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  1. I wish I knew lol. I know no spoilers but I do hope they are a diversified teams.
  2. Oh my you giving me some hope for this season, hopefully the format won't screw it over.
  3. Yes. And the taping is gone on the 1iota site, did you get in?
  4. Hmm not sure since I never been accepted. Just keep checking your emails/ticket to see anything changed.
  5. Just read the account's tweets and seems the talent must be good this season. Hopefully it lives up to it.
  6. I hope these spoilers come through and bring some interesting talent. Speaking of which, when can we get our first batch of names/spoilers?
  7. That too. I thought since it was digital they would be more understanding with people being a bit younger than 18 and people not living currently in America, I hope they start allowing that soon.
  8. Ok. I wonder why they wouldn't just allow people under 18 as well, 16 or 17 maybe, they may would have had enough requests to suffice the necessary seating for each taping.
  9. I see that 1iota and The Voice socials all pushed for people to request tickets. Are the tickets not filling up enough or they just want as many as they can get?
  10. Yay! Can't wait for the weekend to see the full spoiler list.
  11. If they had to take away a round, I would want Knockouts because like you said more iconic performances in Knockouts but since Battles along with Blinds is a staple for The Voice, if a round had to go, Knockouts most likely will be on the chopping block.
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