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  1. Update: airing on March 21st instead of February because of COVID. It will be eight weeks long with its grand finale May 9th. AGT: Extreme is taking its place in the meantime.
  2. i knew someone was going to say this, i owe me 10 bucks
  3. Not voice related but Ellen’s game of games was cancelled officially. now voice has no excuses to not air on Tuesdays anymore lol
  4. um um i told him god bless him and to keep working on vocabulary
  5. everytime i see this topic have a new message i think its new news or info
  6. basically i should be a coach on the voice coming for ariana spot #teamthevoicefan12
  7. same. those were hard but once i got further i got them
  8. was a serve. one of the best battles in s18
  9. my favorites are chandelier and sweet escape and enjoyed damaged. i actually think enough is enough is my least fave, funny cause it was my top 5 performance of s21 but all of them will be streamed regularly
  10. wait they are all icons, can i choose all?
  11. and actually do something for the contestants once the season ends
  12. the amount of digging for threads. i need this time and patience
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