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  1. https://www.facebook.com/sidkingsleymusic/videos/466656878055574 Episode 2 of The Hang this week is all about.... AMOS LEE! Love the songs that he chose to cover, but I can't believe he completely glossed over Arms of a Woman. I know that he covered it already on a previous live, but I wanted to hear the song in higher quality than his previous streams. Anyway, his version of Night Train is a must-watch, so gorgeous!
  2. 5. Kameron Marlowe - One Number Away 4. James David Carter - Nobody Knows 3. Jake Hoot - Cover Me Up 2. Todd Tilghman - Anymore 1. Barrett Baber - I'd Just Love to Lay You Down
  3. Now that his family is settled in Tennessee now, he's been really busy in the recording studio, so I have a feeling we'll have more singles to expect soon!
  4. MY CD ORDER FINALLY ARRIVED AFTER 5 MONTHS! And I'm not kidding when I say it's totally worth the wait! Todd sounds AMAZING in the studio! His versions of Anymore, I Can Only Imagine and Chain Breaker superseded the originals for me. He also included a autographed pic and sticker to make up for the long wait. This is making me so hyped up for the upcoming originals! He's meant to be a recording artist.
  5. This show has not produced a snowflake for me since S5, but I'm bored so I went and marathoned through the performances so far. Only three people made an impression on me. In no particular order: 1. Jeremy Levif - could do without the French, but his tone is nice. 2. Joe Topping - lovely tone and performance. Love the steel guitar too. 3. Matt Croke - TVUK almost always cast a contestant like this every season: the atypical-looking operatic/classical singer. LOOOOVE the song choice, definitely could work on his phrasing and pitch, but I'm always here for a singer li
  6. AHHHHHH SO EXCITED!! Here's an acoustic version of the song ICYMI:
  7. Sid just premiered the first episode of his new weekly livestream series, The Hang! He and Gabrielle talked about The Voice, Sid sang all of the songs he sang on the show, and he also hinted at the drama behind Ryan and Marissa's exits on the show, which he might spill tea on at some point, fingers crossed!
  8. Please add me! He's also right up my alley voice and genre wise. I like how unassumingly powerful his voice is.
  9. Oh I know it's probably gonna happen, for sure. I just hope one of them gets stolen if it does.
  10. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJkt5OUhJxd/?igshid=1gk5i21flxqpe Happy Happy birthday to Todd! Hoping this new year will be even better than the last!
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJd1tRVlcpn/ So Sid is starting a new weekly livestream called "The Hang" every Wednesday on FB Live and Thursday on YT Live! Tune in next week! Also, Sid mentioned that he'll be starting a Patreon very soon!
  12. Todd's last Christmas cover for the year! His warm and fuzzy voice is just perfect for Christmas songs!
  13. Brilliant, as always. Can't wait for more videos!
  14. Kameron made it on the list of the most watched Vevo country music videos this year! Meanwhile, Burn Em All just broke 10M streams on Spotify, and Givin' You Up is on its way to 30M streams!
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