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  1. My prediction is Episode 3, but I hope we get him earlier, for obvious reasons.
  2. In addition to that, Pete is planning to release a single called I Believe It soon, and he's planning on getting a bunch of his Voice buddies to sing on it. Hope this plan pushes through!
  3. Corey was supposed to be on Pete's live tonight but he got sick Fortunately, he got Savanna to replace him! And he also managed to get Kenzie on the live before her! Savanna sang a little Sweet Pea just now!
  4. Pete's marketing know-how is evident here, with his single releasing just in time for The Voice S21 premiere!
  5. That was a fun live! Lots of tea was spilled!
  6. I haven't seen any finale promos, so I don't know why they're showing the duet song choice for Bella. Maybe they will show it in a second post?
  7. Finale tomorrow night! Here are the finalists in order of their Spotify single streams as of this moment: 4. Mick Harrington - Real You (20k+) 3. Arlo Sim - Feel (24k) 2. Bella Taylor Smith - Higher (32k+) 1. G-NAT!ON - Mad About You (37k+) And here are the finale cover songs for tomorrow. https://www.instagram.com/p/CTqRUvMBtx8/
  8. Yeah I agree, I really don't think about the number of chair turns usually, I'm just curious because who or how many he turns will directly affect how he gets edited on the show.
  9. OK, gonna backtrack a bit, but just based on how excited he is for Ariana on The Voice (from his stories)..... I don't think Joshua turned her chair. There's no way he'd choose anyone over her if she turned, right? Then again, there's plenty of people who we thought were obvious Ariana bait, but they chose other people over her, so IDK.
  10. I'm not the biggest fan of Jordan's tone, but I cannot deny the similarity between their voices. Yeah, I also noticed that story. I wonder how far back Joshua knows of Jordan's music. Is he doing research on past contestants? Or is he aware of him through his CCM projects?
  11. Song suggestions: His tone actually reminds me of a more pleasing version of Jordan Smith. So I think he'd do well with the demo version of Ashes. For a more out of the box suggestion, I'd also like the the stripped down version of Take On Me by A-Ha for Joshua, which funnily enough was featured in the same movie as Ashes. Small world. And as I suggested before, I'd like to hear him on a Tauren Wells or Dear Evan Hansen song, specifically these two.
  12. Wow. Between these and the originals, they're really gunning for Guy to win with Bella, LOL. I'm sure Arlo will do some magic and make me like his finale cover.... but his coach duet better be mindblowing.
  13. So I finally watched the entire Semi-finals on our home entertainment system... and man, it really does make a difference in the enjoyment of the show. I dragged my mom and dad in watching Season 10 with me, and their favorites are Bella and Mick, while I'm #TeamArlo. They were also kind of rooting for the Fuller siblings, but when they saw who they we're up against, they saw the writing on the wall. It's weird how the Spotify singles sound so much worse than the actual performances, considering they just used the same audio tracks as the live performances. Everyone sounded decent to terrific. The most painful elimination for me was Lau, I thought she gave her best performance so far and it must have been so hard to choose between her and Arlo.
  14. Crazy theory time: since he has a musical theater background, and the Voice S21 premiere is only a few days before the premiere of the movie adaptation, I wonder if Joshua will be singing a song from Dear Evan Hansen in his blind audition. The Voice loves cross-promotion after all.
  15. I think he's prime Ari/John bait, so I think he'd turn both of them at least. I can see him turning all of them though. He's been around singing competitions in his youth, so he's perfectly capable of a 4-chair-worthy audition.
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