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S21 Premiere : Favorite Audition (POLL)


S21 Premiere : Favorite Audition (POLL)  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Girl Named Tom - Hopelessly Hoping
    • Katie Rae - The Bones
    • Peedy Chavis - Heartbreak Hotel
    • Jonathan Mouton - Leave The Door Open
    • Katherine Ann Mohler - We Don´t Have to Take Our Clothes Off
    • Jack Rogan - House of The Rising Sun
    • Kinsey Rose - Cowboy Take Me Away
    • Vaughn Mugol - The A Team
    • Wendy Moten - We Can Work It Out

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Underwhelming premiere overall. 

Too sleepy, very tentative
9. Jack Rogan
8. Vaughn Mugol
7. Kinsey Rose

The potential is there
6. Katherine Anne Mohler
5. Katie Rae
4. Peedy Chavis

Perfectly decent
3. Jonathan Mouton

Holy harmony, Batman!
2. Girl Named Tom

I only watched a minute of this but it told me all I need to know
1. Wendy Moten

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Overall not the premiere I was anticipating, but I did enjoy it! All the chair turners were deserving.


The clear top two:

1. Girl Named Tom (Flawless harmonies. Just fantastic. Best trio on the show so far, and it's not close.)

2. Wendy Moten (Duh.)


Really Good:

3. Kinsey Rose

4. Jonathan Mouton


Didn't expect to enjoy these as much as I did?:

5. Peedy Chavis

6. Jack Rogan

7. Katherine Ann Mohler


Did perfectly fine, but didn't blow me away - song choice was a big factor:

8. Vaughn Mugol

9. Katie Rae


not me ranking Ari's three as my bottom three lol

I know the rest of her team will impress.


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I enjoyed a lot of the auditions upon a rewatch, but overall, not one of the better premieres, especially compared to last season.


Did not disappoint

1. Wendy Moten - I mean.... Obviously outstanding. She went incredibly high without ever showing signs of going off the rails.

2. Girl Named Tom - Very subtle, but very beautiful. It's insane how well their voices blend, even the low parts sound perfect.



3. Kinsey Rose - Love her tone!


Had some issues, but enjoyable

4. Peedy Chavis - The guy was very entertaining. The vocals were good too but he's not really my thing.

5. Katherine Anne Mohler - The song choice was unexpected, and I think it paid off. The connection was there, just didn't go anywhere.

6. Jack Rogan - His low notes are incredible and his tone is cool, but it was a little too stagnant and under-enunciated.

7. Jonathan Mouton - He can sing, but I have high expectations for this song, and he did not really stick the landing.



8. Katie Rae - The very definition of "ok".

9. Vaughn Mugol - He has some nice breaks in his voice, but his phrasing choices are hit or miss for me. Song choice felt off as well.

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9.  Katie Rae - i didn't like it at all. Wrong song choice, felt off, didn't like the big notes, tone is unpleasant to me, sorry.

8.  Vaughn Mogul - few nice moments but overall very unmemorable 

7.  Jack Rogan - while interesting and fresh, rough moments and felt disconnected 

6.  KInsey Rose - decent, some rough moments, didn't like the higher parts, doesn't stand out

5.  Katherine Ann Mohler - nice tone, connected, the higher parts need more finesse and didn't stand out/blow me away

4.  Peedy Chavis - nice warm, deep tone and has presence but felt gimmicky

3. Jonathan Mouton - smooth, great tone, liked it a lot. Not a capital M moment but still great.

2.  GNT - very tight, impressive. Potential snowflake alert.

1.  Wendy Moten - wow. There are people who can belt the entire performance but she is one of the few that should. Not necessarily my style and the song choice could've been better but definitely show-stopping.

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I really like this premiere, more than I thought I would. All the chair turners were at least solid.


1. GNT - Just about the best and tightest harmonies I've ever heard on this show

2. Wendy - I like her, not sure about the song but she absolutely killed it

3. Vaughn - I enjoyed him more than most it seems, his tone is really pretty

4. Kinsey - She lacked a little power in the higher parts, but I'm a sucker for the song

5. Peedy - Yeah it was definitely imitative and gimmicky, still solid overall though


6. Katie - I liked this when I first watched, but upon looking back it was not as memorable as the ones above

7. Jonathan - It was technically good, but didn't excite me in any way

8. Katherine - Her tone is nice, but the way she timed some of her phrasings bugged me a little and made me feel disconnected from the song

9. Jack - The beginning caught my attention but then it kinda just went around aimlessly, his diction also needs work

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Definitely not the strongest premiere but we got two phenomenal auditions to make up for it.



1. Wendy - I was a bit skeptical of how this would go based on her song choice, but boy did she slay. Killer intro and then she went all out. Vocal masterclass.

2. GNT - This took me on a spiritual journey. Hypnotic.

Undeniably solid, but not really my thing
3. Peedy - Amazed at how high I’m ranking him. Gimmicky as people mentioned above, but everything else was very good.

4. Kinsey - I’m usually not a fan of twangy voices but I enjoyed this quite a bit.


5. Jonathan - The intro was perfectly fine but there’s something that didn’t quite work for me after that. Decent enough tho.

6. Jack - Interesting tone but it was slightly sleepy. Doesn’t help that we already had some amazing covers of the song.

7. Katherine - Killer song choice but there wasn’t anything here that intrigued me.


8. Katie - Weakest blind tonight in terms of execution, but I think she has potential.


9. Vaughn - It was technically fine but that’s about it. A very generic performance.


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Possible snowflakes this season

1. Wendy Moten

2. Girl Named Tom


Everyone else

3. Jonathan Mouton

4. Kinsey Rose

5. Peedy Chavis

6. Katherine Ann Mohler

7. Vaughn Muhol

8. Jack Rogan

9. Katie Rae

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Personal Ranking


 1. Wendy Moten

 2. Peedy Chavis

 3. Katherine Ann Mohler

 4. Vaughn Mogul

 5. Jonathan Mouton
 6. Girl Named Tom (sorry)
 7. Katie Rae
 8. Kinsey Rose

 9. Jack Rogan


More objective ranking:


 1. Wendy Moten

 2. Girl Named Tom

 3. Jonathan Mouton

 4. Peedy Chavis

 5. Kinsey Rose

 6. Jack Rogan

 7. Katherine Ann Mohler

 8. Vaughn Mogul

 9. Katie Rae

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Adore it

1. Wendy - That is how you perform! Flawless, especially her high notes



2. Girl Named Tom - They sound beautiful but they look like a cult


Pretty good

3. Jonathan - Some great parts, some not so great. But overall really solid

4. Katherine Ann - Very nice but didn’t do too much for me vocally

5. Peedy - My guilty pleasure of the night

6. Kinsey - Great tone, but she needs some coaching



7. Vaughn - Nice tone but uneventful

8. Katie - Good start but it went nowhere at all


9. Jack - *yawn*

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