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  1. hey y'all! Still on my extended IDF break, but just wanted to pop in and share that Sid is live on IG at this moment, come hang! He's doing warm ups and he sounds AMAZING! https://www.instagram.com/sidkingsley/live/
  2. In chronological order: Josh Kaufman - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours (Finale) Luke Wade - Let's Get it On (Playoffs) Barrett Baber - I'd Just Love to Lay You Down (Top 10) Ryan Quinn - Can't Find My Way Home (Blinds) Michael Sanchez - Just the Two of Us (Knockouts) Kameron Marlowe - I Shot the Sheriff (Knockouts) Will Breman - My Body (Top 10) Todd Tilghman - I Can Only Imagine (Finale) Sid Kingsley - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (Blinds) Pete Mroz - Before You Go (Knockouts) Corey Ward - Already Gone (Knockouts) Joshua Vacanti - Falling (Knockouts)
  3. I can only speak for my snowflakes, I don't follow enough other Voice artists to make a prediction on their future trajectories. As of now, the biggest success story from my snowflakes is easily Kameron Marlowe. Ever since his first original released on Spotify on June 2019 (about a year after his Voice exit), he has achieved the following: - 1.3M monthly Spotify listeners (across 6 singles and 2 EPs. Among those singles, only one did not reach 1M+ streams) - a record deal with Columbia Nashville - a 2021 debut in the Grand Ole Opry - opening for various huge country stars like Brad Paisley and Chris Young - a gold RIAA certification for his first single Giving You Up Not bad for a S15 playoffs eliminee. And this was completely organic, this all sprung from the success of the independent release of his first single. If he keeps on this upward trajectory, I think he can be a household name very soon.
  4. My first Voice snowflake to emerge victorious. And what a well deserved victory it was. Ranking his performances: 11. Happy (Battle) 10. This is It 09. Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours (Battle) 08. Set Fire to the Rain 07. One More Try 06. All of Me 05. I Can't Make You Love Me 04. It Will Rain 03. Love Runs Out - underrated AF performance. He f___ng nailed this. 02. Stay With Me - I believe this is the first instance this song was used in any US based singing competition at the time. Usher has that pull, y'all. 01. Signed Sealed Delivered I'm Yours (Reprise) - I think people forgot what a masterclass of a vocal performance this was. Just brilliant, and probably the performance that pushed him to victory during S6.
  5. IDC what everyone says, Todd's victorious Voice journey is honestly such a marvel considering the circumstances surrounding S18. Ranking his performances: 07. Love, Me 06. We've Got Tonight 05. Ghost in this House 04. Glory of Love 03, Long Way Home 02. Anymore 0.1 I Can Only Imagine - this felt like 100% authentic Todd, hence why it's #1.
  6. Almost forgot to post this... Sid's Christmas project is out now on Spotify!
  7. "Steady Heart" just broke the 1M Spotify streams mark, making it his 7th original single to cross that milestone! He is now at 1.3M monthly listeners on Spotify.
  8. I'm so glad everyone loved Corey's version of Iris! He's really proud of this recording and I did wish he'd done this version on the show.
  9. https://web.facebook.com/toddtilghmanmusic/videos/1483543062024570 A great cover of Breath of Heaven. Jon Mullins and Todd joining forces again for a cover of Mary Did You Know.
  10. Oh dang yes I remember him now. Well, it's time for Sebastian to take his mantle now. (Inb4 Florian and Charlene wins the whole thing because I jinxed Sebastian )
  11. Dang, almost forgot about her. Flawless run.
  12. who was the last rocker to win TVOG? I can't remember. Matthias Nebel walked so Sebastian Krenz can run, LOL.
  13. Also.... that Jesse Teinaki performance is a f_ing all-timer for sure.
  14. These are long shots, but man, what I wouldn't give to have these three on the show. Alejandro Manzano Stan Taylor Adam LeBlanc
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