matt: Janie reminds me of Sally Skelton a few seasons back. Her voice is about as pure as it can get. She did have a rocky start with those low notes, but her voice really bloomed later on. Matt also had a few vocal issues as well. Some of his highest notes sounded strained and as if his voice was on the verge of breaking. I still enjoy this battle though, although making them a duo is a choice. Historically, any duo formed mid-show has been promptly eliminated the very next round, usually because they don't really gel together vocally or one is just better than the other (see Luke and Tannah). I'd just have Janie move on by herself. 4. Angela vs Jonathon: Not sure if the song really showcased the best of their abilities. I was expecting for more dramatic power ballad for them. Jonathon's operatic stylings seemed to be out of place until the final chorus, and Angela pretty much got the win by default here. Both stepped down from their auditions I think, though it's not their fault as much of the song. 5. Caleb vs Andy: I like the message of inclusiveness in their performance. Vocally speaking, Caleb straight up murdered Andy. Now, imagine if Caleb sang this as a solo performance. 6. Jesse vs Steve: I'm just not feeling this battle. Steve messed up obviously and he did recover; I'm not sure if the song fitted him to begin with. It certainly is more in Jesse's wheelhouse, who turned in a decent performance by himself. Delta should have waited to save either Janie or Matt later.
  6. Battles 2 commentary. Bolded are my picks for winners, italics are worthy of a save. All in all, I enjoy tonight more than last night. 1. Stellar vs Matt: Pretty sure Stellar's TCO to win now, if that hasn't been clear enough since the auditions. I didn't think she could top her audition but she might have just done that right here. Matt did a good job too, but there was no way he was gonna win this one. He managed to keep up with Stellar for the most part but his voice falters every now and then. I'm glad he's still in but I'm not sure how to feel about him being on Guy's team. 2. Despina vs Siala: Both are much better than I remember them to be, and the song choice fits them perfectly. One aspect they can improve, though, is diction. I'm giving the win to Despina here because while Siala is also good in this battle, I have a feeling that she doesn't have much versatility going forward, while Despina seems to be able to tackle a more variety of songs. But I'm open to be proven wrong. 3. Charlie vs Bo'Ness: I find Charlie to be more reserved and timid on stage while Bo'Ness have more personality. They are also very likeable. Vocal-wise, I enjoy this battle. While Charlie is the type of voice that I prefer, I'd give it to the duo for their harmonies and presence. 4. Roxane vs Ricky: Simply put, Roxane ate Ricky alive. When they're singing together, you can barely hear him. Not necessarily because she's louder (which she is), but her voice is tailor-made for the song. She's also a more natural performer on stage. I believe this battle is a done deal before they even sang a note. Poor Ricky, at least he tried. 5. Maddy vs Claudia: I expected to like this battle but then I just didn't. At least not as much as I wanted to. They took too much liberty with the melody that it really threw me off. Claudia is the clear winner though; her head voice is really pretty. Maddy's decent too but she's not as polished. That'll come with experience. 6. Xy vs Nataie vs Wolf: What a joke of a song that didn't do anyone any favor. Vocally, Xy was the most consistent from start to finish, while Wolf was pretty much all over the place. I don't even know what to say about Natalie... she was there? I can see her trying to establish herself within the performance but like Kelly said, she was done the dirtiest by that song. I don't really get why Wolf wins to be honest, since his singing here just sounds like aimless and desperate bellowing.
  7. Battles 1 commentary, bolded are my choice to win, italic for saves. Not a great premiere, but there are a couple of stand-outs for me. 1. Graeme vs Elishia: The best of the night for me, and I wasn't a fan of either of their auditions. Poor Elishia got drowned out by the background vocals at times, but she still brought it. That dance break was such a joy to watch that I'm willing to cut them some slacks for their vocals. Glad they're both still in but I would have had Elishia win instead. 2. Clarissa vs Virginia: An unexpectedly good battle! Though I gotta say the song was heavily skewed towards Virginia, as Clarissa sounds like she was vocalizing the same thing over and over again. Still, Virginia was the biggest surprise of the night for me. Thank god that Clarissa had the chance to jump ship to Delta lol; George did her so dirty. 3. Soma vs Lyric: I guess this is fine? I don't mind Soma's tone as much in this song, but she comes off very stiff and tentative. At least Lyric appears to put effort into her performance, but still I'm not impressed by either of them. A wasted save in my opinion. 4. Stephanie vs Kirby: I find Kirby's theatrics and stage movements a bit distracting and incongruous with the song. And that strained note is a big yikes. Stephanie is better here than her audition though (still a lcouple of yelly spots), so she kinda takes this one by default. 5. Alex vs Mason: Another ok-ish performance. I still don't get the hype for Alex; there's nothing about him that stands out to me as exciting. Mason's voice also has this nasal quality that I'm not really interested in. All things said, my biggest gripe with this battle is how they managed to sap all the energy out of a freaking Tina Turner hit. 6. Bukhu vs Johnny: Did Bukhu even sing in this..? This feels like a Johnny solo. I feel like if Kelly had been their coach, she would have found a way to combine their singing styles way more than this (think Sam Perry and that rapper guy last year - their battles were different and unexpected and great). Guy doesn't even seem like he tried; this performance is like mixing oil with water. Not to discredit Johnny who did amazing, but damn this left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't feel comfortable picking a winner because one got screwed over by their coach so much. To sum up: Guy is a terrible coach and the background singers need to chill.
