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  1. yessss like at points he just wants to go home cause he has to wait for artists and coaches to be done talking to move on
  2. 1. Ariana 2. The Rest in all seriousness, blake would be my 1 and kelly would be my 2
  3. lol getting yourself prepared. i been watching my queen for over a decade so i already know what to expect
  4. I definitely think that the voice is heading into a new era of getting current coaches onto the show, let me explain. ever since s11 we got big names to be on the show. from Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys to Jennifer Hudson to Kelly Clarkson to John Legend to Nick Jonas but now with the addition of Ariana Grande, a current artist topping the charts and releasing 3 albums in the span of 2 years getting #1s (if you couldn’t guess by now I love Ari) I definitely think in these next few seasons coming ahead we are going to get some names that are topping the charts to bring in more viewers to the show, examples include Taylor Swift to Dua Lipa to Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber or Ed Sheeran. Let’s face it, viewing has gone down season after season and people aren’t interested to the show like during the prime (1-6, or at least I consider the prime). This way getting current and popular artists will 1. Create buzz for the show, wasn’t Ari announcement post the most liked post on their IG page correct me if I’m wrong though 2. People will watch and 3. More social media engagement amongst fans of the artist, new fans interested, or people returning to the show after not watching for a period of time. And now with a season gone from the tv cycle means more money to pay coaches to come on the show. Also, there will come a point in time where Blake or Kelly leaves the show or fans who have been watching for a long time will not anymore, with the new fans watching for their favorite coach or now because of the show, they can still get a decent number of views. Additionally, with new and popular coaches probably comes brands wanting to sponsor them so added bonus. To wrap up this lengthy post, with Ari coming in just a few more months, I think The Voice is heading into a new direction into picking their new coaches, to keep the show still fresh and current and keeping NBC making money, getting the artists that are topping the charts. What do you guys think? : ) thanks to @jus.vshn for telling me to post this
  5. now they are mainly mentioning she is too young in her career to coach, she can’t sing, or the main thing they want nick back.
  6. saw a few comments where no one said anything on her recent post but guess i didnt scroll far enough lol
  7. Arianators aren’t as present at defending their queen on Instagram since some people aren’t excited for Ari but they are heavy on Twitter defending her
  8. to compare 19's finale was 7.5 mil/0.9 demo and 20's is 6.5 mil/0.7 demo
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