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  1. To this day, I think Bria Kelly should've picked Blake or Adam because Usher was not the right coach for her. Jej should've picked Blake, Mandi Castillo with Nick/Kelly, Allegra with Kelly, Ivonne Acero + Mendeleyev + Julia Cooper with Gwen & Raine Stern with John
  2. There's been a good amount but they got stolen/saved: Gean, Taryn, Samantha, Nelson, Keith, Zaxai, and now Kinsey Purely eliminated tho- only Rizzi
  3. I'm looking forward to GNT vs. Kinsey, Jeremy vs. Jershika, Wendy vs. Manny, Paris vs. Johnathan, and Ryleigh vs. KCK3
  4. I know they'll prob be paired with Hailey bc they're both on the younger side of Kelly's team but like I rly want GNT in the lives
  5. I hope this happens in KO's Gymani vs. Xavier Jeremy vs. Kinsey (stolen by John) - so she can make it far Girl Named Tom vs. The Cunningham Sisters Holly vs. Hailey
  6. omg YES he had my favorite S18 audition but his battle wasn't great and John should've chosen Darious over him in the knockouts.
  7. If CammWess didn't pick John in the KO steals, Thunderstorm would've been eliminated. I believe the order was: Toneisha vs Cedrice (Kelly used her steal) Megan vs. CammWess (John and Nick uses their steals, Camm picks Nick in this scenario) Zan vs. Joana (Blake still uses his steal here) Mandi vs. Thunderstorm (John can't use his steal on his own teammate so Thunderstorm would be eliminated. The next battle I think was Levi vs. Joei and I'm 100% sure he would've stolen Levi if not then Taylor) If John stole Levi, would he win a PV against Mike/Zan/Mandi. VERY POSSIBLE! He would've probably placed 3rd
  8. What if Kelly saved Corey Ward last season instead of Gihanna? Would Gihanna win the WC and move on to semis or would Pete/Ryleigh advance instead?
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