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  1. From George It's more difficult, Siala 100%, then It can be lit anyone except Virginia, It's not that I don't like her, it's just that they didn't give her a song that helps her.
  2. Very this. I feel It's gonna be Stellar and Clarissa/GOLDI.
  3. 1. AUS - The best talent is in The voice Australia. Those who were eliminated in the battles could make it to PO in any other franchise. 2. US - Let's see, it depends on the season, there's a lot of talent, but they change too many formats and it's almost always for the worse. But it's the classic. 3. UK - Really, after seeing a woman singing Demi Lovato's Instruction and being 4 chair turn, It definitely makes me think the talent is pretty low. The first few seasons were good. But this last one has almost nothing positive. Very few are good talents.
  4. When even your own coach seems surprised that you won the Instant Save, then you realize it was a robbery lol
  5. Please nooo. I love Despina lol.
  6. I hope I'm wrong, but one possibility is Angela maybe? Since she's older than the other contestants on George's team, and well, the older the person, the more affected by the panedmia. Maybe that was a reason to leave the competition. Or maybe it's someone else I don't know.
  7. I'm SO happy for Elyse if she comes back, but WHY AGAINST MASHA, they're my two favorites. I'M SUFFERING A LOT THIS SEASON.
  8. I'm so scared for Elyse, she was one of my favorites in the auditions. And Adam, too, Iol. How many steals/saves are left?
  9. What do you think about Elyse? Because she was one of my favorite auditions of the season, but against Adam I don't know how she'll do, hopefully she'll win or advance somehow.
  10. Idk, I feel that this season Kelly will win again, I have that feeling, as much as they want to make Gwen win, otherwise I don't see why they brought her back, they tried somehow in season 17 with some of their artists but it didn't work out, and Blake already won the previous season. And John might be, but if he came in third with Katie Kadan, he's really going to need another Maelyn.
  11. Anything that comes from Kymberli Joye, Kimberly Nichole and Kyla Jade. Legends only.
  12. lmao I really can't stop seeing Megan at this performance, iconic.
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