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  1. I literally just listed the contestants I remembered who blocked my favorites from making it to the finale.
  2. Just wanted to say that I actually watch and follow this show since Season 5 and I actually remembered most of these contestants so that should be good enough reason to include me in this Rankdown
  4. Your writeup for Corey.... Glad he's your 2nd best male this season. Glad you enjoyed his prelives run. I do think his blind is really underrated, I think he gave DOMO a new flavor with his performance. It's a more assertive version than Calum's cover, but still very vulnerable. There's a couple of moments in his blind (the "on my own..."s specifically) where he modulated his notes and it sounds so dope. DOMO is actually my third favorite performance from him this season, only behind Already Gone (an all-timer KO if you ask me) and Lose You to Love Me (I still can't believe he got IS with that song). As for "Arcade", I remember you being one of the few people who wasn't as harsh on it as the rest of IDF was, and at that time I appreciated that note of positivity, so thank you for that. I think that if Corey didn't exhaust all his resources on that group performance with Cam and Kenzie, he wouldn't have run out of steam for Arcade, especially since he was sick at that time and wasn't in top condition. I do see your point about the song being very range-y but also fast at the same time, which isn't really a good combination for Corey because his voice excels on slower songs where he can gradually build up to glory notes without running out of breath. I still love his studio version of it at least, and I'm glad he got to do something upbeat and with a little more personality on the Voice stage. Random fun fact: Duncan Laurence, the original artist behind Arcade, was also an alumni of The Voice of Holland, the originator of the whole Voice franchise. He was also a semifinalist on his season, has a female coach, and his exit song also happens to be Iris, just like Corey. At this rate, should we be expecting Corey to suddenly make an appearance on the American Song Contest next year? Only time will tell.
  5. Hope he can work through our list eventually! You can tell the cover was from a while back because Corey sounds like he was holding back a little in the video.....but ugh that tone, on that song.... love it.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CQCkWMXh4Hd/ Todd sang for Thunderstorm during his tour in Meridian, MS. Here's a little backstage performance of the two of them singing Cover Me Up, also featuring Thunderstorm's wife.
  7. As one rankdown winds down, another one blossoms! LOL Anyway, interesting critique on Halley's whistle register. It's definitely not the best one out there, it sounds pinched at times during her performances. To me she's someone that excels more at the studio than on a live stage.
  8. I am very surprised that Avery and Rio didn't even make Bk's Top 10, but considering how short their Voice journey was, it is justified. Expected Corey to be at around #6-10, surprised that Dana is potentially in Top 5 though, unless I'm missing something with the clues.
  9. HOLY SH**..... So I was just searching through FB for random Corey videos and I stumbled upon this little gem of a cover Corey did of Chasing Cars back in 2018!!!! The video is half Corey singing and half some dude doing some spoken word stuff, but I honestly think the video is worth it, Corey's voice on this song is PURE BLISS. The good stuff is at 0:00 to 2:18. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as I did LOL. https://www.facebook.com/lifepointeworshipnc/videos/936706659857985/
  10. Ooh, I hope this becomes a regular IG show like Pete's Artist to Artist series!
  11. Hide and Seek is honestly the most out-of-the-box song choice I've seen on this show in 20 seasons. It's a rare slam dunk choice from Adam, IIRC. The fact that it did not clinch her a PV boggles the mind. I would say add me to the list, but my old username is already on there, so NVM.
  12. Of course, how can we forget the Ward Grande border between Brazil and Venezuela! (watch the last clue being actually for Corey skskskskksks)
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