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  1. She's got more performances on her website http://www.k-jae.com/#music-section Edit: Her website is private now Also found this "No Time to Die" cover on YouTube! (first performance)
  2. I hope @ATX29 is still around here. Sometimes we have no choice but to support local talent
  3. I love how IDF keeps ignoring the sisters . In a few more months some people are going to be shocked!
  4. Thanks for posting this pic, it's always good to be up-to-date on what's happening with the contestants .
  5. Yeah, why not. Perhaps this is finally gonna be the season where the audience (Minivan) supports a hot indie girl and takes her all the way to the finale .
  6. All the Team Ari girls are similar so unless there's a ringer we don't know of in that team, I think Ryleigh is gonna be Ariana's main horse this season.
  7. Not sure about the top 2 just yet. I'm just assuming one of the divas will get third place at best as per usual.
  8. Nice, the POV lady haa been finally found. I'm just gonna say that the fight for that 3rd place is gonna be tough this season. Good luck to all .
  9. lul, there's no way Wendy sang the The Beatles version of the song and got 4 chairs. Her style suits more the Chaka Khan or the Stevie Wonder version.
  10. I'm thinking we have different contracts for different contestants. My theory is that Sarah Grace releasing a single while in the show was part of her contract. I've seen people on YouTube claiming that the show even offers a limited journey on the show for those who don't wanna win the show.
  11. So far IDF's collective hive mind is leaning towards Blake getting his ninth win with Wendy Moten. Let me see: - Team Blake - Potential crossover appeal - Seasoned Ringer/Pro - Backstory - Appropriate season 3 out of 5, not bad IDF
  12. It isn't s easy not to get distracted by her beauty, but damn, what a voice she has! She's like a charismatic version of Joanna Serenko
  13. We only know two things about her: "4 chair turn + AA". Rumor has it that's more than enough for some people to get excited
  14. Looks like she's an Ariana fan, so I'd say she's with 'Ari' . Just speculation though.
  15. Birthday? Happy birthday Queen! Yeah, we already know she's gonna slay! She's that good!
  16. She had good potential but her voice needed A LOT of polishing. Hope she's good enough now though.
  17. KJ Jennings' voice is really Something . Seems like she knows exactly who she is Also, she's on Team Blake lol. Name a more iconic duo
  18. I think their journey is going to be fun to watch. Add me!
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