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  1. Predictions for Semifinals Order Dana Jordan *trio* Victor Gihanna *trio* Corey Pia *trio*+ guest Cam Rachel Kenzie
  2. IF Kenzie gets the T9 pimp spot...he’s winning. If he doesn’t get pimped in the T9 or T5 & gets bussed with upbeat songs then he’s getting 2nd
  3. GUARANTEED to move forward 1. Kenzie 2. Cam STRONG chance (95%) 3. Victor 4. Corey 5. Rachel COULD GO EITHER WAY 6. Jordan 7. Dana SLIM CHANCE 8. Gihanna 9. Pia
  4. TOP 13 Rachel Dana Jose Kenzie Gihanna Corey Pia Ryleigh Victor Cam Anna Jordan Pete T13 Instant Save: Anna (wins) vs. Pia vs. Jose. Jose and Pia ELIMINATED T11 Instant Save: Gihanna (wins) vs. Anna. Anna is ELIMINATED T10 Instant Save: Dana (wins) vs Gihanna vs Jordan Gihanna and Jordan ELIMINATED. Ryleigh and Pete INSTANTLY ELIMINATED. Semifinal IS: Dana vs. Corey (wins) vs. Victor PV = Rachel, Kenzie, Cam Top 4 1st- Cam/Kenzie 2nd - Cam/Kenzie
  5. 1. Kelly - Her team is A VOTING MAGNET! They’re also super diverse: Kenzie (authentic country), Corey (singer songwriter), Gihanna (pop-ish) 2. Nick - Dana is a POWERHOUSE and Rachel has rly been growing on me. The most improved contestant by far. 3. Blake - Jordan shocked me with his PO and Cam continues to deliver. 4. John - Victor NEEDS TO SING GOSPEL and Ryleigh should have advanced over Pia. Had Ryleigh advanced this team would go to #3
  6. Last time Team Blake opened despite having only 2... I see the order being Dana, Jordan, Gihanna, Pia, Corey, Cam, Victor, Rachel, Kenzie
  7. Who do you think is getting pimp spot? I feel like Kenzie for semis and Victor for the finale with a gospel song
  8. Ethan would win. But if it was Kenzie vs Ethan just based on knockouts I think Kenzie would win...his KO was rly good compared to Ethan’s.
  9. He should have picked a diff PO song but at least it paid off
  10. Corey “Impossible Dana or Pia “Amazing Grace” Rachel “I Could Use a Love Song” Kenzie “Cover Me Up”
  11. Unpopular but I LOVED S19’s lineup. - Desz was my favorite! HER VOICE IS SO DAMN POWERFUL - Cami was great although in her semifinal performance she hit a few bum notes. However, before semifinals I loved her run (She had my fav BA, KO and PO) - Carter was SO GOOD - Jim/Ian/Ben weren’t flat out terrible like Gyth so I didn’t mind - Tamara was great. Needed to work on breath control tho - Although John H was probably the best vocalist of S19; I wish he picked songs that showcased that better. - Bailey was meh but she did better on the instant saves then the actu
  12. I love Cami but yeah..that was a trainwreck. And poor Bailey
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