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  1. Wendy is an obvious pre-live; while Joshua/Hailey r an obvious live
  2. Kelly and Blake are CHILLIN this week (4 of the top 5 are from these 2 teams). what if the top 5 is lana/hailey/gnt/paris/wendy LMAO
  3. Best IS performance since Toneisha Harris I SEE U JERSHIKA SHDUFKFJFH
  4. I think Jershika can make it! She might not make the finale, but at least we’ll have 2 more iconic performances by her. In the end, its the MUSIC and ARTISTS and SUCCESS after the show that matter, not the competition itself (thought it’d be great to see Jershika in the finale)
  5. If America doesnt vote for jershika then theyre racist cuz JERSHIKA BLEW HOLLY AND JEREMY OUT OF THE WATER
  6. She said she grew up listening to Kelly and thats why she picked this probs and why she picked kelly at the start
  7. Definitely not Jeremy (theyre not gonna call back to back) I think its gonna be Lana 100% Jeremy and Jershika r likely done…lol
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