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  1. Episode 2 Rankings 1. Timothy Bowen 2. Chris Sebastian 3. Charlie McFarlane 4. Janie Gordon 5. Jimi the Kween 6. Stephanie Cole 7. Megan Vuilleman
  2. Episode 2 Janie Gordon - Songbird by Fleetwood Mac, Everyone Turned - Picked Team Delta Stephanie Cole - The Middle by Zedd, Turned Guy and Delta - Picked Team Guy All Star Chris Sebastian - Jealous by Labrinth, Everyone turned - Picked Team Kelly Charlie MacFarlane - Sign of the Times by Harry Styles, George and Kelly turned - Picked Team Kelly Megan Vuilleman - Emotion by Destiny´s Child, No Chair Turns Jimi the Kween - Wicked Game by Chris Issak, Everyone Tuned - Picked Team Guy Timothy Bowen - I Can´t Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt, Everyone Turned - Picked Team Guy Team Guy Sebastian Adam Ludewig Josh Pywell Stephanie Cole Jimi the Kween Timothy James Bowen Team Delta Stellar Perry Janie Gordon Team Boy George Virginia Lillye Despina Savva Roxane Lebrasse Team Kelly Chris Sebastian Charlie McFarlane
  3. My ranking of night one 1. Roxane Lebrassie 2. Despina Savva 3. Stellar Perry 4. Adam Ludewig 5. Josh Pywell 6. Virginia Lillye 7. Jon Wiza
  4. @mjdolorico Virginia Lillye - Instagram Roxane LeBrasse - Instagram
  5. Episode 1 Virginia Lillye - Barracuda by Heart; Turned Boy George, Delta - Picked Team Boy George Adam Ludewig - Leave the Light On by Tom Walker, Turned everyone - Picked Team Guy Sebastian Despina Savva - Idon´twannabeyouanymore by Billie Eilish, Turned everyone - Picked Team Boy George Stellar Perry - Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga, Turned everyone - Picked Team Delta All Star Jon Wiza - Don´t Stop Believing by Journey, - No chair turns The Voice Colombia Josh Pywell - Run to Paradise by by The Choirboys, turned Delta, and Guy - Picked Team Guy Sebastian Roxane Lebrasse - Best of My Love by The Emotions, Turned everyone - Picked Team Boy George Team Guy Sebastian Adam Ludewig Josh Pywell Team Delta Stellar Perry Team Boy George Virginia Lillye Despina Savva Roxane Lebrasse Team Kelly
  6. its working on my phone but its very laggy
  7. yeah the song choices every year make me love it more
  8. the website keeps blocking or doing something to my vpn and saying the website is unavailable
  9. she follows matt evans and adam ludewig
  10. I will include x factor, American Idol, America´s Got Talent The 72 acts competing From X Factor coaching is Demi Lovato 1. Jeff Gutt 2. One Direction 3. Leona Lewis 4. Little Mix 5. Cher Lloyd 6. Carly Rose Soneclar 7. Olly Murs 8. James Arthur 9. Dani Im 10, Alex and Sierra 11. Chris Rene 12. Third D3GREE 13. JLS 14. Rebecca Ferguson 15. Taylor Henderson 16. Sam Bailey 17. Janet Devlin 18. Alexandra Burke 19. Rhydian 20. Jae Waetford 21. Fifth Harmony 22. Samantha Jade 23. Jennel Garcia 24. Stacey Solomon From Team Idol coaching is Keith Urban 1. Adam Lambert 2. Kelly Clarkson 3. Clay Aiken 4. Chris Daughtry 5. Haley Reinhart 6. David Cook 7. Jennifer Hudson 8. Carrie Underwood 9. Jordin Sparks 10. Jessica Sanchez 11. Colton Dixon 12. Angie Miller 13. William Hung 14. Pia Toscano 15. Larry Platt 16. Constantine Maroulis 17. Rhonetta Johnson 18. Casey James 19. Michael Johns 20. LaPorsha Renae 21. Tamika Bush 22. Sanjaya Malakar 23. Blake Lewis 24. Katherine McPhee From Team Got Talent coached by Simon Cowell 1. Anna Graceman 2. POPLYFE 3. Lys Agnes 4. Forte 5. Cami Bradley 6. Jimmy Rose 7. Emily West 8. Quintavious Johnson 9. Sons of Serendip 10. Miguel Dakota 11. Grace Vanderwaal 12. Brian Justin Crum 13. Laura Bretan 14. Linkin Bridge 15. Calysta Bevier 16. Puddles Pity Party 17. Kechi 18. Angelica Hale 19. Courtney Hadwin 20. Michael Ketterer 21. Glennis Grace 22. Kodi Lee 23. Benecio Bryant 24. Makayla Phillips Finally The Voice coaching them is Nick Jonas 1. Tessanne Chin 2. Danielle Bradbery 3. Cassadee Pope 4. Brynn Cartelli 5. Chevel Shepherd 6. Maelyn Jarmon 7. Jake Hoot 8. Todd Tilghman 9. Leanne Mitchell 10. Angela Begley 11. Jermain Jackman 12. Stevie McCrorie 13. Kevin Simm 14. Mo Adernine 15. Ruti Ojugabaluge 16. Molly Hocking 17. Karise Eden 18. Harrison Craig 19. Anja Nissen 20. Ellie Drennan 21. Alfie Arcuri 22. Judah Kelly 23. Bella Paige 24. Diana Rouvas
  11. The Top Twelve is From Team Adam Melanie Martinez and Cassadee Pope Adam Saves Sylvia From Team Cee Lo Amanda Brown and Loren Allred Cee Lo saves Mackenzie From Team Christina Michelle Brooks-Thompson and Adanna Duru Christina saves Trevin From Team Blake Liz Davis and Dez Duron Blake saves Avery Wilson
  12. @anonymouskid_35 @Kaito @taylorkat @sublymonal @xfactor22 come vote
  13. Live Playoffs part 2 Starting with Team Christina Starting Team Christina is her oldest contestant, Michelle Brooks- Thompson - Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin) Next from Team Christina is the four way knockout winner, Joselyn Rivera - Give Your Heart a Break (Demi Lovato) Next from Team Christina is her pop singer who resembles her the most, Devyn DeLorea - Bleeding Love (Leona Lewis) Next from Team Christina is her soft rocker who is doing a Sade song, Laura Vivas - No Ordinary Love (Sade) Next is another pop singer from Christina who was a block, Adriana Louse - Firework (Katy Perry) Next is an R&B singer Christina stole from Adam, Adanna Duru - It´s a Man´s Man´s Man´s World (James Brown) Closing Team Christina is Trevin Hunte - How Am I Supposed to Live Without You (Michael Bolton) Team Cee Lo is ending the live playoffs First is Cee Lo´s Oldest contestant on his team, Nicole Nelson - I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston) Next is Cee Lo´s Pop girl, Loren Allred - All Around The World (Lisa Stansfield) Next is Cee Lo´s Pop male, JR Aquino - Best I Ever Had (Drake) Next is Cee Lo singer songwriter/Folk , Emily Earle - Mercedes Benz (Janis Joplin) Next is Cee Lo´s pop/ singer-songwriter male, MacKenzie Bourg - What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) Closing Team Cee Lo is a R&B Rock artist, Amanda Brown - Dream On (Aerosmith) This was intense so you guys get until tomorrow at 8PM Est Pick three from each team. https://forms.gle/rFaNJijrhiesAqmZ8
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