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  1. They seem more of a fan than her actual fans with this knowledge
  2. not going to say their name but someone is doing god’s work defending Ari from the haters
  3. im not sure what you're asking but the voice still going to be 8-9 on tuesdays. if you're talking about the 9-10 slot the new show wont premiere on the 28th so it will probably be filler on the 21st. if thats not what you're implying then idk
  4. i have to stan even harder. probably who i am rooting for this season.
  5. The only thing I can trust is when we get a promo or something now
  6. if the show is around 5+ years later I could see Olivia being a coach if she is still successful and making waves
  7. after intense research they didn’t announce it until august 27th for last tv cycle, wouldn’t expect it until then or earlier if they release a promo sooner
  8. sharane is the one i go back to so i will go with her
  9. rumors are the next performance is off the table with the weeknd
  10. the way she slayed her first positions era performance
  11. she just needs great song choices and she is going to kill it since i already know she can sing live. my worry is how far since viewers arent fond of singers and if i didnt know brooke she reminds me of the same type of "get a killer singer to make lives" i hope she makes finale but i doubt shes winning, i just hope she makes it
  12. purr slayed left no crumbs. honestly i hope she truly makes it big i want her to perform on big stages like the grammys and see her on billboard charts esc esc
  13. i am more curious why she didnt mention the voice maybe she couldnt but she gonna kill it either way
  14. I’m just curious if she will mention the voice in her package
  15. i kinda feel bad for john though, he has great artists its him that causes them in low places plus other factors
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