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  1. I watched the afterparty and Delessa was pregnant while on the show
  2. If IDF picked the top 9 by averages Kelly PV: Savanna Woods Kelly CS: Corey Ward Kelly WC: Zae Romeo Eliminated: Gihanna Zoe, Kenzie Wheeler John PV: Zania Alake John CS: Ryleigh Modig John WC: Pia Renee - Eliminated: Carolina Rial , Victor Solomon Nick PV: Dana Monique Nick CS:Rachel Mac Nick WC: Andrew Marshall Eliminated: Jose Figueroa Jr ,Devan Blake Jones Blake PV: Cam Anthony Blake CS: Pete Mroz Blake WC: Anna Grace Eliminated: Emma Caroline ,Jordan Matthew Young
  3. Arthur Gunn Simple Man by Lynrnd Skynyrd In My Place Caleb Kennedy Mama Said by Himself Violet Hill Casey Bishop Ironic by Alanis Morisette Paradise Chayce Beckham Mamma by Himself Magic Grace Kinstler When We Were Young by Adele Hymn for the weekend Hunter Metts The River by himself Everglow Willie Spence You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker Yellow
  4. Judges Guesses Ian Somerhalden Robert Patterson Taylor Lautner Bryan LaTrell Nick Lachey
  5. Carolina posted on her story saying another day at studios so maybe we are getting studios
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