  8. Episode 9 rundown: such a strong group, I wish they would have made the episodes more even talent-wise because the last week there were a lot of fillers. Am I the only one who feels that the coaches mostly forgot about their blocks and only remembered towards the end of the auditions? 1. Clarissa Spata: she was too good! I've got chills all over. 2. Elyse Sene-Lefao: amazing performance, the only tiny nitpick that I do have though is with the song. But she definitely crushed that. 3. Nathan Isaac: he gives me Freddie vibes, but only with his performing style, not so much his vocals. His voice is kinda weak, actually. 4. Graeme Isaako: he was fun and entertaining, I'm just not fully on board with his tone.
  9. Took a little time off and now I'm back. And the auditions are still not over yet. Yikes. Anyway here are my comments from episode 6 onward: Episode 6 1. Angela Fabian: she is awesome. I'm not religious but she made me feel something almost spiritual. 2. Xy Latu: he might have done too much with it at times, but still a solid audition. It just wasn't memorable to me. 3. Elishia Semaan: I personally like the song choice, but I think everyone can unanimously agree that it's not suited for a singing show. Also, she's kinda fodder-ish. 4. Natalie Gauci: this is an even worse song choice, and the arrangement drags it out to be extremely repetitive and monotonous. She also didn't sound like she's fully capable of hitting the big notes. I'm actually bewildered how she won Australian Idol. She must have been a lot better then. Episode 7 1. Johnny Manuel: it's a crime they slotted his audition so late in the process. He deserves at least premiere week pimp spot with this performance. 2. Claudia Harrison: opera and folk? I'm intrigued. 3. Bo'Ness: they seem cool. I'm not familiar with the song but I like it. One of them seem to be better than the other though, as is the case with most duos. 4. Emma Mylott: I just think she needs more energy. It's a fun song and she sucked the life out of it. But the vocals were there. 5. Lyric McFarland: is it just me or she sounds winded the whole way through? Mash-ups are usually more misses than hits for me though. 6. Andy Dexterity: inspirational message aside, he sang like 4 lines and got 4 chairs to turn, mainly out of curiosity. This feels extremely gimmicky. At least Sam Perry used his voice. Episode 8 1. Mark Furze: the only good audition in this episode for me. Australia really loves their rockers. 2. Jonathon Welch: he's not bad, but I just love this song too much that I set an incredibly high bar for it. 3. Ricky Muscat: he's similar to C Major, but not as memorable by far. 4. Callum Gleeson: Detla's picked up a lot of fodders now.
  10. Just to clarify, so they’re doing Battles after Blinds this season? Or they’re still going Blinds > KO > Battles?
  11. Episode 5 rundown, lots of no-chairs this time. 1. Caleb Jago-Ward: I'm rewatching season 4 as well as watching this season and boy was that a massive improvement! Loving his personality as well. 2. Alex Weybury: it was good, but not sure if it warranted 2 blocks, especially considering how stingy the coaches have been at doling them out. 3. Maddy Thomas: she's very green and it shows. I think she's slated to be an early cut. 4. Soma Sutton: her voice is so... weird? But not in a good way for me. She was visibly nervous so maybe that affected what her performance could have been. I do think she's capable of turning it out in later rounds given the right songs and coaching.
  12. Episode 4 rundown - better than last episode, but that's not saying much 1. Matt Gresham: that was terrific from start to finish, probably my second favorite audition so far (after Stellar's of course). 2. Matt Evans: the Matts are killing it tonight. His vocal was not perfect by any means but that was such a fun and interesting performance. 3. Masha Mnoyjan: well obviously she's good technically, but I can no longer be impressed by that song anymore. Everyone just sings it the same way. 4. Kirby Burgess: very theatrical performance. Usually I'm a sucker for these kind of singers but she isn't doing it for me for some reason. In fact, the way she belts sorta annoys me. That last note is nowhere near as epic as the editting makes it out to be. 5. Siala Robson: not a fan of her genre, though the song did grow on me a bit towards the end. Kudos to her for performing an original song though. 6. Emmagen Rain: I can't stand precocious kid singers, but at least she made me remember how much I liked this song.
