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  1. Battles part 2 Team Kelly: Mandi Thomas vs Cam Spinks - Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man Winner: Mandi No steal for Cam Team Nick: Roderick Chambers vs Clerida - Endless Love Winner: Roderick No Steal for Clerida Team John - Darious Lyles vs Tracey Preston - Ain´t No Mountain High Enough Winner: Darious No steal for Tracey Team Blake: Jacob Daniel Murphy vs Joei Fulco - Leather And Lace Winner: Joei No steal for Jacob Team John - Thunderstorm Artis vs Cedrice - Stay Winner: Thunderstorm Nick and Blake steal Cedrice joins Team Nick
  2. @Zoey how many judges have sent so far???
  3. Is The Top 12 show going to be up soon @Zoey
  4. Sent my songs im excited for all of you to see what i picked
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