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  1. Congratulations Rachel for this incredible journey! You're amazing!
  2. Winner: Cam Runner-Up: Kenzie 3. Victor 4. Jordan 5. Rachel
  3. I hope she will sing "Humble and Kind" Monday. It's a great song for her voice and emotion. I'm a little nervous for her upbeat performance. I don't know what song would be perfect for her.
  4. I hope she have greats songs for next week.
  5. 1. Rachel 2. Cam 3. Kenzie 4. Victor 5. Jordan
  6. Yes! Queen Rachel is finalist! I'm so happy! I'm sure she will gave 2 incredibles performances next week!
  7. I hope she gets PV tonight. This performance was good. The end is very emotional.
  8. Wow! She was amazing last night. Girl is incredible.
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