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  1. He also mentioned he was in some controversy that wasn't shown on the show.
  2. another thing i remember is he said the teens that are minors. their parents play a bigger role then we see on the television. Like apparently they do a lot more then just see their son or daughter perform
  3. Someone mentioned it during his live stream
  4. That's basically what was said. He feels DeAndre would've won the save had Reagan actually sang
  5. Michael Lee from s15 spilled some tea He said he thinks the RobeGate thing happened because of her mom and she used tatics so she wouldn't lose the save.
  6. - Could not reign supreme in TMS the way its parents did on the big screen - Sun - It wasn't nice to tell a prickly lie - Robopine - Legend that has been blooming for a long time whether on its own or with others - Flower - The youngest to sting the competition in its habitat - Bee - Treat that had something which led to the demise of some people in a different setting - Popcorn
  7. Nothing Corey was my favorite his season
  8. Well maybe get to work and I won't have to tell you
  9. @QueenKalie @*Chris @*Lily that’s all who’s left
  10. I picked the one who didn’t mean anything to me
  11. MJ would've saved Barrett so its kinda your fault
  12. If you wanted Dia you should of saved her
  13. Says the guy who just cuts IDF favorites
  14. Why are you here? not like you make great decisions
  15. I cut Dia Frampton Dia was on the first season of the voice. She sang Bubbly by Colbie Calliat. She got Cee Lo and Blake to turn and I remember Cee Lo was creepy in his speech to get her on his team. So she picked Blake as her coach. She went against Serabee singing You Can't Hurry Love by The Supremes. She won and made it to the next week. She made it to the first round of lives and sang Heartless by Kanye West and moved on by the public vote. Then in the semifinals, she did Losing My Religion by R.E.M. where she made it to the finale. Then in the finale, she did Inventing Shadows by herself and I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty with Blake Shelton. Favorite Performance:
  16. SandyRedd Sandy appeared on Season 15 of the voice. She did River by Bishop Briggs and she picked Team Kelly. I remember I think during spoilers season, @Someone648 told us that she was Team JHud and I remember watching the episode and everyone was shocked she was Team Kelly. Then she went to the battles against Cody Ray Raymond where they sang Cry to Me by Solomon Burke and SandyRedd was a triple steal from Adam,JHud, and Blake. Then she went to the knockouts, she sang Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande and she lost but JHud saved her from being eliminated. Then she did No More Drama by Mary J. Blige where she needed JHud's save to move on. She moved on to the top 13 where she did It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday by Boys II Men where she got in the bottom 3 and needed to sing for the save. She decided to sing Believer by Imagine Dragons which got her eliminated. Since the show ended, she released her audition song and some singles. She also appeared on Empire as a backup singer. Favorite Perfomance:
  17. Kameron Marlowe Kameron auditioned for the 15th season of the voice. He sang One Number Away by Luke Combs where he turned Kelly and Blake. He picked Blake as his coach then he went against Kayley Hill singing Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie + The Blowfish where he moved on to the knockout. In the knockout, he sang I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley and lost. He got stolen by Adam where he went to the playoffs. He did I Ain't Living Long Like This by Waylon Jennings where he got eliminated even though Adam should of saved him over Tyke. He released a few singles. Favorite Performance:
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