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  1. Yes, if you look closely, you can see the kelly light in the background. Edit: Just realized that they already answered you.
  2. Well, he only wrote "Star" and "Wow," and Miley in s13 wrote something like "I'm gonna win with you" to Brooke Simpson.
  3. Kelly, we were able to prove it last year by having the worst team among the 4, none of us betting that she would win (before the season started) and ended up winning anyway haha.
  4. She uploaded the cover of that song to Instagram. I really liked It.
  5. Against team Blake's new Jake Hoot no one will stand a chance lol.
  6. Hi! I just got my account validated, I've been following Idolforums since the 13th season I've always been anonymous and I'm very happy to be able to post!
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