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  1. Her cover songs are pretty good, so I can see her winning in some scenarios. Especially if she gets to sing songs like 'Make you feel my love' or 'Hiding my Heart',
  2. She just broke the spotify record as the most streamed song in one day... And it is not even a day yet after the release It's insane
  3. Omg im so happy. Congrats jordan
  4. 1/2. Cam/Kenzie 3/4/5. Jordan/Corey/Rachel 6. Victor 7. Dana 8. Gihanna 9. Pia
  5. S19 - If the world was ending (Payge ft Lauren) S18 - Blackbird (Tstorm) S17 - Girl from the north country (Mendeleyev) S16 - Fields of Gold (Maelyn) S15 - Whipping post (Michael Lee) S14 - You don't own me (Kyla Jade) S13 - Landslide (Chloe K)
  6. Blake, but I would most likely be a no chair turner tho
  7. Not at all, I don't live in the US and country music is almost non existent here, so that's why. I started watching on S9 and he was the only unfamiliar coach for me. I was very surprised when I found out that he had won the most out of all coaches.
  8. 1. Cam 2. Pete 3. Jordan 4. Emma 5. Anna Grace Hoping jordan to make it somehow, Kelly's stans gonna be mad
  9. 1. kenzie 2/3. Corey/gihanna 4. Zae 5. Savanna I am hoping for Corey and Savanna top 2 for team Kelly, but ..
  10. Episode 4 Connor Christian - Bright Lights 8Bradley Sinclair - Say You Won't Let Go 6Gihanna Zoe - She Used to Be Mine 8JD Casper - How to Save a Life 6Deion Warren - Shallow 7 Episode 5 Savanna Woods - Zombie 9 Rachel Mac - Let Him Fly 5 Lindsay Joan - Nightmare 8.5 Rio Doyle - When We Were Young 6.5 Jordan Matthew Young - I'm No Stranger to the Rain 8.3 Zania Alake - Sweet Love 8.3 Savanna Chestnut - Hold Me Now 7 Anna Grace - my future 7
  11. Wtf she's goooodd Add me. My fav girl on team kelly tbh.
  12. Blinds and Knockouts. And maybe... Playoffs, the meltdowns are usually fun to watch.
  13. Yeah it wasn't bad technically, I just didn't like his tone, especially in the upper register, that's why I didn't enjoy it and put him on my least fav.
  14. Starting from S16 Fav : Maelyn (S16) Mendeleyev, Ricky Duran, Brennan, Marybeth (S17) Thunderstorm, Todd, Joanna (S18) Cami Clune (S19) Least Fav : Preston, Shane Q (S17) Worth the wait (S19) Anna Grace, Kenzie, Avery (S20)
  15. Just done listening to his stuff and I loved it. He's such a good performer. Add me
  16. Tbh im also not impressed with Anna's audition, there were some shaky notes, and it sounded like she was out of breath in some parts. But yeah the potential is there and she has pretty tone. Hopefully she will get better song in the playoffs.
  17. should we have something like a scoring range? idk about yall, but giving people 0.01 is just too mean for me, especially when we know that some of those people might read this forum. maybe if you don't like the performance at all... just give them 2/3 for the effort?
  18. Episode 3 Ryleigh Modig - when the party's over 8 Pia Renee - Master Blaster (Jammin’) 6 Andrew Marshall - Gravity 6 Emma Caroline - Slow Burn 6 Ciana Pelekai - Dance Monkey 6 Jose Figueroa Jr - At This Moment 7.5 Halley Greg - I'm Like a Bird 8.5 Durrell Anthony - What's Going On 8 Avery Roberson - If You're Reading This 7.75
  19. Gean Garcia - All I Want: 7.25 Aaron Konzelman - Ordinary World: 7 Carolina Rial - Stay With Me: 7 Ethan Lively - You Look So Good In Love: 5.5 Zae Romeo - Falling: 8.5
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