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  1. Of course she would. Her tone/style/genre are very Minivan friendly and she has tons of charisma.
  2. I see, Bella is a PV lock then I'm still sticking to my pre season spoilers view with Ryleigh as Team Ariana's main horse though . PV1: Holly/Ryleigh PV2: Holly/Ryleigh
  3. OK, it's time for a pop leak. Hailey vs Raquel would be fitting. Btw, without even watching the performance, I'm expecting Hailey to destroy Raquel in the app.
  4. LMAO, adult pop girls in general don't do well on the show. And I'm gonna leave it at that because I'm really bad at explaining how editing and background work on the show and how important they are .
  5. She Killled it last night despite the song choice! When I found out that she got eliminated during battles it sounded weird because I couldn't see her getting outperformed. However getting paired against Samuel, who is arguably John's most intriguing contestant, makes things a little more difficult. She actually outperformed him, but voices like Samuel's are rarer on the show so I kinda understand John's decision this time . Anyways, sad to see her go but she did an excellent job regardless!
  6. Btw, Ariana improved a lot. Her words and connection with her team felt really genuine last night. Perhaps she just needed some time to form a true bond with her people and get used to her fellow coaches.
  7. Guys, come on. Bella is not the type of singer that get votes. Also, her whole background on the show is about being half Italian and I don't think Minivan finds that interesting or compelling LMAO
  8. Updating the list of remaining contestants aired in episode 3, only with names from next week: Hailey obviously Holly Jeremy Raquel
  9. I keep hearing that one Swon carried the other so I considered them similar to Hello Sunday in the sense that they weren't exactly a "solid" group act and they mainly benefited from their country/teen status. In GNT's case they don't have these advantages but they have crossover appeal and aren't unlikeable characters so I'm very intrigued about their future on the show.
  10. Nothing interesting, just wanna point out that this is the first time we have a solid group act in the show so, if they don't make it far then no group will. I personally don't think they have the charisma to go far and overcome the "it's not the voices" stigma but who knows.
  11. I'm pretty bad at predicting and I have no horse this season so I'm just gonna point out some names that got aired in episode 3 and are still in the game: Holly Hailey Jeremy Raquel Following the same rule, I'm ready to rule out any of these names if they get aired next week
  12. What can I do, IDF told me that she's gonna be top 2 at the very least and I believe them
  13. Just a reminder that, in recent fall seasons, the winner doesn't air until episode 3 of battles so IDF can already forget about Wendy, Samuel or GNT winning. This also confirms that Hailey Mia has the season in the bag
  14. Obviously not bad but he's a gospel singer and it shows. He has tone for days though
  15. I'm so ready for yet another R&B leak Come on interns, what are you waiting for!
  16. Ryleigh did the right choice. The only time Kelly took an adult white female past playoffs was in season 19, and I suspect TPTB forced her to do so, because she was dying to save her favorite cowboy.
  17. She's a pro! she did not disappoint!
  18. I'd say Ryleigh is the perfect contestant to get Ari's people excited. No idea why this is taking so long.
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