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  1. Yes, Thanks to Candice Boyd I have very high expectations of this song
  2. I truly believe that Megan and Micah are going to get votes from the public easily, especially seeing how the public reacted to the battle of Micah vs Gigi. And Megan is the typical teenager that people like and has a good tone of voice that can take her to the final.
  3. 1 - Micah Iverson vs. Gigi Hess - "Someone You Loved" - Micah was fantastic, and Gigi might have been a little pitchy, but then she got better and the harmonies were beautiful. 2 - Darious Lyles vs. Nelson Cade III - "Come Together" - They were both very good, I prefer Darious in this battle, and Nelson in his blind. But very good overall. 3 - Toneisha Harris vs. Jacob Daniel Murphy - "Good As Hell" - Very fun to watch, Toneisha was amazing, and JDM was good, a little pitchy, but it was fun. Very even with the other two. It's like these three were really good, really even with each other. 4 - Mandi Castillo vs. CammWess - "Señorita" - Here the bad battles begin, this one could have good singers, but they had no chemistry, horrible song choice. 5 - Cam Spinks vs. Kailey Abel - "What Ifs" - generic, super meh. But yes, Cam won fairly. I love Kailey tho. 6 - Tate Brusa vs. Anders Drerup - "Circles" - These two are a giant no. The song, their voices, is a no.
  4. I really think the first and second battles were very good, then everything got worse
  5. I feel like Mandi will be pitchy in playoffs if she gets there. Idk, It's that kind of voice
  6. Megan or Samantha Allegra Toneisha Todd T/Thunderstorm
  7. Probably 2 montages? There are 8 battles, and in the previous episodes there were 6... and there are 3 Kelly battles, so I would say Mandi vs Sara will be montaged and Arei/Samuel or Zan/Brittney
  8. What no, I'm just saying I like Kymberli better
  9. srry but Kymberli >> Toneisha, I just love her
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