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  1. idk if its just the way the camera is viewed but if i was at that billie festival i would be screaming so loud to her songs, especially hte
  2. Today I was on TikTok, and if you know how the app then you know how a very opinionated place it is. It was a video about Taylor and particularly about Wildest Dreams and re-recording her music. One comment stated how "disappointing her re-recordings are". And in my head I am just confused because what more does this random commenter want from Taylor to do with the new music. So that is where my question comes in. How do you guys feel about the re-recordings, are they better than the originals, worse, the same? Personally, I love the re-recordings and think they are better than the OGs since I love her more mature voice and the different elements she does to the songs.
  3. The Voice is nominated for an Emmy tonight.
  4. idk about others but i am a fan of ariana for like forever and i want her win but i just personally cant see her fans pulling in huge numbers to change the tide. yes she is the most mainstream artist, but i dont think any coach who would join would be able to win with the majority of their fanbase helping them vote for their team, the only artists i could think of doing that are bts. and after reading bk's post, im just trying to think realistically. but i love her team though
  5. right. are they going to actually sign up and vote every week or retweet ariana's outfits stating how amazing she looks
  6. amazing spectacular one of a kind performance. everyone killed it but can we talk about blake like he can sing any genre and has a great voice
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