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  1. AGREED I wish Kelly stole her but Max > Marina... John should have stolen, Alex was not rly THAT stealworthy.
  2. But everything else works! I would add Hello Sunday or Jake for S17 but they went far so,.,
  3. Also have u realized that in every Team Kelly playoff team there’s a one chair contestant that had a breakout moment in the knockouts, and they usually never advanced in the Playoffs (except for Megan). For example, Dylan Hartigan, Abby Cates, Presley Tennant, Damali, Megan Danielle, Madeline Conoser..... S20 is missing that. At first I thought it would be Corey but then he was a two chair turn, not a one chair turn
  4. Oml I feel bad for every country guy that reads this forum
  5. I really loved Chevel, Rod and Danielle... HM: Lauren Duski, Todd T (if he counts)
  6. How did we all forget this............. Also, I REALLY loved Jackie Foster’s Knockout and Kendra’s + Rod’s crossbattle!
  7. Megan yes, but Micah was like 3rd place until he flopped in the finale.
  8. Kelly would have stolen him. Can I just say that Kelly’s steals are usually really good - ex. Zaxai, Rod Stokes, Matthew Johnson, Max Boyle, Cedrice, CammWess, Cami Clune, Sid Kingsley, Avery, Zae
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