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  1. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Chayce Beckham 3. Casey Bishop 4. Cassandra Coleman 5. Beane 6. Ava August 7. Grace Kinstler 8. Madison Watkins 9. Deshawn Goncalves 10. Willie Smith (just not my style)
  2. Such BS she didn’t make it.
  3. I voted online but also want to text. What’s his number?
  4. 1. Louis Knight 2. Makayla Phillips 3. Franklin Boone 4. Nick Merico 5. Arthur Gunn (hate to put him this high but it was decent) 6. Aliana Jester 7. Olivia Ximines 8. Faith Becnel 9. DeWayne Crocker 10. Cyniah Elise
  5. 1. Hunter Metts 2. Casey Bishop 3. Chayce Beckham 4. Grace Kinstler 5. Cassandra Coleman 6. Alyssa Wray 7. Caleb Kennedy 8. DeShawn Goncalves 9. Willie Spence Love 1-3, like 4-5, 6-8 meh, 9 dislike
  6. Now that I am fully caught up! 1. Wyatt Pike 2. Hunter Metts 3. Casey Bishop 4. Chayce Beckham 5. Ava August 6. Colin Jamieson 7. Beane 8. Alanis Sophia 9. Cecil Ray 10. Mary Jo Young 11. Liahona Olayan 12. Jason Warrior 13. Grace Kinstler 14. Cassandra Coleman 15. Anilee List 16. Alana Sherman 17. Graham DeFranco 18. Alyssa Wray 19. Willie Spence 20. Madison Watkins 21. Dayshawn Goncalves 22. Caleb Kennedy 23. Hannah Everhart 24 Andrea valles
  7. I finally caught up this season! Who I would have picked (very different than reality!) Guys: Wyatt Hunter Chayce Beane Colin WC: Jason or Cecil Girls: Casey Ava Laila Alanis Mary Jo WC: Liahona
  8. Ugh. Not happy with these results. Gutted Ava went home. Shocked. I thought she had a huge fan base.. Sad to see Beane go as well but kinda expected it since he just made it in last week plus he didn’t have the best performance. I have quite a few contestants who made it through that I am not a fan of.. Alyssa, Caleb, Willie etc (he’s good but not my style at all.. reminds me of Ruben Studdard who is one of my least fave winners ever) I had a ton of faves in the top 24 and just like that I’m down to only Hunter, Chayce and Casey left. Please oh please let them last a wh
  9. Hunter, Casey and Chayce have been my faves I’m so glad to finally be caught up on this season!
  10. Yassss! I hope it’s him he gets through! Him and Nick are the only ones on that list of ten coming back who I like.
  11. Omg what happened to Wyatt?! I just caught up and I am so bummed cuz he was my top favorite
  12. Locked Out of Heaven - Cortez Shaw, Colin Jamieson Chandelier - Trent Harmon, Hunter Metts honestly Jordan Smith >>>> all on this song though Decode - Colton Dixon, Jena Irene, Casey Bishop prob recency bias, tbh. I liked all though And the duets for fun: Angels - David Archuleta, HeeJun Han, Lazaro Arbos, Beane & Josh Groban She’s Country - Maddie Walker, Hannah Everhart & Jason Aldean Who Will Save Your Soul - Cade Foehner, Hunter Metts & Jewel liked both though
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