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  1. Finally watched the entire episode and I really enjoyed it! Love the staging and the panel was a lot better than I expected it to be. The game structure is fun and fresh, but I think the secret demo round is just the lipsync round with an added unnecessary layer of difficulty with the pitch modification. Would rather have a longer Interrogation round. And as discussed above, the reward system is kinda wonky and random. But overall, a really fun companion to The Masked Singer!
  2. Well, we already know he pulled out the keyboard for a performance at least once. And since he is Team Blake, maybe he'll be more inclined to let Sid go wild on a sax solo.
  3. It definitely happened in my country's version. 5 singers and 1 fake singer. And I don't think I've ever seen an episode where there's only 1 singer among the Secret Voices. But it's the Secret Voices who was getting cash there, so that's fine.
  4. The only way a contestant gets to earn $50k in the first five rounds is if there is only one singer among the Secret Voices. In other versions of the show, the good/bad singer ratio of the Secret Voices changes with each episode, so if that applies to the US franchise too, the amount of money you can earn can vary wildly across episodes.
  5. NAILED ITTTTTT. That was fun! And I didn't even watch live! Can't wait to watch the actual episode!
  6. OMGGGGG almost batting a perfect game! Come on Stylist, don't let me down!
  7. It's interesting that the player earns the money in this version. On the Philippine version, the suspects earn money based on how long they last on the show before being outed.
  8. 4/4!!!!! The last two are definitely singers, no way they'll end the premiere with a tone-deaf singer.
  9. Interesting.......love how they're throwing all these clues and demos to confuse the player.
  10. Also glad that they cut the tone-deaf singers' performance mercifully short LOL.
  11. I like how in all versions of this show, the suspects are told to stand their as emotionless as possible as the panelists talk over them.
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