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  1. Thanks for the spoilers but do you know how many saves/steals each coach gets in battles?
  2. So I watched the video and John said something about the 10 or 12 people. He said, "...this coaching aspect I have never done before and doing that for, you know, 12 artists, 10 artists, whatever we have that season..." So this could mean s18 has 10 artists on each team, I would like that but it would be weird to go change how many artists you have on a team after so many seasons.
  3. Me too can fill the gap before season 18 starts.
  4. Wild Predictions Team Blake: Kat Hammock (PV) Ricky Duran (PV) Gracee Shriver (CS) Ricky Braddy (Wildcard) Cali Wilson (Eliminated) Team Gwen: Rose Short (PV) Jake HaldenVang (PV) Kyndal Inskeep (CS) Joana Martinez (Wildcard) Myracle Holloway (Eliminated) Team Kelly: Hello Sunday (PV) Max Boyle (PV) Jake Hoot (Coach Save) Damali (Wildcard) Shane Q (Eliminated) Team Legend: Katie Kadan (PV) Alex Guthrie (PV) Marybeth Byrd (CS) Will Breman (Wildcard Winner) Khalea Lynee (Eliminated)
  5. Marybeth after Alex so Katie gonna probably close, hoping Will does though
  6. Top 13: Jake Hoot - Public Vote Max Boyle - Public Vote Hello Sunday - Coach Save Kyndal Inskeep - Public Vote Rose Short - Public Vote Jake HaldenVang - Coach Save Marybeth Byrd - Public Vote Katie Kadan - Public Vote Khalea Lynee - Coach Save Gracee Shriver - Public Vote Ricky Duran - Public Vote Cali Wilson - Coach Save Wildcard Nominees: Kelly - Shane Q Gwen - Joana Martinez John - Will Breman (Winner) Blake - Kat Hammock
  7. Gwen, Blake, Kelly, John. They probably want to start strong and end strong.
  8. Its saying that The Voice will just be on Monday and then the first 3 weeks in May will have Tuesday shows, meaning Lives will be only three weeks.
  9. It is confirmed that it will be the top two vote-getters from each team to get saved by the public. On the Voice website, it states, "In the live Playoffs, the Top 20 artists will compete to secure a spot in the Live Shows. Each team has five artists left. Artists will perform, and the top two vote-earners on each team will automatically advance. Each coach will then have to select one of their remaining artists to complete their roster and move on to the final phase of the competition: the Live Shows."
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