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  1. I see I didn’t miss anything, I only watched the duo then turned it off got boring rq
  2. Shocked Olly since she wanted a duo. Show very different from US with foreshadowing that’s for sure
  3. Anne was bothering me refusing to turn until the last second like I am screaming “COME ON”
  4. i only stated that because since its summer time and usually its reruns and not a lot of new programming during that time, they could easily just have more shows for people to watch and also cause like everyone here was hoping for more shows so ig thats a bit of hope
  5. New info about the voice reported from Deadline Things to know Shows are already occupying the Tuesday slot starting 2/16 so that already means The Voice won't premiere on Tuesdays then. Per Deadline it states "It has not been decided yet where [the show] will return; it likely will be in another time slot as the Tuesday 8 PM hour will be occupied by The Voice until summer." Brackets relating to Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist "The Dwayne Johnson-Nahnatchka Khan’s Young Rock and Kenan Thompson starrer Kenan will air in the Tuesday 8 PM hour through the end of May, f
  6. Megan Danielle - Simple Man - 4 Allegra Miles - In My Blood - 11 Zan Fiskum - Always Remember Us This Way - 13 Joanna Serenko - Unaware - 10 Toneisha Harris - Lovin' You - 12
  7. Madeline Consoer - Die from a Broken Heart - 9 Ryan Gallagher - Time To Say Goodbye - 2 Sid Kingsley - Make It Rain - 13 DeSz - Can We Talk - 28 Carter Rubin - You Say - 18 Payge Turner - Creep - 14 Cami Clune - I Put A Spell On You - 55
  8. Again as soon as episode 1 went on a high note (for me) it is starting to be boring with lackluster talent. I will still follow but just wish whoever is doing the casting for this show takes some notes from US.
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