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  1. Alisan is a great vocalist! Maelyn too!
  2. You have an amazing taste! Queen Cami, Carter and Taryn is my Top 3 in the same order too!
  3. Blake: Danielle Bradbery Christina: Alisan Porter CeeLo: Juliet Simms Adam: Addison Agen Shakira: Kristen Merlin Usher: Michelle Chamuel Gwen: Carter Rubin Pharrell: Hannah Huston Miley: Brooke Simpson Alicia: Vanessa Ferguson JHud: Kennedy Holmes Kelly: Cami Clune John: Maelyn Jarmon Nick: Allegra Miles
  4. This season could be so good and better than S19! A lot of talent!
  5. Covers 1. DeSz 2. Jim 3. Carter 4. Ian 5. John Originals 1. Jim 2. DeSz 3. Ian 4. Carter 5. John
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