  13. Episode 3 rundown. Kinda a meh episode for me though. 1. Ella Monnery: her voice was surprisingly ear-popping. She’s like the girl who sang The Middle last episode but wayyy more refined. 2. Luke Biscan: I like the fresh song choice, his voice is decent too 3. Jesse Teinaki: it’s so weird, his audition last year was much better imo yet he only got half the chair turns for that. He’s much stronger in his full chest voice than his falsetto. I’d want him to stick to more uptempo or midtempo songs going forward. 4. Bukhu Ganburged: the throat singing was impressive indeed, but it feels a bit gimmicky. Hopefully he won’t use that in every song. Polyphonic singing aside, I don’t think his natural voice is anything worth going crazy about. The coaches were obviously turning quickly out of curiosity. 5. Sebastian Coe: I was not expecting this to get a turn. Also, is it just me or that girl who sang Video Games sounded almost exactly like Lorde?? I’d love at least a chair to turn for her.
  14. Episode 2 rundown: 1. Janie Gordon: it’s true there were shaky moments, but her tone is just to die for. 2. Chris Sebastian: it was solid, but he might have done a tad too much with it for my taste. 3. Timothy Bowen: another solid performance, but I wasn’t as captivated. Maybe because I’ve heard that song done that way dozens of times before. 4. Jimi the Kween: his voice sounds not fully controlled? Also I kinda expected more theatrics from a drag queen on a song like this. 5. Charlie McFarlane: he’s ok I guess, not a disaster but not very exciting either. 6. Stephanie Cole: soooo yelly, she’s gonna have to rein all that in.
  15. I thought it was a good premeire. I like it better than last year's even though Chynna >>>> everyone this episode. 1. Stellar Perry - she was stellar (sorry I just had to!), the best of the bunch by far. 2. Roxane Lebrasse - not sold on the song choice, but she's not bad. If she goes far she might be the diva of the season. 3. Virginia Lillye - solid audition, but I've heard this song done better. 4. Josh Pywell - every season of TVAUS has some form of reincarnation of this guy. He's like the Aussie version of the country guys on TVUS. 5. Adam Ludewig - I really don't like the way he was speeding through the lyrics. He's very green though, so that just might be nerves. Based on the extensive promos, I think he's gonna go far. Let's hope he'll get better and not so on-the-nose song choices like this one. 6. Despina Savva - the affectation is just... too much. Random thoughts: - The coaches here are always extremely trigger-happy. I wonder if this season will get like 20 4-chair turners like season 7. It kinda diluted the auditions for me (insert Oprah meme here). - That block was a real low blow, but I'm not surprise. The rule book of TVAUS has been chalked full of rule breakers, from Jessie J forming a duo on the spot, to Kelly doing the same so she could have one more steal, to Delta changing her steal midway because she wasn't getting the singer she wanted. Good thing I watch online so I can skip all the manufactured drama.
  16. Wasn’t Prinnie Stevens on last season already?
  17. My take is that we mostly expect from and associate 'divas' like Toneisha with big, belty, showstopper notes. And most of the time, the divas give us exactly that and more (sometimes too much), but Toneisha just doesn't. Her singing style is very subdued compared to the ones you mentioned, and it could be because she doesn't have an as strong high register except for her head voice/whistle. She usually prefers singing lower with a darker, richer tone, which I think is technically fine, but doesn't make for memorable moments.
  18. When I picked that version for him I was thinking more about the instrumental and how it has this slow but dramatic build to it. It starts off really soft and finishes big, not unlike how Say Something worked for Camm. I didn’t suggest that he would sing it exactly the way Disturbed did. It’s more about the feel of the song. And yeah he could totally work his own changes into the vocal execution. That’s what I expected him to do with any song anyways.
  19. Correct! And the singers who sang it before them were montaged too.
  20. Todd - Unsteady (X Ambassadors) - Up to the Mountain (Patty Griffin) - Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton) Thunderstorm - Road Again (Noah Reid) - One (Ed Sheeran) - Hiding My Heart (Brandi Carlile) Micah - When She Loved Me (Sarah McLachlan) - Red (Daniel Merriweather) - Every Breath (Boyce Avenue) CammWess - The Call (Regina Spektor) - The Sound of Silence (Disturbed) - We Won’t Move (Arlissa) Toneisha - Ave Maria (Beyonce) - You Lost Me (Christina Aguilera) - Blue Moon (Ella Fitzgerald)
  21. Did anyone make this same poll when Chloe, Addison, and Brooke or when Brynn, Kyla, and Spensha (literally what?) got PV to the finale? I like all of them except Brynn, but I’m just curious.
  22. Oh sorry I didn’t know there was one still unsolved.
  23. I have one too. Brooke Adee (S8) Jackie Verna (S14) Barett Baber (S9) Dez Duron (S3)
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