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  1. Did it take 19 seasons for this person to figure out the show is all about the coaches? Or is this a case of chronic hate watching and getting mad every time you know something will happen happens just so you can say you're mad about it happening?
  2. Yes, because they're not going to keep all four around preparing for their songs while also filming them. What sucks is that the winner can't galvanize his or her fanbase all week long.
  3. Cassadee Pope (season 3) Andrea Thomas (season 12) https://www.metatube.com/en/videos/343606/The-Voice-2017-Knockout-Andrea-Thomas-Cry/ Reagan Strange (season 15) Taryn Papa (season 19)
  4. Personally I liked Kelsie Watts but holy crap was that the wrong performance for the KOs. Marisa Corvo wasn't great but how do you take Tanner Gomes over her? Lauren Frihauf was the elimination I didn't expect to happen.
  5. Was it just me or the way the segment was edited or was Cami the least surprised constestant to be stolen ever?
  6. Alanis seems to be the kiss of death on this show. Even if you advance you don't really win. Cameron Novack (season 2) Kat Robichaud (season 5) Madison Cain (season 15) https://www.imdb.com/video/vi3665935641 Betsy Ade (season 16) Kelsie Watts (season 19)
  7. Loren Allred was a KO breakout. Of course, she was also a double montage, so even though we saw that she killed it, how would we have known it was a breakout peformance besides Adam saying it was? And being a double montage, she was toast in the playoffs.
  8. Okay, Voice historians, when was the last time there was a KO montage, because those are actually worse than battle montages. As you saw tonight, one performance was montaged and one performance was completely removed from the episode.
  9. Anyone you thought was a frontrunner but the voters thought otherwise? Or you thought was fodder but the voters ended up supporting? I remember during season 7, everyone here thought James David Carter was a shoo-in.
  10. Montages suck. That is all. I wonder if the Maelyn fanatics will eat Cami alive because they misunderstood John.
  11. Screw you, The Voice! Montages suck. And why would you even do that when there's not a whole lot of original content on NBC right now and this season has less contestants?
  12. If Olivia Reyes's friend's father is Jermaine Paul, then shouldn't she know The Voice won't be a life-changing experience?
  13. Found it. Thanks! Now how do I link videos? The old way doesn't seem to work anymore, even though all the linked videos before the change are working the same.
  14. I have to go with Cami on this one.
  15. How do I edit my signature? I can't find it anywhere.
  16. Holy cow! She's had a fan thread for two months already? Add me, please.
  17. You know, if there was ever a season where they had no excuse to montage anyone, it would be during a season where NBC's schedule of original content is about 75% lighter.
  18. No tea, just based on her facial expression when Merlin got eliminated.
  19. I don't know if there was anything more to it, but Shakira was definitely pissed.
  20. Unless she were on Team Adam, in which case Adam would give most of his points to his other contestant in the semifinals, thus preventing the contestant with the popular vote from advancing.
  21. Terry McDermott knockout over Rudy Parris.
  22. Cody Belew, Melanie Martinez, Nicholas David and Terry McDermott performing "Rhythm of Love" might be the best group performance. It was so simple with them just sitting there and the light from the stage floor providing most of the illumination, sort of like a campfire. And if I remember correctly, the camera moved around but never cut.
  23. Didn't someone figure out that Vicci finished ahead of Beverly or am I imagining things? Tony Lucca is a good singer, but Adam weighing his semifinals points toward him and then we find out that Katrina Parker actually got the popular vote and would've advanced really annoyed me and soured me on Adam.
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